Chapter 451: White Seven


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Rooftop at night.

Taiyou sat opposite Ruri, staring at her blankly.

Ruri was sitting on the ground, staring far away with her beloved sword “Heaven Reversal” in hand. 

She wasn’t looking at Taiyou; she was focusing on just one thing.

Guard security.

She was doing her absolute best to carry out what was requested of her.

You could tell from her focus that she had accepted her job.

Taiyou, however, couldn’t leave her like that.






Calling her name, he waved his hand in front of her.

He tried to distract her in every way he could, but Ruri showed no reaction.

Her eyes didn’t even flinch. It was as if Taiyou were a transparent human and she couldn’t see him at all.

“C’mon, let’s talk about something.”


“You’re really going to ignore me that much, huh?”

Taiyou sat down, folded his arms while pondering.

When he first thought of the idea, he thought it might work.

But he began to feel like something was missing as he flirted with the six brides.

Not guilty or anything. Just the lack of something.

It was clear that Ruri was right there.

And yet, he couldn’t flirt with her.

Not being able to do that with his favorite bride was quite stressful.

Which was why he had come to mess with her a bit.

Of course, first he just stared at her.

He did nothing other than stare.

And then got bored quite soon after.

Before and now, Taiyou had never been able to simply “look” at this girl. This was Ruri we’re talking about.

In fact, they had met in a life or death situation. 

Taiyou stood up straight, clenching his fists.

He couldn’t talk to her. But it wasn’t enough to look at her.

Then there was only one thing left to do.

He clenched his fists and stomped firmly on the ground.

He took a deep breath and lunged at Ruri with a full-powered punch—-with some options he thought of for backup.

And it—-slipped through.


Taiyou blurted out.

It was like Ruri was a ghost or a three-dimensional image. He just went right through.

Turning around, he looked at Ruri’s back.

He felt her there. She was definitely there.

After pondering it a bit, he understood.

The moment he had lunged for her, she had dodged so quickly that she left an afterimage.

“If that’s how you wanna play it!”

Taiyou leaped at her again.

Again and again.

He was starting to get worked up. If she was going to keep ignoring him, then he was going to make her pay attention to him.

Five minutes later, Taiyou was gasping for breath. 

He tried unleashing all his strength to “make” Ruri do something, but he couldn’t even touch her.

She wasn’t even trying. She was still ignoring him.

“If this is …haah…the extent of what I can do…haahaah…that’s really kind of depressing.”


“If you can make a double, then all you gotta do is fight me with that double.”

Taiyou said without giving it much thought.

Ruri’s doubles were imprints left from her high speed movement, so it was meaningless and was just a hindrance. He knew that.

Which was why he said it without thinking.

“Then…that’s what I’ll do.”

Ruri split into two.

One version was posted in one location, motionless like a statue while the other one walked over to Taiyou.

“You’re going to actually do it!?”


“I mean I don’t mind, but I was wondering if you were okay with that.”

“I’m fine…I’m watching over there.”

Ruri said, pointing at herself.

“Ahhh, okay then.”

Taiyou decided he may as well take it.

No point thinking about it.

“Can I touch you?”

“Sure…go ahead.”

Ruri said, and Taiyou touched her cheek.

Astonishingly enough, it didn’t feel weird at all.

It was like she was actually split into two. She felt like anyone else.

“How about that? Can I touch it?”

“If you touch that…I will slice you in half.”

“So this is only moving quickly?”

“Yes…just moving quickly.”


“Want to…try it?”

“Nah, there’s no way I could.”

Taiyou said, flopping onto the ground and lying down.

He had Ruri sit down and used her lap as a pillow.

As he felt a soft, warm sensation in the back of his head, he looked at her.

She was there, most definitely.

Taiyou stopped thinking. Ruri was too phenomenal and it was pointless to even analyze her.

Right now he could feel warmth, and that was more than enough.

“Trip’s almost over.”

“It…sure is.”

“When we get back it’s flirting time. I’ll put all my power into flirting with you.”

“Yes…that is my reward.”

“Heck yeah, I’ll get you that reward alright.”

“Mhm…give it to me.”

“Anything specific you’d like?”

“I want to…try on a dress.”


Taiyou looked at Ruri, wondering what the big idea was.

“You said…that white looks good on me.”

“Yeah, that I did. A white dress would look better than a black one.”

“So…I want to wear a white dress.”

“A wedding dress, eh?”

“That…can wait.”

Ruri shook her head.

“Not yet?”

“Mhm…not yet.”

“But you intend to at some point.”

“I want to wear that…with everyone.”

“That might be fantastic.”

Taiyou imagined the seven brides wearing wedding dresses all together.

It really sounded like a fantastic sight.


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