Chapter 453: Symptomatic Therapy


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“So where are we going? And isn’t it rare for you to hang around with Juurokuya?”

“What, ya know just by lookin’?”

Leticia said in her Kansai dialect. The blonde, blue-eyed girl was a princess from the Fili Kingdom, so it was odd that she spoke Japanese in such a manner.

“Heck yeah I do.”

Taiyou said as if it were to be expected.

“They’re way different from each other.”

“If everyone thought like ya, her existence would be totally meaningless.”

“R-R-Right, I-I-I’ll do my best to resemble Shingetsu-sama.”

Juurokuya made a small clenched fist. She had Youran’s face, but it was true that if they were that easy to tell apart then she would be pointless as a double.

“So? What is it?”

Taiyou asked again.

“We need you to go to a party. With us, mate.”

“So with Princess Leticia and Shingetsu no Kami.”


“That’s fine, but why not Youran?”

“The fool says she got [somethin’ she can’t get away from] to take care of. Got a problem, you go ‘n lecture her.”

“Well, depends on what’s going on.”

Taiyou nodded.

Leticia, Youran’s best friend had an exasperated look on her face, so he just wanted to make sure everything was alright.

The car continued moving along.

Inside the quiet car, Taiyou stared straight at Leticia.


“I just feel like it’s been a while.”

“But ya just saw me in the homeroom before ya left.”

Leticia said with an exasperated look on her face.

As Taiyou’s instructor, she met him on a daily basis.

“That’s true, but I just feel like it’s been a heck of a long time.”

“Okay then.”

“…Maybe that’s just how long I haven’t been looking at you.”


Leticia exclaimed. Her sagacious, beautiful face was painted scarlet.

“Why ya gotta say random stuff like that ya fool!”

“Oh yeah, you still okay from that?”


“The kissing.”


Leticia caught her breath.

Taiyou had stolen her lips a little ways back.

After that, Leticia had quite often [lost consciousness when deprived of kissing].

And she was registered as one of the brides in the [Idol] category.

Afterward a lot happened and she had begun to stop fainting and was removed from the bride list.

Taiyou got together with Youran, Akiha, Ruri, and Sakura, getting bride after bride until the seven slots were filled.

During that time, surprisingly enough, Taiyou found that he hardly remembered Leticia.

Despite seeing each other every day in homeroom, Leticia just felt like the memory of her had fallen out of his consciousness.

He recalled that just now.

“You okay?”

“I toldja before, that I’d do somethin’ ‘bout it. I’m fine.”

“Yeah, you said that. Then I’ll ask once more. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I been handlin’ it well.”


Taiyou nodded, zooming his face closer and stealing a kiss.

Their lips overlapped, it was a strong kiss that sucked the inside of the other person’s mouth.

Juurokuya was stammering off to the side, but he ignored her and continued kissing Leticia.

“T-The heck ya doin’ ya dunderhead!”

“Just felt like it.”

“Ya JUST!”

Leticia exploded.

“Do ya just kiss someone else when ya got brides!?”


“Whaddya mean YEAH!?”

Leticia became even more furious.

Taiyou turned to the side, cupping Juurokuya’s chin in his hand and kissing her.

Juurokuya did not resist. She accepted somewhat ecstatically, in fact.

After kissing, he spoke to Leticia.

“See? I do it with Juurokuya too. If you want I can even throw in some bonus activities.”

“That’s! Just because she has the same face as that buffoon!”

“Next time I’m doing it with Pochi…Oh wait, that might not count since she’s her younger sister. Hmmm…”

Taiyou folded his arms, contemplating.

After he thought about it for a bit, Taiyou took out his phone and dialed Sakura’s number.

[What is it?]

“Sakura-san, you know me, Youran, and Juurokuya, right?”


“Do you have anyone like that?”

[Is it really okay to use you as a tool?]

Sakura replied immediately.

“Tool? What do you mean?”

[Juurokuya’s sense of loyalty has increased even more. She now swears equal loyalty to Shingetsu-sama and yourself. That is what I mean.]

“Oh, that’s what you meant. Yeah, then sure, go ahead and use me. In fact, keep using me as much as you want. I’d be super happy if I could be of use to you.”

[If that’s the case, three people. There are other people I do not wish to use in this.]

“Then let’s talk about that a bit more tonight.”

[Very well.]

He ended the call.

Then he looked at Leticia. Her mouth was wide open, quite unfit for a beautiful young lady.

“So you see, that’s what’s going on.”

“What…what happened to ya? Yer way different from when ya talked to Akiha.”

“I guess you could say I grew up.”

“I’m impressed ya sayin’ that with a straight face.”

“It’s thanks to everyone.”


“So I want to ask one more thing.”

Retracing their conversation, he stared straight into Leticia’s eyes.

“Are you really okay right now?”

Leticia went silent.

Taiyou stared at her, and Juurokuya was holding her breath watching.

After a bit, Leticia took out a small bottle.

A bottle full of pills.



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