Chapter 455: Princess Fili


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Wet, dripping sounds could be heard in the room.

After school in the staff room, the only ones remaining were Leticia and her student, Taiyou.

Taiyou was once again forcing his way into her lips and she was simply accepting the advance.

Leticia’s body trembled in short, repeated movements as her mouth was invaded.

Every so often she would suddenly remember to resist, doing things like pushing against Taiyou’s chest, but it didn’t help at all.

Leticia’s weak struggle wouldn’t even match Kohaku, let alone Taiyou.

“As I thought.”

Taiyou separated his lips from hers and stared straight at Leticia.

“I enjoy kissing the most when it’s you.”

“W-What are you saying?”

Still in her teacher outfit, Leticia spoke in the standard dialect.

Her face turned red and she averted her eyes.

“I told you before, didn’t I?”

“I wouldn’t…remember something like that.”

“Okay, then one more time. No, I’ll say it as much as necessary. A kiss shared with you is the best.”

“You can’t just…make up things right here.”

“I don’t tell lies. Nor do I make up things on the spot. I always tell everyone that I love Ruri the most.”


Leticia had a mixed expression.

She wasn’t surprised. Clearly she knew that Taiyou was going to do something like this.

“The one I respect the most is Kohaku-san. The one I admire the most is Nene. The one I want to make happy the most is Aoba. There are many ‘most’ categories, and I don’t hide any of the rankings. So I’ll tell you again.”

He clasped her chin, giving her another kiss before speaking.

“Kissing feels the best with you.”

Leticia’s face was becoming redder and redder.

The beautiful blonde, blue-eyed princess of Fili.

That was her title, but right now she was limited to being just a normal girl.

A normal, bashful girl.

“That’s just…that’s just…”

“Hey, is it ok if we do it again?”

“No, someone might come!”

“It’s fine. Ruri’s watching out for us. She’ll tell us if someone comes, and she’ll even chase ‘em off if the need arises.”


Leticia still seemed like she wanted to say something. Taiyou gave her no time to say it, instead going in for another kiss.

There was no resistance. Leticia, with Taiyou’s arms around her shoulders, accepted his kiss.

Once the kiss was over, Leticia faced the ground.

Taiyou had a strange feeling about this.

Something was different than before. Leticia’s energy felt like it was definitely changing.

It wasn’t a bad change. There wasn’t anything he had to be careful of.

Taiyou had experienced his share of carnage-filled battles, so he knew this was not one of them.

Then what was going on? As Taiyou cocked his head in confusion, Leticia looked back up.

“Is it really that good, kissin’ me?”


“An ya wanna do it from now on?”

“I do.”

“For life?”

“Of course.”

Taiyou immediately replied.

If she hadn’t said it first, he would have.

“Then I’ll…get serious here.”


Taiyou cocked his head. What did she mean by serious?

As he wondered that, Leticia’s white hand touched his cheek.

“Imma do it.”


He just nodded.

Leticia was the one to close the gap this time.

A soft sensation, warm lips.

The next moment after feeling the tongue slide in, something white pierced through the top of Taiyou’s head.

It exploded in his brain and occupied it.

A white impact that prevented him from thinking of anything else.

When he came back to, Taiyou realized that Leticia was staring blankly at him.

“…What just happened?”

“‘Bout eighty percent, mate.”


“I was gonna give it my all but decided to stop halfway through.”

“Uhh…we, did kiss, right?”


“What? Don’t tell me, you sucked energy out—-”

“No way, mate. I just kissed ya. But this time I was the one to start. That’s it.”


Leticia nodded.

“Women of Fili hafta learn a lotta things from their childhood in order to kiss.”

“A lot of things?”

“Looots of things. For instance, I can write a kanji in my mouth with a cherry stem.”

“What!? What is this superhuman skill you speak of!?”

Taiyou interjected loudly.

He did know about the technique for tying a knot in your mouth with a cherry stem, but Leticia’s version was several levels above that.

In fact, she had traversed into a realm that transcended humanity.

“How ‘bout I teach ya how it’s done?”

“Nah, I’m fine. I think I get it after having kissed you.”

“But ya gotta realize that my serious kisses are like what I did just now.”

Leticia seemed to be asking Taiyou if this was really okay with him.

Taiyou recognized what she meant.

And he gave another immediate answer.

“Alright, you take the lead from now on.”


“Rather than me do it, it’d be way better for you to do it.”

“I can…do whateva I want?”


“Somethin’ wrong with ya head?”


“Nah, there is something wrong.”


Taiyou neither affirmed nor denied it. He simply let her say whatever she wanted.

Taiyou and Leticia stared at each other.

Leticia came closer, her face approaching his in a kiss.

Taiyou accepted her advance. He let her do whatever she wanted.

In the staff room after school, Taiyou and Leticia continued their kiss.

Without being bothered by anyone and as long as they wanted, the two of them continued kissing.


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