Chapter 456: Mistake of Youth


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Editor: ryunakama

“And so now you’re all over Master in love.”

Nighttime, Leticia’s room. Youran, who was visiting, commented with an exasperated face.

At least that was how it looked at first glance, but the corner of her mouth was in the slight shape of a smile.

Youran was well aware of this, and Leticia took notice.

As a result, Leticia’s white skin was tinged with scarlet.

“Nah, I’m the one teachin’ him, kay…I’m surprised yer content with that sucky kissing of his.”

“You really calling Master bad at kissing? You must have a death wish, Leti.”

“Oh, I’d like to see ya try gurl.”

The two friends didn’t pull their punches.

Their words were as sharp as a pointed blade, but neither of them got hurt.

They were just practicing swings into the day after tomorrow.

“Welp, I’ll teach him the ropes for kissin’ so check back ‘n see how he’s doin’.”

“So, there’s one thing I wanna know.”


“What kind of way does Master feel about you?”

Youran and Leticia.

The two of them should know full well what the answer was.

Youran as well as Leticia could check Taiyou’s status, so they knew that there were seven brides.

So Youran knew nothing had changed, and Leticia knew what her position was.

“It’d be difficult to express it in one word. But it ain’t the same as the rest of ya.”


“What if that wasn’t the case? Would ya do somethin’ differently? Go back to the drawing board and play garagarapon?”

“You sure use some old language, Leti.”

“W-Who cares, mate! Unlike Japan, Fili still has that word in use.”

Leticia’s face went red.

Fili Kingdom used the same Japanese, but due to its national traits, it often had some old-fashioned terms.

Leticia knew that, which was why her face went red and she counter argued before changing the subject.

“Welp, I’m sure he’ll love you the same. This is Master we’re talking about.”

“…Ya really changed, gurl.”

“Maybe. Ah, let me tell you one thing.”


“Kiss another man besides Master and I’ll kill you. Just so you know.”

This time she was serious. Youran looked at Leticia with a cold gaze.

Leticia didn’t care.

She simply said “yes, yes”.

“Happy New Year.”

“Yeah. Been a while, Bro.”

Kirisaki Clan Office. Taiyou came to offer a new year’s greeting. It was just the two of them.

Rough, but not evil. That was how Kirisaki looked to Taiyou as he greeted him with a smile.

“Where’d you go for New Year’s?”

“I went with my brides on a trip. It was quite surprising because the next thing I knew I was on a tropical island.”

“Wow, you went to a damn fine place. I assume you took advantage of the secrecy and flirted your heart out?”

“Yes, and I feel quite refreshed. How about you, Big Bro?”

“I went around greeting people. My sister and her bunch don’t care about all that, but y’know Pops.”

For once, Kirisaki had a grimace on his face.

“I have heard of the ‘duty and humanity’ culture if that’s what you mean.”

Taiyou and Kirisaki chit chatted about various things.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Boss, Big Sisters are here.”


Kirisaki frowned.

“Yes, girls with the same face from Uncle’s side.”

“Ah, that would be Nene.”

“Have them come in.”


The underling went out, replaced by the three sisters who came in.

The three mismatched sisters wore casual clothing, stiff and timid.

As soon as they saw Taiyou, they rushed over.


“What is it, Nene?”

“He’s very kind, but…”

“It was kind of scary.”

“He calls us ‘big sis’ too.”

“Yeah, that’s just their thing.”

“Yep. Any girl that a brother has is referred to as ‘big sis’. And they’re only scary cuz they’re tools of the trade.”

Kirisaki laughed heartily.


“People like that with scars all over their faces…”

“And his smile…it’s scary…”

“Scars all over?”

Taiyou looked at Kirisaki.

“You mean Takahashi. That’s cuz he was a rascal as a kid.”

“And what does he look like?”

“Ah, it’s this guy right here.”

Kirisaki said, pointing at the picture on the wall.

It appeared to be a group photo of the clan.

The man Kirisaki pointed at had a scar stretching from his forehead to his jaw, with teeth missing and the shape of his ears distorted and different on both sides.

He could tell that the man’s appearance had changed quite a bit. Coupled with being a skinhead, he looked menacing enough to make a crying kid quiet down.

“…Yep, I can understand why this would scare you.”

“This guy’s a cool dude though. Every year at Christmas, we hand out candy to the neighbor’s kids, and this guy’s the most popular out of everyone every time.”

“You’re kidding.”

Taiyou exclaimed.

“With a face like this…sorry, this might be saying too much, but with a face like this, he’s still popular with the kids?”

“Yeah, the kids have some guts too, believe it or not.”


Taiyou gave a raw reply.

There was another knock at the door.



Taiyou and the three sisters let out their voices.

The one who entered was none other than Takahashi, who reported to Kirisaki with a blank expression on his face.

“Boss, Big Sis has come.”


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