Chapter 457: Sun Generation


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Kirisaki and Taiyou sent a puzzled glance at the door, to which Takahashi hurriedly added something else.

“Uhh, she’s Sister Azumaya.”

“Oh, Kohaku-san.”

“Let her in.”


Takahashi left, replaced by Kohaku entering.

Unlike the three sisters, the young elder had no fear on her face, looking quite calm.

Kohaku didn’t seem to have an issue with Yakuza offices, but when she saw the three sisters, she gave a little “tsk”.

“Kohaku-san, you too? What’s up?”

“I just wanted to meet ye, Danna-sama.”

“Okay then.”

Taiyou nodded.

As soon as she said that, Kohaku stood behind Taiyou like a modest wife of the day.

She said nothing, simply stood there.

“I’m jealous of you Bro.”

“What about you?”

“She’s such an unmanageable woman. Just the other day she said ‘I’m going to kill you and then kill myself!’ and that was just a drag.”


Taiyou laughed, and then realized something.



Kirisaki continued to look calm and composed, but that was the composure of one who had “endured a battle”.

“Sounds like you have quite the handful.”

“You don’t have anyone like that in your life?”

“Uhh…well the violent part…is an everyday thing.”

“Every day!?”

Even Kirisaki was taken aback.

“But that’s just when Ruri and I mess around.”

“Oh, that’s all it is?”

Kirisaki laughed.

Taiyou, meanwhile, smiled awkwardly.

In terms of physical danger, Taiyou and Ruri’s fighting was probably far worse.

Taiyou, who had by this point harnessed superhuman power, and Ruri, the world’s strongest sword fighter.

Their so-called “messing around” was unimaginable.

It was like comparing two elephants playing with each other to two ants fighting to the death.

“Even if it’s just messing around, you’d best educate her. Let women do what they please and they get full of themselves.”

“Educate, you say?”

“Yeah, you give ‘em a good whack and let ‘em have it.”

“Mmm, but Ruri’s stronger than me, so that’ll be impossible for a while.”

“Hah? She’s actually stronger than you?”

“That’s right.”

“I didn’t know such a woman existed…that’s just like Big Sis.”

“Big Sis?”

“Yeah, you know, the—-”

The door was knocked on three times.

Takahashi entered with an apologetic expression on his scar-ridden face.

“Boss, Big Sis has made an appearance.”

“Who is it this time?”

Taiyou asked. The three sisters and Kohaku were here.

He wondered if the same thing would just repeat itself five times and all the brides would gather here.

“It’s me.”

Orikawa Maho had entered the room.

A world-renowned entrepreneur, Maho was also the “big sis” connected to Kirisaki.

“Big Sis.”

“Been a while. Didn’t know you were here too.”

“Hello there.”

Taiyou slightly bowed his head.

During that time, Takahashi left the room. His hasty exit made it seem like he remembered something.

“Happy New Year, Big Sis.”

Kirisaki stood up, reverently lowering his head.

“A happy new year indeed. Sorry, I had to deal with stuff so I came in late. Am I the last one?”

“Big Sis Suzuko and Big Sis Haori have already shown up. Big Sis Hotaru is the only one who has not.”

“Oh? I see.”

Their conversation going in one ear and out the other, Taiyou sipped the tea he had been given.

He didn’t know much about their relationship, nor did he intend to look very deeply into it.

Taiyou figured it was time to head out.

He stood up from his seat.

“Lots of sisters there, eh?”

After he left, Taiyou remarked.

“Aye, a bargain sale of sisters, jana.”

“That person was…”

“The incredible company president…”

“That we saw on television, wasn’t she?”

The three sisters asked.

“President, or CEO to be more correct. It’s a world-renowned business and she meets with people like Kirisaki from time to time.”

“Aye, Orikawa Maho. She’s from quite the heroic generation, jana. They’ve done an outstanding job all over the world. The menace of the baseball world, the problem child of the sumo world. Just like them, or heck, even greater than them, jana.”

“Ahh, yes, that generation.”

Taiyou nodded.

He had seen them quite often on TV as a child. The pitcher called “The Menace” who made it to the major league or the problematic foreign yokozuna with his pro wrestling techniques.

And Kohaku was including Maho in the same generation as them.

“Every person born in that generation is remarkable. The golden generation, ye might call it. When ya look at history, those things occur from time to time, ja. Numerous talents from their golden generations show up all at once, or sometimes one person is famous enough for all of them.”


“Danna-sama, yer the latter.”


“In this generation, yer definitely top class, ja. Eventually yer name will spread throughout society and the generation known as the Sun Generation will stir up commotion, jaro.”

“You sure about that?”

“I think so too.”

“Someone like you…”

“Will definitely become that figure.”

Even the three sisters thought so.

The sisters and Kohaku were teaming up to elevate Taiyou.

It wasn’t a bad feeling in the slightest.

Taiyou didn’t take it too seriously, but it wasn’t half bad to be complimented by his brides.

There’s nothing as heartwarming as the adoring gaze of someone important to you.


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