Chapter 460: Ripple


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After Cecilia left, Taiyou and Kohaku were left in the living room.

Taiyou had Kohaku resting in his lap, who made a discontent, pouty kind of face.

Kohaku had put the inauguration request for the Permanent Lady Association on hold.Taiyou had responded with a “leave it to me” and sent Cecilia back.

Kohaku appeared to be pouting over that.

“Danna-sama, yer so forceful, ja.”

“Am I?”

“Aye. Ye don’t even consider me feelings. Just plunge on ahead, why don’t ye.”

“I dunno.”

Taiyou wracked his brains.

“Why did you refuse in the first place?”

“I am not the kind of person suitable to lead others, ja.”

“That’s definitely a lie.”

Taiyou said with conviction.

“No, it is a lie, ja.”

“Kohaku-tan bodyguards.”

Taiyou said, and Kohaku groaned with an “ugh” sound.

Kohaku-tan bodyguards. That was the name of the group that Kohaku had made in the school.

As the name suggested, the bodyguards consisted of mainly males who acted as her hands, feet and bodyguards.

The group sprang up quite soon after Kohaku had enrolled.

“You make a group like that and say you can’t lead? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Even if you don’t have as much charisma as Hangman-san, don’t go saying things like that please.”

Taiyou was two steps ahead to make sure Kohaku didn’t come up with any other rebuttal.

Kohaku was becoming more and more sour, pushed into silence.

But she didn’t seem to show any inclination of moving away from Taiyou. Instead she pushed against him more, as if protesting the idea.

“Why don’t you just accept?”



He said in a slightly tough tone.

Kohaku stopped moving. After a bit, she began to slowly speak of her reason.

“It’ll take time out of my day, that Permanent Lady organization. Helping eternal littles all over the country who have led dark lives? How much time do ye think that’ll take?”


Taiyou thought about it for a bit. Probably would take quite a bit of time.

“I wish to spend the remainder of me life by ye side, Danna-sama. I don’t want ta work no more, nanja.”

“…That might be the first time I heard you be a little selfish.”


“I understand the reason. And that’s fine with me.”


“And with all that in mind, I still would like you to accept the offer.”


Kohaku exclaimed. She cocked her head and looked at Taiyou.

“You see, I want you to show me your cool side, Kohaku-san. In terms of abilities, I’d say you rank second among us, Kohaku-san.”


“First is Ruri. She’s just crazy, but in a good way. Next up is you, Kohaku-san.”

“What about Youran?”

“If we count her social status as power, then maybe she could give you a run for your money, but from a pure aptitude standpoint, you’re ahead of her. Your years of experience far outweigh hers.”

Kohaku didn’t deny it.

The eternal littles had a tendency to think about things from a logical standpoint, something a bit unusual for women. For Kohaku, who had lived a long time, that tendency was even stronger.

So she had no counter to that, because she agreed.

“So I want to see more of that cool side of you. Don’t you agree, Kohaku-san?”

“Do I?”

“Don’t you want to see me acting cool?”


Kohaku pursed her lips.

She was pouting, but in a slightly different way than earlier.

“Yer so cheap, Danna-sama.”

“Am I?”

“Yer a cheater, cheat cheat ja.”

“Are you growing younger, by any chance?”

“If ye say it that way then I can’t refuse, ja.”

“Well I am trying to say things in a way that’ll persuade you, plus when it comes to objective and method, I never choose my method.”


Kohaku continued to groan, but also continued to press closer to him.

As she pouted, Kohaku was also trying to get special attention.

“Alright. But on one condition, ja.”

“What is it?”

“After I start working, ye gotta love on me like never before. That’s me condition, ja.”

“Very well.”

Taiyou smiled, embracing Kohaku, who play-bit his arms, prompting him to push her down on the ground.


In the classroom after school, Aoba sighed in melancholy.

Then Akiha walked up to her.

“Ohello! …Hey, the frick happened, Aoba?”

“Akiha…no, it’s nothing.”

“Like heck it’s nothing. What, you got something troubling you? Tell me.”


“Could it be…that you’re expecting something?”

Akiha leaned forward.

Her eyes were glistening with excitement.

“No! How do you reach that logic? And you’re too happy about that!”

“But it would be a child between you and Taiyou! Taiyou and Aoba’s kid! Taiyou and Aoba’s kid!”

“You said it three times already!”

“I bet they’d be suuuper cute. Your guys’ child. Hey hey, can I come up with the name? Taiyou and Aoba’s child. I’d be the naming parent.”

“You’re way too excited right now Akiha! And I’m serious, that’s not what the issue is.”


Akiha was visibly dejected. Aoba almost wanted to burst out saying “Are you really that quick to be a downer!?”.

“Then why are you so depressed?”

“Just thinking that I want to do something.”


“The sisters all won the grand prize in the quilt contest, and Kohaku-san became the representative of a place called the Permanent Lady Association. I want to do something spectacular like that.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean.”


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