Chapter 464: Leaving the Nest


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Editor: ryunakama

“Lions…drop their young off ravines.”

“Ahahaha, the way you say it almost convinces me that I’m vertically jumping off a precipice!”

Akiha moved forward as she cackled. 

In recent times, she had become exponentially stronger.

Although she still didn’t amount anywhere near Taiyou’s strength, Akiha was still super strong.

Far stronger than a regular human.

“—-ngh! Ugh, cheeky bastards!”

Sparks flew, and they heard something metallic echoing throughout the area.

Akiha deflected the bullets launched at her from afar.

“How was that? Well, how was it, Master?”

“Next time I’ll teach you…how to cut through them.”

“Cut through them?”

“Not deflect…slice.”

“Ooo, a move to slice the bullets in half. Fantastic!”

Akiha spoke casually like she was at a girls gathering, when in actuality she was exerting her dominance over the entire yakuza office single-handedly.

After that was over, Akiha and Ruri walked home together.

As per usual, Akiha still had a nonchalant mood.

“Hey, hey Master, we should totally go shop for some clothing next time.”

“Shop for…clothing?”

“Yeah, cause you’ve always been wearing the same clothing, right? I mean, it’s winter right now and you’re in a summer dress.”

“Clear your mind of all mundane thoughts…and even fire feeleth soothing.”

“But it’s winter.”

Ruri thought about that for a moment before speaking again.

“If Darling pats my head…winter is also snug.”

“Ahahaha, what a horrible revision.”

Akiha cackled.

“I do get what you’re saying though.”

“Darling is…hot.”

“He’s the sun, after all.”

“The name…symbolizes the body.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“It’s the same…for you.”

“Ahahahaha, I think it’ll be a bit longer before I can reach that realm.”

“I’d better…change my name too.”

“You mean like what Nene did?”

Ruri gave a short nod.

The three Hayakawa sisters, the mismatched triplets.

Nothing had legally changed about them, but Taiyou had recently begun to call them all Nene.

The three sisters loved this, and although not all of the brides had gotten used to it, they were pretty much all leaning toward thinking of them as Nene.

Akiha was the first one after Taiyou to accept that name very quickly.

“Mmm, but okay. Your name is a little weird with how it’s spelled after all.”


“Doesn’t it basically mean to roam the earth?”

Ruri nodded.

“So…I want to change it.”

“Mmm, is that really necessary though? I don’t mind it.”

“Because…you ain’t got your name changed?”

Ruri looked slightly sad.

“No, no. You’re such a dummy, Master.”

“Dummy…takes one to know one.”

“What are we, in elementary!? No, I mean in the sense that you’re his woman of destiny.”

“Woman of…destiny.”

Ruri thought for a bit.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed.

Ruri’s entire body glowed with phosphorescent light, her white hair was fluttering despite there being no wind.

“You mean…this?”

“Yeah yeah, that. That’s another reason why Taiyou sees you as his woman of destiny, right? So I think that Taiyou would oppose you changing your name. I mean, if you really insist on getting it done, this is Taiyou that we’re talking about, so he’d probably still let you go through with it anyway.”


Ruri contemplated as they walked. 

She was jealous of the three sisters, but there was also some reason to what Akiha said. She seemed to think that.

The two of them walked in silence for a bit longer.


Akiha raised her voice and stopped dead in her tracks.

Ruri stopped too.

The two of them looked forward. Standing in front of them was Ruri’s older sister, Tengai Yuri.

Yuri was striking a daunting pose, staring at Ruri like some sort of doll.


Akiha looked at the two of them, clearly understanding the situation.

“So you’re Master’s older sister, right?”


“You need something?”

The two of them stared at each other silently. Akiha acted on Ruri’s behalf and asked for the gist of the story.

“…You seem to be happy.”

After silently glaring at each other, Yuri had opened her mouth.


Akiha was the one who had answered. She spoke nonchalantly and without restraint.

“You wanna join too?”

Yuri sharply glared at Akiha, who shrugged her shoulders saying “ooo how scary!”.

As she joked around, Akiha paid close attention to Ruri.

She had heard about Ruri and Yuri’s relationship.

Akiha prepared herself for any sort of incident.


Ruri said.


“Thanks to you…I was able to meet Darling.”

“So you finally realize you were using other people as stepping stools.”

Yuri said in a challenging tone.

“Mhm…I did.”


“Thank you…I will never forget you.”


Akiha, who had been trying to exercise caution, burst out laughing.

Because it was at that very moment she knew that Yuri had completely lost her mind.

And Ruri walked on forward.

She wasn’t ignoring Yuri, but neither was she scared of her.

She just walked forward like usual, calm and composed, with the phosphorescent light of destiny around her.

Akiha, who was walking with her, spoke to Yuri as she passed by.

“Come on over whenever you wanna be happy. Taiyou would be glad to have both sisters.”

“Are you an idiot? That’s just—-”

“Cause Taiyou’s love knows no bounds. Come over whenever you feel up to it.”

Cutting through Yuri’s objection, Akiha had the last word as she walked off.



“You still wanna change your name?”

Ruri shook her head without hardly thinking.

“No…I’m fine now.”


“I just remembered…that I like having Darling call me Ruri.”


“Why…are you laughing?”

“You really gonna ask? Master, you really are a dummy.”

Ruri made a slightly sulky face as the two of them walked off in the distance, shoulder to shoulder.


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