Chapter 47: The Seven Brides in Taiyou’s Castle


In a corner of the residential area during the day time.

The vending machines were lined up together. The things place inside of them were all best selling items by the famous manufacturers, and it was a line-up that would sell without much trouble even if no advertisement is done.

Although the line-up was quite standard, the price it had was absolutely not the normal prices. The price that was attached to the buttons were all at 100 yen. (TL: 100 yen is approx 1 USD). From the carbonated drinks which was at least 500ml to the corn soup and even the sweet red-bean soups, all of the commodities had a price range as little as 100 yen per piece.

Not only was the prices unusually low but the vending machines were place in quite the popular location. In this place, a person named Natsuno Taiyou and the Fairy Hera was here.

Taiyou placed a 100 yen coin in the vending machine. Although all the buttons lit up, Taiyou doesn’t press the buttons, instead he pulls the lever to refund his coin. And then the 100 yen coin which was returned to him was once again inserted into the vending machine! The moment the buttons light up, he pulls the lever to refund his money.

The coins were put in, and then the change is pulled out.

The coin was put back in and then the change is pulled out again.

This seemingly useless repetitive set of movements were consistently repeatedly as he performed the actions in silence.

「You over there, what are you doing?」


Taioyu is called by someone from behind and he very slowly turned around. The person who stood behind him was the familiar appearance of a uniform wearing man, or more commonly known as a police officer.

The young policeman seemed to be filled with a sense of justice and a sense of duty, he was looking at Taiyou like he was a suspicious person.

「You….I feel like I’ve seen you before. Have we met before at a different place?」

「Nono, I have never been graced with your esteemed presence in my life, yes yes」

「Taiyou-chan your Japanese is becoming really funny desuyo〜」

Hera who was floating next to him pointed this fact out. Naturally the policeman couldn’t see her appearance, so he continued to question Taiyou.

「Well whatever. More importantly what are you doing? Are you perhaps trying to look for spare change from the machines?」

「Please I’m not doing that. Umm…..All I am doing is putting my own money in and, then taking it out, and then putting it back in again….」


The young policeman looked at Taiyou with incredibly suspicious eyes, as he slowly moved his hand towards his wireless radio and started to speak in it.

「Reporting in, I am at the foot of the Seikasono Mountain, I’ve detected a suspicious person」

「I’m telling you, you’ve got it all wrong」

Taiyou objects in frustration and he unintentionally hit the vending machine. If it was a little while ago, it would have been to the extent that the vending machine experienced a little shake, but the him right now was a level 7 power fighter.

In just one blow, the vending machine broke down and started to spout out smoke.

「A-are you attempting to resist?」

「Ah… this is…」

Taiyou was trying to give an explanation, but the policemen were already beginning to gather around him. The speed in which they gathered together was so fast, like when gangsters called their members. If he was caught right here, without a doubt he was going to be lectured harshly.

No, this time around, he actually damaged the vending machine and broke it, so he might not get away with just a warning. Thinking about the possibility of something like that happening, he grabbed the bag on his feet and immediately ran away as fast as he could.

Behind him, he could hear the angry shouts of the policemen and their footsteps. In order to shake them off, he ran at full speed across the residential area in broad daylight.

Although he did hear the policemen shouting and several horns were ringing, the sound gradually got smaller and before long the sounds all completely disappeared. Somehow he managed to safely escape from the policemen chasing him.

Taiyou arrived to a certain building that wasn’t his apartment… It was a building enclosed in all its sides by a wall at the height level of a person’s waist, and the wooden building which was approximately two stories tall and it had a garden which was unusual for this day and age.

It was the kind of place that he imagined a 20 year old widow woman to be, she would be an wearing an apron and sweeping the leaves with a broom.But what stood there wasn’t a young widow but instead it was a lolibaba.

「Ohh, You’ve finally come back」

Whilst standing at the entrance of the building, Azumaya Kohaku was smiling radiantly as she welcomed Taiyou back. Although her limbs were under developed and was that of a young girls, her intellect and her manner of walking was that of an adult.

「You took such a long time for shopping, did you perhaps lose your way back?」

Kohaku was asking him a question, and Hera who was flying next to him came out and answered instead.

「I’m so sorry nanodesu〜, it was all my fault nanodesu〜」

「Hou, did you have some sort of a secret date or something?」

「That’s not it desuyo, I was training together with Taiyou-chan in order to raise his level desu. But in the middle of it we were interrupted by the police officers so we couldn’t increase it」

「I see, no matter what age we are in, the officials of the country are always dogs who do unnecessary things, so it can’t be helped」

Kohaku nods whilst giggling to herself.

「Well, I’m not too worried, I’m sure I will get the chance to level sooner or later. I already know how to do it so I can go back and do it whenever I want to. More importantly, take this」

Whilst he says so, he handed the plastic bag in his hands to Kohaku. Although Taiyou was being asked by the three sisters and Kohaku to do a bit of shopping, Hera taught him the way to level up to level 8 along the way, and they ended up trying to gain experience.

It was piling up his experience by performing the tedious repetitive work. Most normal people would be discouraged in doing such a repetitive act that yields nothing but frustration, however for Taiyou who was able to level up in real life by performing these acts, it was not at all a bother for him. Therefore, he was thinking of raising his level directly to level 8 but he was obstructed by the policemen who happened to pass by chance and he had to retreat reluctantly.

Kohaku was glancing into the plastic bag which he gave to her. After taking the goods, she asked him a question.

「Come to think of it, you’ve never explained how your levelling thing works, right?」

「I guess I haven’t eh」

「There is a relation with the existence of this girl here right?」

「That’s correct nanodesu〜」

「In that case, I certainly would like to know more about it」

Kohaku was looking straight at Taiyou as she asked for permission.

「Is it alright?」

「Let’s go inside first」

Taiyou turned towards the building.

「I should also explain to Kotone and the others」

Kohaku nodded her head in understanding.

The three people head towards the building together as the main entrance door was open and they entered inside. As soon as the door was opened they entered a room like a sort of lobby and there was also a kind of terrace. Furthermore, there were eight rooms connected to the lobby. He was not yet accustomed to being in this place, and Taiyou began to reminisce about yesterday’s events.

Yesterday: Late into the night. Kohaku took him to this place. After Taiyou had fully explained who Kohaku was to the three sisters, and then explaining the circumstances in which they met and becoming acquainted with each other, Kohaku proposed to move locations.

At any rate, there were five people in his small one room apartment and there was no way they could all fit in there. After hearing about this, Kohaku told him that she knew of a “wide and spacious place”. The place she took him to was an old yet spacious building. And so that is how they got here…

「Ah, Taiyou-san, welcome home」

Taiyou who had entered the building was greeted by the smallest of the three sisters. Kazane had a dustcloth in her hand and she seemed to have just finished cleaning the terrace area.

「How surprising」

Taiyou says this, and as he looked around the vicinity, his face had an astounded expression.

「It’s so much cleaner than before I went out. What happened?」

「I cleaned around a little bit」

「A little?」

Taiyou still had his dumbfounded expression as he turned around the terrace and had a good look. Since the time he arrived her last night, and just before he went out a little while ago…

The building was covered in dust and cobwebs, however now the area was completely clean from any sort of dust and it was extremely spotless. Remembering seeing this somewhere on the TV Taiyou traced his fingers along the window frame, curtain rails and the ventilating opening of the air conditioner. Even a teasing sister-in-law who would always complain about the situation of a house could not voice a single word against how clean the place was.

「Isn’t it just spectacular workmanship? I have just been looking at her from beginning to end and it feels like I am seeing some sort of magic happen or a trick of some sort nojya. It would seem that these three sisters are really good at housework jya」

「Nono, this is no longer at the level of mere housework, this is more like they are renovation experts」

「I completely agree jya, this is surely the workmanship of a master level artistan」

Taiyou was making a retort at her modesty and Kohaku was agreeing with him with a serious look. That was just how amazing the girl’s cleaning skills were. Being overly praised by the two people in front of her, she was feeling really bashful. Kazane and Kohaku was almost the same height. Kazane asked Kohaku a question.

「Umm, Kohaku-san. Is it really ok for us to use this place?」

Kazane seemed to be apologetic. When they arrived here last night Kohaku told them “You can stay for as long as you’d like” to the three girls. They were indirectly connected to the Blood Soul plan and they were also women who had relations with Taiyou. And that’s the reason Kohaku proposed this idea to Taiyou, but Kazane seemed to be a little uncomfortable in intruding on Kohaku’s place. To such a Kazane, Kohaku answered her with a clear face.

「When a house isn’t inhabited by people, it deteriorates at a surprisingly fast pace」

「This place…Hasn’t been used in a long time right?」

「Yeah. If people were to live in it, it would actually make it rejuvenated just like it did today nojya」


「There is no need for you to feel uncomfortable, alright?」

Kohaku cuts her words there and Hera who was looking at her surroundings were suddenly gripped hard.

「We are after all comrades who are able to see this girl jya……Would such a reason be insufficient?」

Kohaku was smiling broadly as she said this and speaking as if she was content at the idea of being comrades. Although for a moment Kazane had a surprised expression as her eyes opened wide, she immediately changed her expression into that of comprehension

Being able to see Hera—Meaning that they were people who have kissed Taiyou.


「Are you unhappy?」

「No, Not at all! I’m perfectly content!」

「In that case, please take care of me from now on」

Kohaku was smiling. Perhaps they heard the conversation down stairs, in the next moment the door opens from the second floor and Kotone and Suzune’s makes their appearance. The two people descend the stairs that had a gentle curve to it as they joined with the group of people gathered below. Kotone stood in front of Kohaku as she began to speak.

「Kohaku-san, I think I saw it before but I believe there was a signboard around the table here somewhere. Does this place have a name or something?」

「Yes it did, I don’t remember all the details but, if I’m not mistaken it was called rokumei-kan (mansion) or was it the moment castle?」(TL Rokumeikan seems to be a building built in 1883 July 7 a very iconic building, I’m not sure what the other one represents though >.<)

「Ohh, it’s a one-time mansion desune〜」

「I don’t think it’s either of them! Although it might resemble the latter it would be bad if that’s the case!」

Hera was just responding to the sensitive iconic building names with an overjoyed reaction, whilst Taiyou was responding by quickly retorting the statements.

「Seriously though, what is it?」

「Don’t be like that, I don’t really remember exactly what it was called no jya」


「I didn’t use this place that much, and besides I let someone else manage it jya. As you have seen it’s a really old place and quite a trivial one at that」

「I see」

「If you guys insist on it having a name then, I think it will be good if we can give a new name 」

「Is that alright? 」

「Umu, if you’d like then this time around we can really name it the moment castle 」

「You are still on to that aren’t cha! But seriously if you name it that, I will get angry okay?」

「Is that so? I thought that it was a masterpiece name deserving of respect, and I can proudly leave it to the future generation with such a name」

「Anyways, let’s get a different one」

As Taiyou said this, everyone was tilting their heads as they thought of a name. Before long, Hera opens her mouth.

「I think it will be really good to call it Taiyou’s Castle〜!」

Hera’s whole face was smiling as she gave this suggestion, and everyone else was just blankly staring at her in puzzlement. (Light Novel Illustration: Meeting Kohaku at the Mansion Entrance)



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