Chapter 49: A Harem that doesn’t allow me to Voice Out my Opinions


「You will dedicate……Your everything?」

Taiyou froze as he muttered out these words. He was 16 years old, and a young boy who was currently in the midst of his puberty. You could say that Taiyou was more mature than the average person in his age group, however, it was not like he was at the level of an enlightened Buddhist monk that could expel all desires.

When a girl says something like “dedicate her everything” as a young pubescent male, he could not help but think of the sexual connotation the words had. In his mind right now, he was fantasizing about Kohaku saying the exact same words, except, she was completely naked and blushing in a cute pose.

「Is that…」

「That is so nanodesu〜」

「You be quiet for once!」

When Taiyou tried to tell Hera to stay out of it, the three sisters started to corner him from the side.

「Taiyou-san I also think that…..I agree with Hera」

「I think that what Hera-chan is saying makes sense」

「After all, I completely understand how Kohaku-san feels」

The girls were saying this as they glanced towards Kohaku.


Taiyou also turned to look at Kohaku. The moment he did, it was like a hammer hit his heart. Kohaku who was in front of his eyes, was blushing cutely. She looked just like a girl in love. Taiyou was being told off by not only Hera but also the Three sisters. All of them were speaking as if their way of thinking was the only correct one.

Taiyou winced. Even now Kohaku’s expression was one that was about to begin weeping at any moment.

「Am I a bother?」

「That’s not it!」

Taiyou firmly denied it. Because he suddenly spoke with such a large voice, Kohaku was so surprised that she jumped up. She settled down after a while and she timidly asked Taiyou.

「Is that the…. truth?」

The one standing before him right now was not a senior who was experienced in life. It was a lonesome girl who until now had been constantly wounded and was mustering up her last bit of courage to ask if he could accept her. Right now that was the kind of girl Taiyou was seeing in front of him. His feelings began to sprout. The feeling that she was just so precious. Taiyou truly felt that the girl known as Azumaya Kohaku was just so adorable right now. He took a deep breath and after arranging the feelings within his chest, he tried to convey it in his words.

「Yes, it is true. To be frank……I was completely caught off guard when you told me that you would dedicate everything. However, hearing you say something like this…….Makes me really happy」

When he said this, Kohaku burst into tears. Her being this happy with just hearing his words…..made him feel that she had truly been so deprived. Therefore, he wanted to answer her feelings even more, not just using his words.

However, there was one thing that worried him. In this country, it was the norm that the relationship between a man and a woman was mutually exclusive and that it was a first-come-first served basis.

—-Order of arrival.

Thus Taiyou turned around to face the three sisters.

「You guys—」

Before Taiyou was even able to finish his sentence, and without the need to glance at each other, the three sisters promptly answered.

「A little while ago, I think that we have already mentioned this to Taiyou-san」

「Our dream is to make a harem with the person that we fall in love with」

「We know what Taiyou-san is worried about, however, we are on Kohaku-san’s side on this matter」

After hearing this, Taiyou did remember that he was told something like this a little while ago. He certainly did have this told to him, but at that particular time, he thought that they were just playing a practical joke on him or something. He thought that during that time perhaps the girls said it in the heat of the moment…….He did think that humans were impulsive creatures that could sometimes spout ridiculous things.

And at that particular time, he was also a little dazed at the circumstances and he could only partly understand what they were saying. However, right now, the girls clearly repeated the same words again.

Perhaps they really do mean it………? he started to think. Perhaps they read his thoughts from the expression he had on his face, but the girls had a soft smile on their faces as they continued even further.

「The three of us has always planned on falling in love with the same person, getting married and then creating a family together. However, up until now, far from anyone accepting this part of us, many people would have a strange look on their faces just from hearing us mention it」

「For someone like us, Taiyou-san is the first person to ever accept us. Even for people like us, Taiyou-san told us that he loved us. We were extremely happy to hear that, so glad, and even now we feel blessed」

「Even weird people like us…..Could still be loved」

The three girls spoke in a chorus.

「「「We want Kohaku-san to be able to share this feeling as well!」」」

The girls were saying this with extremely earnest expressions. They were seriously asking him….. No, the faces they had looked like they were begging him to listen. They themselves were really happy, and they wanted to share this happiness with others as well. Up until now, Taiyou had never been so shocked. The three sisters who were able to go that far, Taiyou didn’t believe that people like them existed.

「You girls…..」

Taiyou expanded his arms and embraced the three people.


They wanted to share their happiness. Their strong words were embedded deeply in Taiyou’s mind…..and his heart was moved. They were unbearably dear to him. If he was able to make them happy, he felt like he would do anything. Even if the actions he took would make people gossip about him behind his back. Taiyou released them from his embraced, and after giving each of them a kiss on their forehead, he turned towards Kohaku.


He goes in front of her, and kneels down so that he matches her line of vision.

「Let me confirm just one thing. Are you sure that you are fine with me? As you can see, within my arms, I already have these three girls. And no matter what happens from now on, they will never separate from me. In addition, I cannot swear that I will love you equally as I love them」

He looked straight into her eyes. She also looked straight into his eyes.

「After hearing all this. Do you think that you will be fine with someone like me?」

「It is possible to love equally. I wouldn’t believe in a man who could say such sugar coated words」

Kohaku immediately replied. Even now she was answering his question in such a roundabout way, it was so like her.

「People have a natural tendency to have favourites nojya. No, even if one had a favorite, their opinions could change as the days go by. Someone capable of loving impartially is theoretically an impossible thing. Therefore, I won’t trust a man who is able to say such a thing nonchalantly」

Saying this, she took Taiyou’s hand. It was cold and small….yet it was shockingly soft.

「Just from the fact that you are…..Able to say this to me with honesty, I am already willing to follow you for the rest of my life」(Kohaku speaking)

Her words… her sense of values were similar to the three sisters and to himself, so he could understand her words clearly. The general populous would normally reject the notion of a “harem” immediately criticizing the fact that there would be an “uneven” amount of love between the parties, even now Taiyou could not understand why people thought like this.

He could not understand it, but what was important was that he could understand clearly what the girls were trying to convey to him. And also what he should do from now on. He had no confidence in being able to love them all equally, however, what he had confidence in doing was that he could love them all for the rest of his life.

As long as they still loved him and was willing to accept him, he was willing to return those feelings. Taiyou thought about it like that. And he strongly, strongly believed he could make it work.

「I understand」

Taiyou nods, and puts a bit of strength into his hands as Kohaku’s small body was drawn into his arms. She was embraced closely, her small chin was resting against his shoulders and it was like he wrapped around her completely.

「Please, stay by my side for a long time to come」

「I swear it. Until…..Death do us apart」

As expected her answer was immediate. Having embraced Kohaku, although he couldn’t see the faces of the three sisters, he was sure that they were smiling. Taiyou was convinced that was the case. Because their sweet atmosphere was definitely transmitted to the three sisters.

After embracing each other for quite a while, the two people separated. Taiyou was just a little surprised. This was because Kohaku’s expression became a lot softer. Her eyes which usually held the look of someone who was beyond their years. Had now changed into a considerably softer look

That was truly—.

Just as he was thinking about this, as per usual Hera butted in with a happy tone of voice.

「Panpakapann, Congratulations desu〜. Taiyou-chan has obtain his second wife nanodesu」

「The second? 」

For a moment, he thought about how Hera truly couldn’t read the mood, but soon enough her words caught his interest. What did she mean by the second person?

「Yes, the second person desuyo〜」

Hera just repeated the same words. To his surprised the other women backed up Hera’s statement.

「Umu, I also think that I am the second. What, who else in here would be fit for such a position?」

「Is there someone else fit for the position Taiyou-san?」

「Ah, don’t tell me, that white girl?」

「That’s probably true, if she was here, Kohaku-san would probably become the third wife 」

「Fumu, there is still meaning in being the third, even if that was the case I wouldn’t mind it」

The females were interacting with each other. At this point, Taiyou had also realized that the three sisters counted themselves as one person. Looking at it like this, it was obvious that the three sisters were the first wife and Kohaku would be the second wife.

The Three sisters were the first and Kohaku was the second, these four girls were speaking to each other quite intimately as they chatted. It looked as if they had already known each other for many years. They were so close with each other that, Taiyou who was the only man here could not even butt into their conversation.

Butting into the conversation of these girls was impossible even for someone as strong as Hercules. He suddenly remembered that he used to see this kind of spectacle all the time in school. Normally seeing this kind of scene he would feel a sense of incompatibility and slight discomfort.

However right now it was totally different, even though he could not join in their conversation, to him this scene didn’t bother him in the slightest, in fact he felt tranquil at the scene.

It was the feeling of relief, having known that the women he loved were happily getting along with each other. The more that they were able to get along with each other, the happier Taiyou felt. And just as he thought that he could indefinitely watch this moment, Hera obstructed him again.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan」

「What is it?」

「Taiyou-chan, you need to level up to level 10 quickly desuyo〜」

What was she saying all of a sudden? Taiyou looked at Hera in puzzlement.



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