Chapter 5: Uninvited School Rumble


As a new day begins, much like any normal student would do, Taiyou went to school.

He attended a private high school named Orikan, he was in first grade class A. To get to his class room, he needed to enter the school building, go up the stairs and walk to the furthest part of the building that is where he goes to attend school every day.
Until yesterday, he had a very easy going attitude when attending school, he would nonchalantly listen to his lectures and in his free time he would be playing some sort of game whilst levelling up. Without generating any special events his life would continue in a peaceful manner, it was that kind of uninteresting place.
However, today was different.

「Natsuno-kun, It’s telling me that I have to choose a certain Job Class? 」
「Natsuno-kun, if you defeat this mushroom like thing will you gain something called a level? 」
「Natsuno-kun, I completely don’t get how to play this game? 」

A little before homeroom started, the three Hayakawa Sisters found Taiyou on his way to school, they immediately pulled out their smart phones and surrounded Taiyou. They completely ignored the stares of the surrounding people, and pestered Taiyou with gaming questions.
Taiyou was baffled by this. He thought the three sister’s actions were a mystery, the other people in the vicinity started to gather and whisper about something or other, and the girls seems to get closer and closer to him, because of this he was able to experience a fragrant womanly scent coming from the girls.

Like a rich dribble of honey, it was a refreshing citrus like smell, it was a tantalising smell that could melt his brains.
Taiyou whom had no luck with women until now, just being in close proximity with the girls, one part of his body began to have a reaction it shouldn’t have.
He desperately tried to retain his reasoning, and asked the three sisters.

「Umm…..You guys, what do I owe this pleasure to? 」
「We really want to do the things that you like to do, together」
「Before that, it’s completely fine for you to speak to us without honorifics, alright」
「Yeah, it would be nice if you could talk to us in a more carefree manner〜」
「Well, even if you say that…… Why did you guys suddenly do this? 」

After exchanging glances with one another, the three sisters began to answer one after another like a relay.

「Do you remember, the thing we said last night? 」
「We are really serious about it」
「We want to do the things you like doing」
「「「Do you dislike……. us three? 」」」

The three sisters had a painful look in their eyes, as they waited expectantly for an answer. Looking at such a facial expression, Taiyou couldn’t help but gulp.
If he were asked to clarify whether he disliked them or not, Taiyou could answer with confidence that he most definitely did not hate them.

Certainly, these three women were a little different from the normal twins. If you took their individual photos you wouldn’t even be able to suspect that they were different people, however in reality as explained before the three has a fatal distinction in which their heights were different from each other.
Kotone’s height is 150 cm, Suzune was 140 cm and Kazane was like a little red riding hood at a height of 130 cm.
Taiyou didn’t really have an idea, why the three sisters suddenly behaved like this, at any rate, it was harder for him to ignore their feelings.

Previously the girls held little favour towards Taiyo. Now they suddenly confessed their love, rather than saying that he didn’t like it, it was more like he was jumping in joy deep inside.
Therefore Taiyou decided to honestly answer to their feelings.

「I don’t hate you girls, on the contrary, I’m quite happy」
「「「Really?! We are so glad!!」」」
「「「In that case, with us—」」」

Taiyou interrupted what the sisters were about to say with his own surprised shout. It was just like what happened last night………Most likely they were about to confess to him again, however if they were to confess inside his classroom, he felt like there would be repercussions, so he attempted to stop them from saying it.

「Its amazing, he’s so popular. As expected of my Taiyou-chan〜」

When homeroom break started, lacking any true motives he ran away from the three sisters, and he went in the gymnasium whilst calling out to Hera. Hera’s face was full of smiles, but Taiyou on the contrary had a complicated expression on his face.

「Did I really become popular….? 」
「Aren’t ya happy〜? Those three……..Kotone, Suzune and Kazane, aren’t they really cute girls? Being liked by those cute girls are you somehow displeased? 」
「Those girls are really cute…….I mean even if they weren’t cute, being pampered/spoiled by three girls I’m extremely happy, however….. When it’s such an obscure/unknown/ambiguous reason and they approached me like today, I instead felt unpleasant 」

Taiyou let out a sigh and looked seriously towards Hera. He suddenly remembered a certain thing.

「Hey, am I unable to see my status unless I level up? 」
「That is not the case, 〜 Even if you would like to see your status right now I can bring it up for you〜」
「In that case, Please show me one more time」
「Coming right up〜」

After her answer of approval, Hera floated into the air and did a back flip. When Taiyou was in the process of thinking, there is probably some kind of meaning to what she was doing, his head was once again flooded with information and numerals. It was exactly the same as last night, the images went directly to his brain and displayed a clear image, much like the sensation you get when having a daydream.
He flew quickly through the irrelevant information such as: Strength and HP, and Taiyou focused on the information he truly desired. He soon found it.

Charm/Harem 65535

「It’s probably because of this stat」
「This one is it〜…….Eh? 」
「What’s wrong? 」
「This is, a little weird〜. The numerical value is also weird, it was supposed to go down, but it went up instead〜」
「Even though it went down, it went up? —- You, do you know what the previous number was? 」
「I remember it〜 if I’m not mistaken charm/harem was at a value of 0〜 」
「If it decreased from 0……So that’s how it is, Its Overflow! 」

Taiyou was startled and spoke.
In a game he played awhile back, the numerical had an upper limit and a lower limit, when either side was exceeded, they would instead force the numeral’s to flow in reverse. In this scenario the value of charm/harem which was originally at 0 decreased, most likely there is no such thing as a negative value in this world, therefore it reversed and instead became a ridiculously large numeric.

「Aside from that……」

Taiyou took a glimpse at Hera. By guessing, he concluded that the sudden rise in popularity received by the three sisters was because of this fact.

At night, Taiyou aimed to become level 4, his current task this time around was to flip over a one yen coin repeatedly. This time the action is a simple matter, all he needed to do was go to his table and start flipping the 1 yen coin to heads then flip it back to tails, and just do this repeatedly………….That was the kind of chore it was.
Although it was a similar type of repetitive duty as yesterday’s event in the park, he could do this particular action at home and Taiyou felt really relieved from the fact that he wouldn’t have to be “indebted” to the policeman once again.

[Nevertheless, Taiyou-chan is a really serious person isn’t he〜? You would get a standing ovation from all the American’s for your seriousness, ya know〜」
「What a false picture you paint! American’s wouldn’t do such a thing as standing in unison」

Taiyou experienced Goosebumps just imagining the situation.

「More importantly, what do you mean by seriousness? 」
「Well I mean, you are able to continuously perform these meaningless tasks without resting〜」
「The one making me do these things is you, ain’t it Moreover, not even 3 hours has passed, and if you could level up anyone would do it if they only needed 3 hours」
「Is that so〜? 」

Taiyou nodded and with distant eyes he let out a laugh, (sound effect = pfft)

「I used to play this net game, and comparing the amount of time it took to gain even one level, this is nothing…..」
「Look here/you know what though? Taiyou-chan」
「Un? 」
「In later stages of this process……. When you reach a high level, it may be just as hard as it was in that game ya know〜? 」

Hera had an apologetic look on her face.

「……..All I have to do is just continue to grind it out to level right? And when I gain a level my stats will increase right? 」
「Yes, I can guarantee that—! 」
「In that case, it’s all good.」

Taiyou interrupted whatever Hera was about to say with those words. He then returned, to continue to turn his 1 yen coin back from heads to tails and vice versa.
As long as he keeps doing an action he will continue to increase his abilities, which in itself is his obsession and his number one reason for levelling.

In real life there are way too many things in which you can do, but won’t be rewarded for it. As a student sure if he studies hard he may be rewarded in the long run, however, even then, all a student can do is to increase his grades.
However in a game, the more you increase your level, the higher your abilities will be. In other words, the amount of hard work you put in will inevitably be rewarded.

This is why comparing to the previous work he did yesterday, and knowing that it is a certain fact that he will grow as a person and receive rewards, for Taiyou doing these kinds of repetitive chores has value/merit.
This is why even now he continues to flip his coin repeatedly from head’s to tails.

At the same time he was thinking about a completely different thing inside his head.
Kotone, Suzune and Kazane. The three triplet sisters, whom had differing heights.
The three girls really did say, ‘Please go out…. with us’. And also this morning the same words were repeated.

This was him genuinely becoming popular, Taiyou was elated and he rejoiced as he knew he didn’t have a genuine/pure personality. If Hera did not exist, he would of assumed that there was a hidden camera somewhere, or some sort of badger game being played on him, Or perhaps, he may have assumed that ‘ahhh the earth is probably going to explode and I’m going to die tommorrow’ as that would be more likely than getting confessed by the three girls.
However, now he had a real explanation as to why he was so popular he could believe it was true, and it was all due to his status 「Charm: 65535」
It wasn’t the normal kind of confession. These three girls brazenly stated 「「「Please go out with us! 」」」. Considering the high value of the stat, he could somewhat understand why the effects were so exaggerated.

Although he could accept the fact, he had absolutely no idea how to handle it.
Before he got his abilities, He had barely any relations with woman, he had never been out on dates before let alone, have any idea what to say to a girl. He really didn’t have any of that date experience at all.


Suddenly as if she noticed something Hera raised her voice, her eyes and body were turned towards Taiyou’s home entrance. In the next moment, in one breath’s time the doorbell wrung.
In such a time who could it be? He imagined it to be some sort of telemarketer and simulated how he would decline their offers, he stood up and went towards his entrance and casually opened the door.

What stood before him were the feminine presence of three very cute looking girls wearing casual clothing, they were the three twin sisters.
He was already surprised at their sudden visit, but even more shocking was what they each held in their right hands.

「You guys……What is going on?…..」

What they brought along was, packed to the brim, a poston bag. (Note: basically a luggage bag)



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