Chapter 50:  It’s no use crying over spilt milk


In the end the building was called “Taiyou’s Castle” and right now Taiyou was standing in front of the room at the very back of the second floor.

Hera was pushing him onwards in order to obtain level 10……at first he wondered why she rushed him so much. This is because he had completely forgotten the fact that at level 10 he would obtain something important. That is, at level 10 he would acquire a second skill.

「Is she in here?」

He was standing in front of the door and Kohaku nodded her head to his question. “so she’s inside here?”…….Taiyou took a deep breath, turned the knob and stepped inside the room.

This room was devoid of any furniture, it was a completely empty room except for the fact that there was one woman inside. The girl had her hands tied behind her back and a gag on her mouth, so that she could not run away, her hands were tied to the corner of the room.

Although her clothes were not disordered, her hair had become frayed and her eyes had dark circles underneath them. If the police was to discover her in this state, there was no doubt that Taiyou would be charged with abduction and confinement and without a doubt he would be arrested. Juniishima Sakura. She watched Taiyou with cold eyes as he entered the room.

「Uhh, first of all I would like to apologize」

When he saw how she looked at him, Taiyou flinched and instinctively apologized to her. Having her restrained was one thing, but completely leaving her stranded for such a long period of time was his bad. Whilst apologizing, Taiyou approaches her. He had noticed her presence since yesterday, but things seem to crop up one after another and he forgot about her in the end.

If Taiyou were to postpone this issue any longer and start to level up, things may turn out quite badly. Thinking about it like this, Taiyou decided to give priority to liberating Sakura.

「It should be enough now, right?」

Taiyou turned towards Kohaku in order to confirm whether it was alright, and he started to unfasten the bindings on Sakura. Although it was already decided that Kohaku would become a part of his harem, she was still talking in her overly polite manner.

「Fumu, there are no problems. I already received the report that things have already been set in motion」

Kohaku didn’t say “who” she got the report from though. Yurikago was trying to hide her existence, and even more so in front of Sakura, Kohaku was careful not to reveal any important details.

「I understand」

Taiyou nods, he understood what Kohaku was saying and why she was talking in such a roundabout way. “If that was the case, it should be fine to release Sakura”, whilst thinking this he was about to release the rest of her bindings, however…

Kohaku approaches him and his hands were quietly gripped.

「Wait, I don’t mind it if you want to release her, however, there is one important thing that must be done」

「Something that must be done?」

Taiyou knits his eyebrows thinking that perhaps he may have overlooked something important and tilts his head in a questioning manner.

「Umu, it about a simple courtesy, the beauty in taking the correct procedure」


「When you come into a house its polite manners to arrange your shoes neatly, or when watching a thriller, it is necessary to expose who the real killer is or the viewers will be unsatisfied. It’s something similar to that, therefore, when there is such a beautiful girl restrained right in front of you it would be such a shame not to do anything to her nojya. As you can see, she falls under the category of being a beautiful person, in that case, you should take the role of the perverted old man and do something that will make her say “J-just kill me already!” and—–」


Before Kohaku could finish her sentence, Taiyou had already pulled the rope and tore it off. The rope was much thicker than a humans fingers, however for someone like Taiyou who had an incredible amount of power, it was like he was pulling on a silk thread. He completely ignored Kohaku’s prank and liberated Sakura.

「What, how wasteful nou」

Kohaku was speaking as if she truly regretted it from the bottom of her heart.

「It’s not a waste…..! And here I was thinking it was something important!」

「What, if you are thinking of creating a harem, shouldn’t there be a character that fits the role of the slave? Nou?」

Whilst saying so, Kohaku turns towards Hera.

「Yes desu〜 It’s a standard thing nanodesu〜. Even in the ero ero movies, it is best to take straight forward approach nanodesu〜」

「You stay out of this! Don’t take out such a ridiculous precedent as your supporting case!」

As he said this, he gave Hera a smack. Even though they haven’t known each other for a long period of time, it could already be said that the relationship between Hera and Kohaku had reached the level of a golden combination.

On the one hand, Hera was a level up fairy, and on the other hand Kohaku was part of the eternally little and was a lolibaba.  These two really it hit off as they shared the same hobbies and interests. In other words, the amount of trouble Taiyou had to handle had doubled. “Hopefully the amount of trouble won’t increase any more, right?” As Taiyou was thinking such things, he started to talk to Sakura who was rubbing her wrists.

「Allow me to apologize once again……For being so late. Are you alright?」

「Yes…My body is fine」

Sakura was speaking sarcastically. Just from that single exchange, Taiyou remembered a nostalgic feeling. He had just met her yesterday and he only talked to her for a little while, but talking to her like this……somehow made him miss the witty conversations he had with her.

「Is that so? In that case there should be no problems whatsoever」

「Ara? Is that the kind of words you should be saying to a woman you’ve restrained for more than half a day? I told you that my body was fine, but what if I told you that you have scarred my heart from ever healing?」

「For someone like you, that shouldn’t be the case right? I don’t think that you are the kind of fragile woman to be hurt by something like this」

「Ara, You’re such an awful person」

Sakura was elegantly covering her mouth as she chuckled but her eyes weren’t smiling.

「But you’ve seen right through me. Yes, that’s right, my mind is rumored to be as tough as cotton ball」

「As expected from you, that’s the kind of mindset of one who will rule the country sooner or later」

「Yes, because you’ve been such a gentleman, even my body hasn’t received much damage. Thanks to you, I can still rule the country as a woman who has not yet been defiled」

「I’m not really a gentleman, this code of conduct is a natural thing」

「Is that so? Allow me to give you a piece of friendly advice as a captured prisoner, there are plenty of women who will only be satisfied if they are treated like a lady」

“What kind of warning is this?”, as he thought about it, he asked her back.

「Are you also like that?」

「No, after all I am like a beast」

「I see, So you are saying that you take the initiative in relationships? Yeah, I guess I can see you in that kind of light」(TL Note: Taiyou is actually calling Sakura a “carnivorous woman” which cannot be explained in a mere sentence, this word actually means: She is aggressive, calls the shots in love, is independent and opinionated)

「Yes, that’s right. When all is said and done… would seem that you are a herbivorous man? The three sisters and the eternally little, they are all girls who would normally be out of the reach of normal men, and yet you have all four of them under your arms」(TL note: “herbivorous man” is the antonym word for “carnivorous woman”, Sakura is basically saying that Taiyou is: unlike the traditional male stereotypes as he does not seem overly interested in the pursuit of money and sex, instead he values lies more in being, kind, co-operative and family oriented.)

「I am also here you know 〜」

Hera was complaining to Sakura, but neither her voice or her figure could be seen by her.This is where the conversation lulled. Taiyou and Sakura just stared at each other for some time, and a quiet atmosphere flowed between them.It was a strange atmosphere.

These two were not friends, neither were they lovers, and they didn’t have a relationship of being comrades either or anything close to it.On the contrary, they should have a hostile relationship with each other.Even so, there wasn’t a dangerous or threatening atmosphere between them. At least, Taiyou did not look at her in such a negative light. It was not like he wanted to make her his girlfriend, or to the extent that he wanted her in his harem, but it was more like he wanted to get to know her a little better.

“What kind of relationship was this?” even Taiyou himself did not know the answer to that question. Whilst he was in contemplation, Sakura abruptly interrupted his thoughts.

「Well then, it’s about time that I make my way back」

「Are you going back just like that? Are you sure that you don’t need to leave any threatening remarks against me?」

「It’s already come to this」

Sakura let out a deep breathe as she sneered.

「This eternally little girl already told you right? The snow has already begun to roll」

「Fumu, it can also mean that there is no use crying over spilt milk」

Kohaku joined in on their conversation, and for once the things she said actually made sense. “It would be really good if she always talked like this…. at least it was much better than the suggestive jokes she came up with”, Taiyou much preferred to talk to her in this kind of manner.

「In that case, there is no meaning to it even if I used a threat. If it isn’t possible to fix, than there is only one option left, and that is to draw up a new plan」

「A new plan….? That sounds just like what you would do」

「That is quite so. Rather than thinking that there is only one water we can share, I would much prefer to think that water is what we need. I mean, wouldn’t you agree that this kind of logic is more reasonable?」

「Kukuku, well isn’t that good」

Kohaku was stifling her laughter as she looked towards the three sisters. Perhaps they were bad with this kind of conversation, the three sisters Kotone, Suzune and Kazane all had expressions of bafflement. They had the same exact face with the same exact expression. It would seem that they could not follow the roundabout way of communication. For the time being he left them like that and concentrated on the conversation with Sakura.

「In that case, I hope that I won’t become the water that blocks your path」

「Ara, you are saying such a thing even though you don’t really believe in your own words」

「I’m being serious」

Taiyou said this as he looked straight at Sakura.

「I do enjoy the conversations we have, and as such I wouldn’t mind conversing more often. If it is possible, I don’t want to talk to you as an enemy, but meet you as an ally where we can have a good long chat」

Sakura silently nods as she begins to walk towards the entrance of the room. Taiyou himself had moved out of the way so that she could pass through, and as such, the three sisters, Kohaku and even Hera made way to let Sakura pass.

She was standing at the doorway but she didn’t leave just yet. As she was gripping the door knob with her hands, she froze in that posture as if she thought of something to say.

「You said that you want to meet me again as an ally, is this correct?」

「Ahh, if it is possible」

「In that case, what do you think of forming a new path of water between us so that we can cooperate?」

With her back still turned towards him, Sakura asked him questioningly. “What did she mean by forming a new alliance and what did this entail?” just as Taiyou was thinking such things, she turned around and said…

「In the near future, I need to face my rival Juniishima Yurikago….. and I want your help in kidnapping her」



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