Chapter 51: The First time beginning Joint work Part 1


It was growing dark at the foot of the mountain.

There was a single vending machine placed in between the boundary of the town and the mountain. Part of the paint on the machine was starting to peel off and Taiyou was standing in front of the vending machine repeatedly inserting and then taking out his 100 yen coin.

A little off to the distance, Kohaku was watching over him.

After hearing about how he ran into trouble with the police the last time he tried to level up, Kohaku decided to accompany him. In this rural area, don’t even mention the police officers, there was not even many people that passed by, Taiyou was diligently increasing his level.

And it was approximately one hour since he began his repetitive work that…

「Tereretetete〜♪ Taiyou-chan, you have levelled up!」

Hera who had seemingly vanished all this time, suddenly appeared and flew in front of him, she danced around in the air whilst singing her level up song. Kohaku who heard the announcement also approaches with a face full of smiles.

「Hou, she’s dancing jyana」

「I am dancing desuyo〜. It’s the level up dance nanodesu」

「Is that really necessary to do?」

「Wanna join in?」

「As if I’d do that?!」

Taiyou reflexively rejected her Hera’s invitation. When he saw her dancing he didn’t really think too much of it, but the moment she asked him to join her, he couldn’t help but give her a retort. Well since there wasn’t too much point in reprimanding her too much about this matter, Taiyou just wanted to get on with it and move on to more important matters.

「Well then, Allow me to r-e-c-a-p〜…..Taiyou-chan is now level 8 nanodesu〜」

「Fumu, now that you’ve levelled up, do you feel anything different?」

「Yes desu! I will show it now!」

As soon as Hera said this, Taiyou received a familiar sensation, it was a rush of numerical figures going to his brain. It starts with the level rising in value, and then it moves on to give a comparison of the amount of status gained this level from the previous level.

Because he was quite familiar with the process, he was able to understand the numbers that popped into his brain. Kohaku who was next to him, spoke out loudly.

「Fumu…….This is really mysterious, it is such a queer sensation jyana」

「Eh? Are you seeing this?」

Taiyou was surprised as he turned to face Kohaku.

「Umu, it feels like the numbers are flowing from the bottom of my eyeballs all the way to the molars of my teeth. Are you also seeing it in the same way as me??」

「Where exactly are you saying it goes?! Well I kinda get what you are saying though」

「It’s a secret of the human body desune〜」

Hera spoke thoughtlessly. Taiyou thought that it was definitely nothing to do with the secrets of the human body but more about the secrets of the world. Whilst thinking such things, he perused his status and roughly understood the situation.

Although normally he would examine it more thoroughly, he didn’t do this right now. That’s because level 8 wasn’t a huge checkpoint in terms of levelling. He faced towards Hera and said.

「So, what do we have to do next? You told me that I should hurry up and reach level 10 right?」

「Yes desu〜, the moment you reach level 10, Taiyou-chan will receive a huge burst of power desu〜」

「In that case, please tell me what the next step is」

He wanted to know the process of levelling up to level 9.

「Yes nanodesu〜. By the way, Taiyou-chan, do you have a smart phone on you?」

「I do have it with me, but it’s broken you know?」

His smart phone was broken since the day he met Hera. For quite some time now, he has lived his life without using his smart phone, but so far it hasn’t really caused him too many problems. “Well it’s probably because I’ve been living such an unusual life” This is what Taiyou thought.

「That is a problem desu, the next step requires the use of a smart phone, otherwise it won’t do nanodesu〜」

「If it’s alright to use another person’s smart phone, I don’t mind lending you mine dazo」

「That is fine nanodesu〜」

After Hera answers, Kohaku pulls out her smart phone and hands it over to Taiyou. It was a smaller device than what Taiyou was used to using.

「You use a really small one don’t you?」

「That’s because the eternally little don’t have any long sightedness」

Kohaku twists her mouth into a grin. Taiyou smiled back at her whilst turning towards Hera.

「So, what do I have to do with this?」

「Ehh let me see desune, please start playing any game. And create a character and then—」

「I already know, I bet you are going to say create a character, and then delete that character and rinse and repeat, right?」

「That is correct nanodesu, as expected of Taiyou-chan nanodesu〜」

Taiyou lets out a bitter smile. Considering what he had to do so far, it was easy to predict what he needed to do this time just from past experiences.

Taiyou used the smart phone and began to download a game he used to play back in the day. When he finished downloading the game, he started to do what Hera mentioned, which is to repeatedly create a character and then delete that character.

「Fumu, you are doing a reset marathon aren’t you?」(TL note: people may do a reset marathon in games to abuse the advantages of creating a level one character and then taking the given rare item to transfer it to the newer character)

「How come you are always so knowledgeable in these kind of matters?」

「As a lolibaba, knowing this kind of thing is a natural custom jyazo」

「I guess you aren’t like a certain someone, who doesn’t seem to know anything 」

With a bitter smile, Taiyou continues his tedious work.

He creates a character, determining his status and then deleting the character.

He creates a character, determining his status and then deleting the character.

Suddenly, Taiyou remembered the days when he used to play the game. This particular game decided the starting status points randomly. The average status point you would get is about 50, however if you continuously rolled the dice, you would be able to start the game with an advantage.

At that time, Taiyou would relentlessly reroll his status points until he got the perfect figure, but right now his purpose in playing this game was to level up in real life, nevertheless he was seemingly able to make plenty of characters that exceeded the average value by far.

Naturally, he would delete all these characters. This is obviously because his purpose was to level up in real life, not in the game. The sun had set completely, and the vicinity became dark.

The three people moved under a street lamp that was some distance away. Suddenly, Kohaku who was looking at the phone screen together with him raised her voice. The bonus point displayed in the screen actually reached 99, which was the absolute highest value.

「Ohh, isn’t that a really good figure? It’s the kind of figure that would allow you to make a slave harem–」

「Like I said, Please restrain yourself with making those kind of jokes!」

He immediately countered her joke which was approaching dangerous waters, and he completely erased the character.

「What a shame nou」

「It’s fine, after all this game is just a stepping stone for me to level up in real life」

「Well, I suppose that is true jyana」

Kohaku spoke with a tone of voice that seemed to drop towards the end.

「Hey, do you mind it if I ask you a serious question?」(Kohaku speaking)

「What is it?」

Taiyou was continuing to work as he asked her what was up.

「The thing that Juniishima Sakura talked about….Are you truly going to undertake it?」

「If you are talking about kidnapping Yurikago? Then yeah, I’m planning on accepting her offer」

「Is that really alright? Doesn’t this mean that you will make that girl into your enemy?」

Kohaku was asking him with an earnest expression. “Wasn’t she someone you’ve fought with in the past?”…… Kohaku’s question had that kind of implication to it.

「It should be fine. Or more like. It’s better if I was the one who did the kidnapping. I don’t really know what Sakura intends to do with her after she has kidnapped Yurikago, but if I am there, I can at least protect her when push comes to shove」

「I see, is that why you are doing this」

「Taiyou-chan, are you planning on putting Yurikago-chan into your harem desuka〜? Are you going to make her your third wife nanodesu?」

「That’s not it. Think about it, if I know that she is about to be kidnapped I can’t really just ignore it, right?」

「Fumu, that is true jyana」

「Rather than completely disregarding the fact it will happen, being the one to kidnap her will bring a more favorable outcome. Thankfully, Sakura-san doesn’t know that I have a connection with Yurikago, so we will be using this to our advantage」

After saying this Taiyou removed his eyes from the screen, and for once he stretched out his limbs and neck.

「Umu, in regards to this matter, it all started with you trying to help the three sisters. And it was only later that you accepted to work together with Yurikago」

「She also hid her face from Sakura-san」

「That’s true. Well, even if Sakura did see her face by chance, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, in any case, no one would ever suspect that a mere schoolboy is connected to the princess of the Juniishima Clan jyana」

「Yeah, I am also planning to use that fact. Well, if we are able to capture her successfully and secure the safety of her body, then it will be the best outcome」

「You might be in danger if you choose to do this jyazo?」

「Rather than pretending not to see anything and feeling the immense guilt that comes with it, this is a much better alternative」

「Is that so?」

Kohaku nods and the conversation is cut short at this point. Taiyou continued to work under the veil of darkness pressing buttons on his smart phone whilst the two women continued to watch over him. This kind of scene continued for quite some time. Until—

「Tereretetete〜♪ Taiyou-chan, you levelled up! You have now reached level 9 nanodesu〜」

「Have I increased in level already? This time around it was also really fast wasn’t it?」

In that way, both he and Kohaku confirmed the rise in his abilities.

「As usual, the thing that seems to increase the most is my strength」

「I suppose you are just that kind of character jyaro. Oh yeah, maybe it will be good if I bring you a wooden mallet from the jungle?」

「Please stop right there」

Taiyou replied to Kohaku with a wry smile but he still imagined the scene of himself wielding the wooden hammer. “That may not be such a bad thing” he thought.

「Well, what’s next? It seems that we are about to hit level 10, what do I need to do this time?」

「Is it perhaps putting dandelions on sashimi and then removing it one by one?」

Kohaku suddenly intervenes from the side as she tried to predict the next set of work Taiyou needed to do. At any rate, it was the norm by now that increasing his level had something to do with doing useless work. Even if the first half of the work had some sort of meaning, the second part of the work usually nullified any benefit from the first action. Taiyou thought that the next thing he needed to do was surely going to follow the same sort of principle.

「We might do that a little further down the line nanodesuyo〜. However the next thing we have to do desune〜 is the Princess Carry (Himesama Dakko) nanodesu〜」


The words that came out of Hera’s mouth was just something he would never have expected.



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