Chapter 52: First Time Beginning Joint Work Part 2


Taiyou was flabbergasted and doubted his own ears.

「Did you just say Princess Carry?」

「Yes! Ah, it’s also fine as long as you carry them with your arms, you know〜? Even if you don’t bring them really really high up, it’s also fine desuyo〜」

「I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing that sort of princess carry to begin with! 」

Whilst giving her a rebuke, he reflexively imagined what kind of scene that would be.

This would probably involve someone throwing the girl really high up in the air before catching them again in their embrace, it was truly a surreal kind of scene.

Well strictly speaking, if he were a normal human being, he probably wouldn’t even be able to imagine such a ridiculous thing like throwing the girl high into the air, but right now he was in the possession of a superhuman power, because he himself was likely able to accomplish such a feat he inadvertently imagined such a thing.

Although it was possible to do, it would be a foolish thing to try. Taiyou starts massaging the middle of his forehead as he tried to get rid of that scene from his mind. From his side, Kohaku speaks with a serious tone of voice.

「You mentioned the princess carry, but can you explain to me in detail exactly what must be done nojya?」

「…….Kohaku-san, why are your eye’s sparkling so much?」

「It’s natural jyaro! We are talking about the princess carry here! Or what, are you going to tell me that as an 87 year old lady, that I shouldn’t be thinking about things like being a princess and that it’s absurd?」

Kohaku was speaking passionately and with insistence. Since the first time I met her, this is the most passionate she’s ever been about something. It was way too strong, rather than backing off, it was like she was preparing for all-out war with her threatening attitude.

The young elderly woman standing there looked almost like a carnivorous animal as she spoke.

「N, no…..I have no intentions of doing such a thing」

Taiyou could only stumble as he spoke out the words.

「In that case, it’s all good. Now then, you should teach him right now the way to properly perform it nojya」

Kohaku’s breathing was becoming rougher as she quickly urged Hera to get on with the explanation. Kohaku was acting really differently from her usual calm self, nevertheless, the level up fairy merely responded with her happy go lucky tone of voice.

「Yes〜 Well even so, it’s a really simple thing desuyo, all you have to do is perform the princess carry, then let them off and then do it again desu〜」

“As expected, it would turn out like this”, Taiyou thought. Although for a moment the impact of the words ‘princess carry’ really shocked him, in the end the thing he had to do was more or less the same as before.

Just like he has done up until now, he just needed to repeat the same actions, even though it held no meaning he merely had to repeat them.

「I understand, that is clear and simple」

Kohaku nods, she looks in Taiyou’s direction with a strong shining gaze.

「Well then, you should get on with it and do that right now nojya!」

「Umm….Why don’t we move locations for now?」

「Why jya?!」

Kohaku’s voice sounded almost like a scream.

Taiyou, Kohaku and Hera, the three people return to “Taiyou’s Castle”.

The three sisters who had been cleaning all this time, whilst he was out levelling was gathered in the living room terrace, and they were all explained about the matter of the princess carry. After he explained the circumstances, not only Kohaku but even the girls started to get fired up.

Although Kotone and the girls were able to keep their composure better than Kohaku, nevertheless, they blazing eyes sparkled as they spoke.

「Everyone has already been gathered, and the circumstance have been explained. Now then, this time we need to start the princess carry jya!」

「Do I really have to do this?」

Kohaku was pressing herself against him intently. Taiyou spoke to Hera in a tone that seemed like he wanted to be saved out of the situation.

「Yes, this is the only way to increase the experience gain desu. Taiyou-chan, don’t tell me you actually don’t want to do it desuka〜?」



His brides were reacting to Hera’s question.

「It’s not like I find it unpleasant, but… How do I explain it….?」

「If you don’t find it uncomfortable than hurry up and do it desu〜」

「That’s right, you should hurry up and do it already jya」

「Please take care of us, Taiyou-san」

All the women were lined up as they requested to be princess carried. And just when Taiyou steeled his resolve and thought “fine let’s do this then”, at that time…

「–Wait, Hey Hera?」


Taiyou suddenly remembered something, and Hera was waiting for his question as she tilted her head. The thing he remembered…..was something that occurred during the time he levelled up to level 5. At that particular time, his level went up when he kissed the three sisters. And this time around, he needed to perform the princess carry in order to increase his level.

From level 5 to Level 10. Taiyou started to think of the incremental connection between these acts.

「Can you please tell me the method to level, when I reach level 15, right now?」

The moment he asked her, Hera turned her eyes away at once.

「As expected, is that how this is?! What are you going to make me do?! Tell me right now!」

「It is not possible to say it with my mouth nodesu〜」

「You are denying…Your own meaning to life right now, you Ero Fairy!」

「The things that can be done tomorrow don’t need to be discussed today desu〜」

「Don’t try to say cool things, I won’t get fooled by it you know?!」

Although Taiyou pressed Hera for an answer, she kept evading a direct answer, she was as slippery as an eel. Level 5 consisted of a kiss, Level 10 is a princess carry.

Although the aspect of repeatedly doing a certain thing remained the same, the thing he had to do…..seemed to be five times more…..than what he had to do previously.

In such a case he was truly curious exactly, what he was going to have to do to reach level 15, but Hera just wouldn’t tell him the details.

「Why are you still arguing around, hurry up and do it nojya」

Kohaku was urging him onwards. When he looked at them, Kohaku and the three sisters all had bloodshot eyes. When he saw them like this, he exhaled a sigh and faced towards them.

「I will do it now, is that alright?」


Kohaku responded cheerfully as I placed my hands around the back of her knees and lifted her in a princess carry. Her face was so near, and I could feel her breathing. When I looked at her from such a close distance, my heart started to throb. At that moment…


Kohaku, pecked me with a short kiss.

「K, Kohaku-san」

Taiyou was surprised, as he didn’t expect that she would kiss him so suddenly. Kohaku who just kissed him started to blush her cheeks as she looked down. Just like that, she climbed down herself as she put both of her hands to cover her face.

She was really embarrassed, she was feeling really shy about what she had just done. Her shyness was contagious, as even Taiyou’s ears started to become really red all the way to the roots and his body started to feel hot.

His heart was beating and he continued to look at Kohaku. She looked extremely cute, she was really adorable. He wanted to hug her tightly, right this instant—

「Taiyou-san, don’t forget about us!」

「Let’s line up Ka-chan! I’ll be second, alright? 」


The three sisters butted their way into the sweet atmosphere and lined up in front of Taiyou.

Kotone, Suzune and Kazane were lined in this order and looked towards Taiyou with expectant gazes. The sweet atmosphere remained without any change. Taiyou lifted the girls up one after another. He moved his hand to the back of their knees and gave them a princess carry.

Although they didn’t give him a kiss, they were becoming more bashful.

It was a mysterious thing. These girls had already kissed him before, and they even declared that they wanted to make a harem together with him, and yet they were getting embarrassed by something like a princess carry…..Taiyou made a note within his own mind, as to just how formidable this thing called the princess carry can be.

Eventually, the princess carry had already gone to round two.

Before he knew it was already Kohaku’s turn again and this time she twined her hands around his neck.


Kohaku was overcome with emotion. Her face was full of ecstasy as her body shivered. Looking at such an expression, Taiyou’s heart skipped a beat.

「You need to do it to me too desu〜. You must Taiyou-chan!」

Perhaps it was because she because jealous when seeing the other girls had faces of pure bliss so Hera also wanted to join in the fun as she boisterously shoved in line.

Seeing the fairy who could not sense the mood, he was slightly angry, so Taiyou used one of his hands to grab on to her whole body and raised it up like he was carrying a dumbbell.

「Wa, wait Taiyou-chan! That isn’t the princess carry nanodesu!  If you do it like that, you won’t be able to get any experience desuyo〜」

Hera was shouting about as she struggled about, and soon he proceeded to give Kotone her second hug. And when the second round of hugs had finally finished, the girls all slumped down to the floor.

「For there to be something so sweet to experience in this world….I think that I no longer have any regrets in this world nojya」

「You can’t think like that Kohaku-san!」

「That’s right! You need to remember the things that Hera-chan and Taiyou-chan were talking about」

「When he needs to reach level 15, there will be something else that needs to happen」

The three sisters spoke in succession.  Because the girls themselves experienced it when he was about to reach level 5, their words seemed more trustworthy to believe.

「Th, that’s right jyana……Umu, there must be more things that are even better than this jyana. Even so, I think that this is my limit jya. My heart is beating so fast, I don’t think it can hold out. I think that I have to retire for this one, I shall leave the rest to everyone else nojya」

「How can that be! Kohaku-san….」

「We understand, please leave it up to us!」

「We will use up Kohaku’s portion and give Taiyou-san more hugs!」

「Hey guys, come on, it’s just a princess carry…」

Taiyou was butting into the conversation, but naturally, his voice was left unheard. Just like that, he started to hug the three sisters taking turns.

Kohaku who told the sisters that she was done for came beside his feet, and she was snuggling her body which barely had any energy left, against his legs. In his arms, he could feel the weight of the three sisters, and against his feet he could feel the warmth of Kohaku’s soft body.

It felt as if all his body’s sensations had gathered in those two places. The pleasant feeling of touching his body to theirs skin to skin. Gradually, he didn’t even care about the reason he was doing this anymore.

All he knew was that right now, he was really happy, and he wanted to be together like this for a long time.



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