Chapter 53: The Power of a Bride and their Idolized Master


No matter how happy you become, there is a moment in time when it comes to an end.

「Teretetetete ~♪ Taiyou-chan you levelled up!」


After finally letting down Kazane, Kohaku who was still at his feet, was hoping that her turn would come next—-however in that moment, a thoughtless little fairy interrupted this hope with her loud voice. The sweet atmosphere they had until now popped like soap bubbles, Taiyou turned to Hera with an indifferent look.

「What’s up desuka?」

「……No, nothing’s wrong. More importantly, you told me that I levelled up right?」

「Yes! With this now Taiyou-chan has reached level 10. A・N・D, a new skill can be selected desu~」

Just like her usual self Hera was performing her level up dance as she spun around in the air.

「Last time around I had three choices to choose from, right?」

「Yes, there is always going to be three choices nanodesuyo~」

「I see……..Last time around there was super-armor and also a passive skill: experience value gain improvement, which one should I choose this time I wonder? Because they both seem really useful, I’m kind of conflicted」

「In that case, let’s get started~!」

「Ahh…..te Oi」


Hera was tilting her head in the air. It was almost as if she became one of those mascots characters, that came into popularity in the recent years.

「You, wait a moment and just sit still」

Hera was doing just as she was told and she was kneeling on her knees whilst in mid-air.

「What is this about? There is nothing for me to choose from?」

「There is~ Please choose among these three options」

「Hou, this is such a classical joke. It’s the one that I used to see, back in the day」

Kohaku was just happily enjoying the banter that Taiyou and Hera was having. If Taiyou thought about it carefully……he realized that Kohaku was quite the expert in these types of joke materials….

・Passive Skill Idol

・Passive Skill Idol

・Passive Skill Idol

The skills displayed before Taiyou, was three skill sets which seemed to be copy pasted right in front of him. Taiyou was just downright amazed, and Kohaku was having fun.

Although there was supposed to be three choices, isn’t she just contradicting her own statement if the three choices were the same?!

「What’s wrong Taiyou-chan? You should choose quickly desu」

「……Is there an option for me not to choose any of these skills?」

「That’s also fine, but in return, you won’t be allowed to level up desuyo~」

「I don’t even have an option not to choose?!」

「Nevertheless……The skill is Idol?」

「Kohaku-san, do you know…..What the “Idol” skill is?」

Kotone was asking Kohaku.

「There is a double meaning. There is a meaning of it being a religious thing, like a Buddhist Statue or a Cross jya. Moreover it has another meaning of being a personality idol」

「Buddhist statue…..」

「Personality Idol…..」

「I wonder which one it refers to?」

The questions the three sisters were asking, were precisely what Taiyou was wondering as well.

If all the three choices were the same, then it didn’t matter which he chose. It was more important to discern the meaning of the word itself.

The previous three choices were very easy for Taiyou to understand as it was game related. Even without saying it, when he saw long distance invalidity he could approximate what it meant, similarly with the other two skills, he could grasp the concept of what they might do.

However “Idol” was a very obscure term and he could not discern as to what it would do.

Taiyou thinks about this for a while before turning to Hera and asking.

「……..Let me just ask this to make sure but, it’s not a negative ability is it?」

「A negative thing?」

「I’m asking you if there is going to be some sort of a minus effect if I take this ability」

「If that’s what your worried about it’s alright desu, I swear it by my name~」

「I don’t really know how much value I can place on your name but…..Okay, in that case, I will choose “Idol” as my ability」


Hera responds and does another twirl in mid-air. And, the area around them went silent for a moment…..

Within this silence, Taiyou was looking around the vicinity for anything amiss, and also at his own hands to see if anything was different. He wanted to make sure that something had occurred but he could not feel a single difference.

「So, What exactly happened?」

「Taiyou-chan, I’ll confirm your status for you~」

「Hou, I think it might be a skill that passively raises your abilities jyana」

As soon as Kohaku said this, everyone was startled and Taiyou’s ability was being confirmed by the girls.

To use the terms Kohaku to describe it, the feeling of information being sent into your brain was like it “was being sent between the back of the molars straight into your eyeballs”.

「It seems that your former abilities have increased haven’t they?」


Taiyou nods. Everyone was seeing the same status screen of Taiyou’s. For instance, the power that Taiyou relied on the most which was his Strength had a value of “70(+17)” next to it. And this doesn’t stop at just his strength, even his other values had a plus attached to it.

「Although every ability had a bonus attached to it, the figures seem to be really random」

「Taiyou-san, this isn’t random, isn’t it going up by a percentage?」

「Look, at “Dexterity” and “Luck”」

「These two abilities start with the same value, and the additional bonus points are also the same」

After hearing the three sister’s speculation, Taiyou was reconfirming their theory. And it was certainly the situation they described it to be.

「Umu, they all increased by around 25 percent jyana. But it seems that they are rounded down by half」

「So it’s 25%…」

「Yes~, because it’s for two people that’s why its 25 nanodesuyo~」

「For two? What do you mean?」

「You are pretty slow aren’t cha Taiyou-chan, it can only mean that Taiyou-chan has two people~」


Taiyou was looking doubtful, he was racking his brains trying to figure out what she meant.

By chance, he looked towards Kohaku and the three sisters. At first they were also quite confused, as their eyebrows were puckered up and they were frowning, however, the girls managed to notice something before Taiyou was able to.

Immediately after, the three sisters were acting bashful, and the corners of Kohaku’s mouth was raised to a smile.

What was happening? Taiyou became even more confused at the situation.

「Don’t you understand yet ~? Mou, Taiyou is such a blockhead nanodesu~」

「This isn’t making any sense, right….? Eh? did you just call me a blockhead?」

After being retorted by Hera, Taiyou was taken aback.

“Blockhead” and “two people”…. Moreover, the three sisters who realized something were acting all shy, and Kohaku was in a good mood.

After collating all this information, Taiyou came to a single conclusion.

Don’t tell me………..just as Taiyou was thinking about this, Hera came in and told him the correct answer.

「It’s exactly as you suspect desuyo~ Because Taiyou-chan’s bride is two people, your abilities has risen by 25% to match the love of the two people. By the way, if you only had one bride then it will only be half the increase desu」

「…….What you are telling me is that, because Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane are here and also Kohaku-san. If the girls are by my side, I get a boost to my abilities?」

「That’s not it, your abilities have increased because you are loved by them desuyo~」


Hearing such an immediate and direct explanation of the situation from Hera, Taiyou was profusely blushing.

Although he thought about the possibility of this in his own mind, thinking about it and it being pointed out brings about a different kind of embarrassment.

Seeing him blush in such a way, Kohaku who was on the side wore a content smile on her face.

「I understand now, is that why the ability is called “Idol”」

「Does it mean Idolatry?」(TL Note:  Idolatry meaning is: extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone)

When Taiyou says this, Kohaku nods in response.

「That’s right jyana, our belief—or our love for you is what makes you stronger nojya 」

「Please! Don’t say such a thing with such a straight face…..」

If there was a hole to crawl into, Taiyou would gladly do so right now.

「Yes~, The more brides Taiyou-chan has that loves him, the stronger he will become desu~」

Hera was speaking out thoughtlessly as per usual. Kotone who hears these words went “Ahh” as her voice leaked out.

He was about to ask her what was wrong, so he turned towards Kotone, but it wasn’t just Kotone, even the two other sisters looked like they were feeling depressed.

「What’s wrong?」

「Unn, umm….Us three altogether are only considered as one person…」

「Until now we’ve always thought that this was fine, but now…..We will only be able to help Taiyou-san as one person instead of three」

「If us three girls were not triplets and were separate people it would of been much better….Is what we are thinking」

「I understand, I am counted as a single person, whilst you three are counted as a single person……..I can see why you would feel anxious about this jyana」

Whilst saying this, Kohaku was signalling Taiyou to make a move. Taiyou nodded to Kohaku implying that he understood. He approaches the three girls who were feeling down, and all three of them were embraced.

「You guys don’t have to worry. This kind of thing is only a bonus. In fact I feel that you three being counted as one person is a good thing. I think that you guys are ideal even if you are just one person」


The three sisters were clinging on to Taiyou with moistened eyes.

As he embraced the girls closely, Taiyou noticed that the value of his ability, ‘Harem’ actually had “65535(-16383)” wasn’t this a negative value?!



  1. Ah, that’s really bad. The more girls he gets the more his luck goes. So 8 people it’ll be down to 0. Come to think of it a while ago I think I saw pictures with 9 girls/women in all? Though the triplets count as one.. So he comes just short of the 8 mark in the end?

  2. isn’t ‘harem’ supposed to be ‘charm’?
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    • It’s just a value overflow. 65535 is one of the common maximum stat values in games; raising it above that rolls it into negatives. It’s not necessarily gonna stay that way, and it’ll continue to increase as this grows, so he might roll back into positives anyway.

    • His original harem stat was 0 and after leveling up it was supposed to decrease.
      But you know how games have often have stats counted in a system based on modulo 65536, right?
      That means that 65535 is the highest value and “65536” equals 0 again.

      In reverse the value “-1” equals 65535.
      Since “0” is supposed to be the lowest value in those games, negative values are impossible and hence will become their positive equivalent.
      Hence Taiyou´s harem stat with a value of “-1” became “65535”.
      The “-” in his “bonus” comes from the operator in his original stat from “-1” while the value “16383” comes from his effective value “65535”
      However this means that Taiyou must simply never have a multiple of 8 “brides” but simply go from 7 “brides” directly to 9 brides, from 15 to 17 etc.
      Then his harem stat will have 65535 (-57343) = 8192 effective and next 65535 (-73726) = “-8191” = +57345 efective value again cause there can´t be any negative value.

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    • Well, late reply since I’m just reading it now, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue if it goes back to 0. Their initial attraction was that, but him saving them from being sold to human experimentation plus being a person who can accept them as they are (and their polyamory plan) is probably enough for their affection to be permanent. He might have trouble getting new girls though, to max out that bonus 😛 (though maxing the bonus would make his charm 0)

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