Chapter 54:  A Brides Power/ A person should know their own limits


Noticing this figure, Taiyou was completely shocked. There was a 65535 and next to it in brackets a figure of -16383. At first if this was to appear next to the Harem stat he wouldn’t know what it meant, but considering the effects of his new passive skill, he had a general idea of what it meant.

Although at first glance the figures don’t make sense, but 16383 was actually 25% of 65535. He was able to know this at once. What he didn’t understand was why, there was a negative sign next to this maxed out stat. He was thinking about such a thing whilst still hugging the three sisters. Getting curious about this he asked for Kohaku’s opinion.

「What’s wrong nojya? You are making a face that seems like a pigeon just got rejected by it’s mate」

「What kind of a face is that….? No that’s not my question. Right now, I saw a status that seems really off」

「A status that’s really weird?」

Kohaku was just parroting his words. Taiyou hesitated whether or not to answer her back. In a certain sense, this particular status point, was one that he didn’t really want the girls to find out about.

I mean after all, it’s a status called “Harem”. The current situation was without a doubt being influenced by this status point, depending on the interpretation of the stats, you can even say that the stat has actually warped their minds to see him in a positive light.

Because of this he was quite afraid whether or not he wanted to ask Kohaku about this, however, he thought that concealing this matter, would be way too insincere towards the girls.

「It’s about the status called harem」

「Hou, is there such a thing?」

Kohaku had an interested expression and her eyes were looking left and right. Probably in search of the status. Before long, she seemed to find it, and her face changed into a happy expression.

「This is interesting nou」


「Umu, the fact that this exists, that it has such an outstanding value, and that there is a drop in the value, it’s all very interesting」

「Huh? Why do you say it has dropped in value?」

「Isn’t it something that will drop in value?」

Being curious Kohaku asked Hera.

「Yes~  the passive skill “Idol” is an ability that will improve the more brides Taiyou has, even if the value of the status is at 0, even if Taiyou became the enemy of all human kind, it is not supposed to go into a negative figure desu~」

「Fumu, I wonder what kind of thing this is then?」

Taiyou thinks for a little, a certain thing was remembered.

「………This is probably because of overflow, isn’t it?」


Kohaku was confused by the word, so the matter was explained to her. He explained that when he was level 3, the Harem value which was supposed to be at 0 points, suddenly reduced and instead of going into the negative values, it became 65535.

「I understand, for something that was way out of your expectations, it isn’t strange that the results are also out of everyone’s expectations, jyana. However, it seems that the effects of the ability remain unchanged jya. Even though plus has become minus, the effects remain at 25% jyana」

「Doesn’t this mean that, when there is eight people like you girls beside me, this value will reach 0」

「It seems that way jyana. Moreover」

Kohaku’s face was smirking but only one side of her mouth was lifted.

「For you, it seems that your limit will be seven brides. Although it is still thousands of steps away before you are able to achieve seven brides, if one day you do manage to get an eighth bride, the value will immediately reach 0, and it may be the case that, you will no longer be able to maintain this relationship of a harem」

Saying this whilst maintaining the happy expression on her face, Kohaku turned to the three sisters.

「Aren’t you guys glad that you are counted as one person nou? if you were counted as three then you would of taken, two slots away from him jya」

Although he didn’t understand why they were clinging on to him with watery eyes before, now they were looking at him with clear eyes and even a smile on their faces.

「Kukuku, it’s good to know that you’ve gotten your spirits back up jya. ………On the other hand, what’s wrong with you, it’s almost like you are the one getting the marriage blues now?」

「…….that’s not it. it’s just that, I remembered the fact that this figure actually existed, and it kind of bugged me」

「Fumu? What’s wrong with this figure? Rather than having 65535, would you prefer it if it said 255?」

「You really don’t know…….? Please understand me, if you don’t…….I…….」

For a while after that, a heavy atmosphere wrapped around the place.

Taiyou becomes silent, and Kohaku puckers up her eyebrows. The three sisters didn’t know exactly what was happening and so they were getting quite nervous for Taiyou. Nobody knew what to say next and so everyone was just staying silent.

After a while, Taiyou let out a sigh and started to speak.

「Harem 65535……I had almost forgotten that this kind of thing existed, but now I remember it. If I have to be honest with you guys, I think that my relationship with you guys, is all because of this particular status value」

「…….Ahh, so what you are trying to say is….」

Kohaku plopped her fist into her palm in realization and her eyes were smiling.

「That you are feeling sorry for the fact, that this figure has warped our minds to favour you」


「I see, I have understood the situation.  You girls, can you separate from him?」


「I understand」

「If it doesn’t work, it’s our turn to try to cheer him up next okay?」

The three sisters obediently parts from Taiyou.

「Umu, I will rely on it」

Kohaku nods, and the women seemed to be communicating with their eyes.

「You, bend your head down a little」


「Bend it nojya」


Taiyou nods and stoops his head. He thought that perhaps he said something stupid and made her angry. And he was prepared to get a slap on the face or something. Thinking in this manner, he slouches forward, closes his eyes and presents his face.

When he did—-

Chuu. *Kiss*

He didn’t get the slap on the face that he predicted. Instead, a smacking sound was heard, it was the feeling of her wet lips. Getting taken aback, Taiyou opened his eyes widely.

「K-Kohaku san」

「Did you think that I would slap you?」


「I wouldn’t do such a thing, if I was going to do something like, that I’d use my fist and strike hard enough to make your face transform or to leave a scar nojya. Even so, isn’t this good, that doing this is already effective……enough」

「Wh, what do you mean?」

「It’s just like you said jyarouna, the current relationship you have between me and the girls and the fact that we are getting along so well, might be because of that ability called Harem. However, even if that were the case that doesn’t mean anything to me」


「Even if it was because of this value of 65535, I am just really so happy to be together with you, this fact doesn’t change. I desire you, and the you who accepted me for who I was, made me really happy nojya」


「Taiyou-san, do you remember our dream?」

This time Kotone was asking him.


「Yes, our dreams. Since we were kids, the three of us dreamed of loving the same man…….and being in a harem together」

「Right now we understand it, being involved with Taiyou-san, we think that Taiyou-san is definitely a person who is going to make a harem」

「It’s not because we were affected by this figure of 65535, it’s because 65535 people can be in your harem」

「That is…」

Although Taiyou wanted to say something, the three sisters had a tone that didn’t want to be interrupted.

「Just like Kohaku-san we are so happy right now. You listened to our selfish desires」

「We know that Taiyou-san is a person that will be able to fulfil our selfish desires, and even up to seven people 」

「And being one of those people, we are…….Extremely, very, very, very, very happy!」

「If you need to hear more then…..I also, feel similarly to them nojya. I told you about how the Eternally little were not blessed when trying to find a companion right? Not only does my appearance look to be childish, but within, I am an old lady, and for you to accept me makes me so happy. You having, that ability has no relationship with my feelings for you nojya」

Hearing the girls talk like this one after another, Taiyou opened his eyes widely and was standing still in dumbfounded silence.

He did not think that they would feel this way about him, and to convey it to him in this kind of way.

However, for someone like Taiyou, the more extreme the situation, he would on the contrary become really calm and collect his cool, such is the peculiar characteristic of the boy named Taiyou.

Although his heart shook violently for an instant, he was able to recollect his thoughts in the next moment.

When he did, instead of feeling sorry or apologetic, he felt that they were truly beautiful human beings and he was filled with warmth.

Although he felt pretty happy recently, this particular case was by far the best one of them all.

They accepted him even though, he told them about having a status point called harem capped at 65535. He truly felt they were dear to him…… for the first time, he felt this was definitely “love”.

Up until now, this question has always been repeated in his mind. And the amount of times….He thought that he felt love was not few either.

However right now, Taiyou was absolutely sure of it, he was completely sure of his intentions.

At first he thought that surely, with a status point like harem……it was only meant for him to become happy and not the women with him………However, his goal was not only for himself, but to also make the girls happy as well.

Therefore, he thought, more, and more “I want to make this happiness even stronger”. The more the number of women in his harem increases, not only will his happiness increase, but the girl’s happiness will also increase. That’s why he looked straight at the four of them and declared a vow.

「I understand. In that case, I…..will make a harem of seven girls!」

And to that, the girls responded by smiling radiantly.



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