Chapter 55: A Brides Power/ If you want to Succeed then you’ve got to Aim Higher?!


The two brides watched Taiyou with teary eyes.

Taiyou’s bold proclamation that he would create a harem of seven brides was like he was a male actor who claimed he had experience acting in a female kabuki role, normally one would receive a grand bashing from the crowd if they arrogantly stated something like this, but fortunately for him, right in this place there was nobody who would denounce him.

When he mentioned creating a harem of “Seven Brides” not to mention the three sisters, even Kohaku was enraptured by his declaration, and they had glittering eyes.

Seeing their reactions, Taiyou became even more determined.

「Please try your best Taiyou-san!」

「We will do whatever we can to help out as well」

「Let’s create a harem together!」

「When I look at you guys, I am reminded of Nohime」(TL: Princess No; also known as Lady No; Also Known as Kicho)

The three sisters turned their faces towards Kohaku in puzzlement after hearing her words.

「Ahh sorry, would it have been better if I called her Kicho? She is Oda Nobunaga’s legal wife jya. If I had to choose, I much prefer to call her by her pet name Nohime jya」

「Heh, then what about Hideyoshi’s wife? 」

「Nei」(TL: Nei; Nene, One, Nemoji, Kodai-in, these are all her aliases)

「So you prefer that huh? Have you ever met them in person?」

Taiyou had a bittersweet smile on his face as he tilted his head. Because this is Kohaku they are talking about, there is actually a very real possibility that she may have known them in her life.

「Umm, you mean between us and…..Nohime?」 (Kotone speaking)

「Did Nobunaga’s wife have any special features?」 (Suzune)

「You can’t be saying that, she’s also a triplet like us right?」 (Kazane)

「No, there is no such thing. Whilst in the warring states period humans did gossip about women and about Gundam, there was not much gossip about twins. At those times, if there was more than two children in your stomach you would be branded an “abomination of nature” and the people would abhor you for it」

「No, I really don’t think there would be gossip about Gundam in that time period…」

Taiyou was trying to butt into the conversation, but he was completely ignored.

「The reason I said that you were similar to Nohime, is because she doesn’t get jealous at all the concubines Nobunaga had and she managed to bring them together an live in harmony jya. Because of this fact, Nobunaga could concentrate all his efforts into ruling the country and not worrying about his family matters. If you were to compare it to Tokugawa Ieyasu’s wife Lady Tsukiyama then Nohime would win as the model wife by a landslide jya」

「Isn’t that much, a natural thing for us to achieve?」 (Kotone)

「After all, we are planning to make a harem」 (Suzune)

「Yeah, if you were to write happiness into a word, for us that word would be read as harem」     (Kazane)

「Umu, I completely agree with you guys jya」 (Kohaku)

“Was is really that natural?” Taiyou pondered to himself. When he started to think about things, the thoughts in his mind gradually became wilder.

Kotone, Suzune, Kazane and Kohaku.

Taiyou continued to stare at the beautiful women around him who passionately talked about maintaining a harmonious harem together.

They looked really lovely, sweet and above all they were so precious to him.

The feelings inside of Taiyou gradually began to well up.

Deep within his chest all the way to the base of his crotch. Both these spots were throbbing with excitement and he started to feel a sweet aching.

Up until now, he has already experienced this feeling before. However, up till now there has always been someone to interrupt him.

Right now, there is only one obstruction who could stand in his way. Other than this one obstruction there was nothing else.


Taiyou silently grabbed on to the little fairy, opened the window, brandishing the fairy above him as he threw her far away into the yonder with all his might.

When he did this, the girls had a suspicious look on their faces but this only lasted for a fleeting moment.

Taiyou approached the girls and gave them each a kiss one by one.

It was unnecessary for meaningless worlds, because all their feelings right at this moment were enough to convey their emotions.

That evening, Taiyou had become a man.

The morning air was cold.

On the edge of the St. Hanazono in the area between a river and a river bank was a bridge named Hiroshise Bridge.

Taiyou went here in the morning and gazed at the glittering river surface.

Although this common saying may be a little cliché, Taiyou was under the impression that the man he is today, is completely different to who he was yesterday.

Everything in his line of sight also seemed to change in comparison with yesterday, additionally the way he interpreted things and the way he felt about things was different.

He felt like his perspective had been widened.

Everyone who has experienced this feeling would know that it was the feeling of reaching enlightenment. If you were to ask the reason, that’s because—

「Good morning desu, Taiyou-chan~」

「It’s you…..?」

Hera who had not shown herself for the whole night, was now showing herself. She was enthusiastically calling out to him and Taiyou just returned her greeting with a bland response.

「Ohh, Taiyou-chan, you seem to be covered in sweat desu. What’s wrong Taiyou-chan? Did you eat something expired or something~?」

「Hey, Hera tell me something」

「Yes desu~?」

「How do you think we can achieve world peace?」

「Taiyou-chan did you pick up the book of enlightenment or something!?」

Hera was so surprised that she vigorously danced around in the air.

「In my opinion this is how it will be possible, if I make every single woman in this world into my bride, the world will be able to achieve world peace, don’t you think?」


「I bet that Genghis Khan wanted to accomplish this. He wanted to make all the women in the world into his bride. He aimed for the ultimate goal of global peace by doing so」

「Excuse me…….Taiyou-chan?」

「He was not able to achieve such a thing, however, if it’s me, I feel like I can do it!」

「Wait a moment nodesu~! Taiyou-chan stop that train of thought for just one moment! Or more like, you can’t be trying to make such a hefty decision whilst you look so unwell nanodesuyo~!」

「I’ve already decided, first I will—-」

「You need to wait a minute!!」


Hera did her special attack of revolving her body and then crashing into Taiyou’s crotch. (Light Novel Illustration: Taiyou-chan~ Snap out of it!!)

The results were extremely effective!

「Uguu, Y-you……Wh-why………」

Taiyou crouched in pain whilst holding on to his groin, his forehead immediately dribbled with cold sweat, and he had a face filled with agony as he looked at Hera.

「Did you come out of your delusion desuka? If you are still crazy then I’ll do one mor—」

「I’m already sane, so please!」

Taiyou definitely could not withstand a combo attack, and he raised his voice whilst enduring the pain.

「Is that so~? Then Taiyou-chan, let me ask you, what is the thing you should be doing desuka~?」

「……..Not the whole w-world…..Just make seven brides」

Taking short gasps of air, he answered Hera’s question whilst suppressing his groins.

「That’s the spirit nanodesu~ Taiyou-chan’s job is not to think about world peace, but to think about creating a harmonious environment within the domestic family level nanodesu~」


Taiyou nods, and was bearing the pain as best he could. Strangely enough after feeling the pain, his head cleared up to a new level of clarity.

「Your face seems to be one that has calmed down desune~」


「Then that’s good desu. If Taiyou-chan suddenly went on a rampage and then started to rape girls, there is likely no one who could ever stop you desukara~」

「No…..I think you stopped me pretty easily」

Whilst saying this, Taiyou still felt a faint amount of pain throbbing in his groins. However, he understood Hera’s point. To a certain extent, he understood his own strength, and if he were to become serious and ・・・・do that to the girls, then it is likely that no one on this earth could stop him…

After achieving a sense of clearness in his mind, Taiyou reviews the present power he currently held within his own mind, and after that he asked Hera a question.

「Hey, Hera can you tell me the maximum level I can achieve?」

「Eh? Haven’t I told you before? Or more like for a level up master like Taiyou-chan, wouldn’t you have asked me a question like this ages ago~?」

「Well I managed to forget it somehow」

「Is that so desuka? Well I guess it’s alright. Taiyou-chan can reach a maximum level of 100 nanodesuyo~」

「So it isn’t level 99 but level 100? Ahh, I guess it makes sense, because each new ability gained is in multiples of 5」

「That’s correct desu~」

「By the way, is there any other human beings in this world that can level up just like me? Judging from your way of speaking, I’ve been led to believe that there must be others like me」

「Well there is other people, but…….」


「There can only be one person with your ability to level up, at any one time, it is impossible for two people like you to exist at the same world nanodesu. When Taiyou-chan dies, I will also disappear, and at that point a new fairy will show up and attach themselves to another human being desu~」

「………You’re speaking about a terrible thing like its nothing」

「You think so?」

Unlike Taiyou who had just gained a vital piece of information, Hera was completely nonchalant about the whole thing.

「Well, in any case, I have one last question. If I manage to increase my level to the absolute limit, just how strong will I become?」

「Taiyou-chan is a strength type person, so if you ask me how strong you will be, it’s a really difficult thing to answer, but……~」

Hera had folded arms whilst putting one of her hands against her chin and was in the thinking pose.

「If you were to ever fight someone 1 vs. 1 then you would without a doubt be the strongest person in this world desuyo~」

「The strongest in the world」

Taiyou repeated her words like a parrot, the reason he repeated her words in such a monotone voice was because, it all just seemed too unrealistic.

Suddenly, he thought about the Goth Lolita albino girl. (TL: Shirokiyami)

If I become the strongest in the world, then it would mean that I was stronger than even her.

The memory of having to endure her killing intent was still quite fresh in his mind, and just thinking about the fact that he would be much stronger than her, was enough to make him really excited about the prospects.

He pulls out his status within his mind once again to confirm the state of things.

Although it will still take a bit of time for him to reach level 100 from level 10, it was only a matter of time before he obtained this level.

His speciality was raising levels, and right now, he had clear purpose to follow. In such a case, he had no doubts that he would be able to reach level 100.

Right now all he needed was to take one step at a time, in order to advance to the next level.

He was still looking through his stats and it was at this time that he suddenly took a step backwards.

The “Idol” ability which increased a portion of his stats wasn’t working properly and right in front of his eyes, his stats had been reduced by half!



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