Chapter 56: A Brides Power / The (Bride) That Reduces your Power


「―― !」

「What’s wrong Taiyou-chan?」

「My abilities…..have decreased in value」


「My Status…. It’s not at the correct value, it decreased!」

「Eh? You’re right, the abilities that “Idol” has increased has been revised to only one person desu」

「One person…….?」

Staring at the abilities, they were confirming it once again.

Just like Hera has said, the stats that has been increased by the skill “Idol” has all decreased by half across the board………..In other words, from two person’s worth, it has been reduced to only one person giving him a boost in the stats.

「What’s this about? Does “Idol” have a maximum range of effectiveness, and someone got out that range?」

「Let me see desune, this has no relationship to “Idol’s” effective range. The only reason it would decrease is if someone came to hate Taiyou-chan, or if they died――」

Without even waiting for Hera to finish her sentence, Taiyou impatiently burst into a run away from the river area he was in. He kicked the ground with his full strength and ran in the direction he came from.

With a speed that would have broken the track record of all the high school students, Taiyou returned to “Taiyou’s Castle”, threw open the door and went inside. And without any hesitation he entered the biggest room in the first floor, which was his own room.

Inside of here, Kohaku’s appearance could be seen.

Under the futon that was laid on top of the tatami mat, she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit, and she merely had a poor excuse of a blanket to cover her body. Although he still remembered traces of her captivating body which he had explored last night, now was not the time to be distracted by such thoughts.

Taiyou restlessly looked around his room.

Kotone, Suzune and Kazane.

Before he left for the river bank area, he was sure that he saw the three girls lying down in bed with Kohaku quietly letting out their peaceful sleeping sounds. But as of right now, he could not find the three of them.

Taiyou flew out of the room, this time he went straight towards the second floor.

This was the designated room for the three sisters, and he didn’t even bother to knock as he barged into the room.

「Kotone, Suzune!」

Inside, he could see both Kotone and Suzune. The two of them was already wearing casual clothes, and they were huddling together in the center of the room.

After calling out their names, Taiyou had a really bad premonition about all of this.

That was because, the smallest of the three sisters, Kazane’s figure was nowhere to be seen……… But even more than the fact that he couldn’t see Kazane, was the appearance of the two people huddling in that awkward pose, it gave him a really bad feeling.

His movements stopped in place and he gazed at the two girls. When he did this, he somehow got the feeling like the two girls were within some sort of snowy mountain.

It was like they were in a freezing mountain that violently blew out snow and the two people were trying to escape the cold by huddling together for any semblance of warmth.

He saw both Kotone and Suzune, in that kind of way right now.

Taiyou instinctively rubbed his eyes.

When he did, the optical illusion of the snowy mountains disappeared and the scene of the two girls trembling in place was emphasised as he drew closer towards them.

「Kotone, Suzune」

Once again he called out their names, this time he talked to them with a gentle undertone, as if he was speaking to a frightened child. Thereupon, the two girls reacted to his words and slowly looked up. Their round pupils gradually regained their focus and as they caught Taiyou’s appearance they both jumped up to hug him.

「Ahh, Ahh」


The two girls were letting out some strange moans as they continued to cling on to Taiyou. It was as if the two girls had degenerated into infants and Taiyou was holding on to them very gently.

「What’s wrong you guys? Where is Kazane?」

He asked them this question, but he was not able to get a response. The girls were only able to cling to him like a baby.

「What’s the matter jya?」

Kohaku arrived at the scene. First thing after rising, Kohaku was nude and merely had thin bed sheets wrapped around her body.

「Kohaku-san, Do you have any idea where Kazane is?」

「I don’t know, unfortunately…… Did something happen?」

Just a few seconds ago, she still had a voice that was half asleep, but in an instant, Kohaku’s tone of voice had become serious.

「I’m not sure, but she’s the only one I can’t find. Moreoverー」

Taiyou showed the scene of the two girls who was being embraced by him to Kohaku. Perhaps the two girls didn’t like the fact that he was loosening his grasp on them, but they leaked out another moan as they held on even tighter.

「This doesn’t seem to be a joke jyano」

「Please take a look at my stats」

「Umu? ………..It has been reduced by half jya」

Kohaku immediately notices the problem and the middle of her forehead had formed into a deep frown.

「The reason it decrease is not because of me…….If that’s the case then, something may have happened to Kazane jyana」

「Yeah, that’s why I wanted to hear the story from the girls, but they don’t seem to be capable of talking right now」


「Taiyou-chan, you ran so fast desuyo ~ Taiyou-chan」

Hera returned after finally catching up and Taiyou immediately asked her a question.

「Hera, can you please check the surroundings of this house for me?」


「I can’t find Kazane. Please go into the air and confirm this for me」

「I, I understand desu」

Hera flew from the door she just entered and after a short while she returned.

「She’s not anywhere in the house desu. I flew within a 50 metre radius of this house in order to make sure but she’s not here desu」

「Something must of happened」


Taiyou and Kohaku were both nodding, but considering that they didn’t have any clues as to what occurred, they were at a loss at what they should do.

Taiyou and the rest of the group approached the living terrace. Kotone and Suzune was still in their age regression state and Taiyou was cuddling them and soothing them in his embrace.

Beside him Kohaku took out her smartphone and was using it to make a call to somebody.

「How is it?」

「It’s no good jya, they aren’t responding」

Lowering the smart phone, Kohaku frowns. Just before she cut the connection, Taiyou could hear the answering machine announcements and it only made him feel more depressed.

「What on earth…….Went wrong?」

「Let me ask, have the girls ever taken any separate action before?」

「That is…..There is, even at school, sometimes they would separate from each other」

Taiyou recalled a story he once heard from Kotone and he relayed the main parts of this story to Kohaku.

「Even if the girls are apart their emotions and feelings are connected with something like a telepathic connection. If something like this existed, even if they were apart they should have been fine」

「I understand, no perhaps it is precisely because of this….」

「Because of this?」

「The loss of one of the party member」

Kohaku used words that wasn’t generally popular for daily usage, however with this one sentence, Taiyou understood everything.

The moment he understood, he quickly looked towards Kotone and Suzune’s face.

These triplets who were born together on the same day had something that regular humans did not have; it was not merely a connection of the blood. Seeing how they were regressing to this state of acting like infants, Kohaku is implying that something may have happened to Kazane’s body.

「No way, that kind of thing is impossibleー」

「Do you really want to cling to a false sense of hope?」

「……..I’m sorry」

「It’s fine. More importantly we need to focus on the situation at hand. In this scenario we have two main options, one is to search for her by ourselves, and the other option is to contact the authorities and ask them to search for her jyaga……」(TL: Jyaga = however)

「The police can’t be relied upon」

Taiyou immediately replied and agreed to Kohaku’s thoughts.

The fact that the three sisters are in this kind of situation in the first place, is because of their rotten father who wanted to sell them out. If the police are notified of Kazane being missing then obviously her father would also be notified, that’s a thing that everyone would like to avoid. Because they didn’t want such a thing to occur, they never had the choice of relying on the police in the first place.

「In that case, our only option is to search by ourselves」

「That’s true」

「I will also help desu, if I search from the skies it may become easier desu」

「I’m relying on you」

The three people nodded towards each other, and after that they left the building in order to look for Kazane. The three of them separated in different directions as per Kohaku’s suggestion. Taiyou was also assigned to search a different location, however…

「Ahh, Ahh」


After he tried to go out of the building, the two girls strongly clung on to Taiyou. Whenever he moved even a little bit, the two people would dislike it and he couldn’t really move around freely. He needed to do something about it. Taiyou frantically thought of ideas within his own head and tried them out. However no matter what he did, the girls were desperately holding on to him and wouldn’t let go.

「………It can’t be helped」

Whilst puckering up his eyebrows, he lifted the two girls up into his arms. Each girl was in each one of his arms, it was almost like they were a small child. As expected the two girls willingly climbed into his arms, and this didn’t hinder his movements in the slightest.

The Taiyou right now, had no problems whatsoever holding these two girls in his arms. Thinking that perhaps this was the only way, Taiyou started to run while carrying the girls. In this kind of strange looking manner, Taiyou ran around town looking for any hints of Kazane’s whereabouts.

He hoped that perhaps, their psychic abilities would reignite like they did when they were kids and perhaps the two girls would be able to act like a sort of radar to detect where Kazane was. However other than clinging to him and disliking it when they parted, they didn’t show any other reactions.

「Kuu……What am I supposed to do?」

He searched every nook and corner of St. Hanazono town, but he couldn’t even find a clue to follow. (TL: St. Hanazono was previously translated as Seikasono Town)

This only served to make him grow more restless.

「I found….. you」

Suddenly a voice from his back was heard. It was a very peculiar method of speaking, and it was a very familiar voice. To Taiyou this voice was like a voice sent from heaven. If it’s her then perhapsー!

When he turned around, Shirokiyami was standing there but……for whatever reason, she also brought along Kazane with her.


Taiyou called out her name and rushed towards her. Kazane seemed completely out of it and looked to be unconscious.

「Kotone? Suzune?」

For some reason, even though Kazane was right in front of them, Kotone and Suzune remained in their infant-like state.



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