Chapter 58: A Bride’s Power/ Budding Bride


Taiyou ran up the stairs in a dash and embraced the three girls closely. As if he was trying to feel their temperature, he hugged them really strongly.


「Umm, It hurts a little」

「I give, I give」

The three sisters were in pain as he hugged them too hard and they were appealing to him to loosen his grip.

They gave him a clear answer.

Unlike how they were moments ago, the girls were able to give him a proper answer.

And Taiyou felt really relieved that they were fine. When he saw them in that infant-like state….. he was imagining all the worst possibilities and now that he saw them safe and sound, it made him feel so much relief that it brought tears to his eyes.

「I’m glad, that you guys have returned」 (Taiyou)

「I’m sorry to have made you worry」 (Kotone)

「We became weird again didn’t we?」 (Suzune)

「It’s because I hit my head……」 (Kazane)

「No, as long as you guys are okay, then I’m happy」(Taiyou)

Taiyou loosened his grip slightly, but he didn’t completely let go of his embrace.

When he was reminded of their pitiful state his chest would feel tight, because no matter how anyone would see it, when Kazane went missing, the two girls seemed to have gone “Crazy”.

Taiyou strongly thought within his own mind that he never wanted to see them like that ever again.

In order to make sure of it…. he embraced the three girls closely and thought of various different plans and ideas.


「What’s wrong jya? Why are your eyes looking like that? Do you want to be hugged by him as well?」(Kohaku Speaking to Shirokiyami)

「That is….Not really. I just feel a little……strange」


「After the girls showed up……He who ran up the stairs…..clearly became strong, er」

「Oh, it’s about that?」(Kohaku Speaking)

Downstairs, Kohaku and Shirokiyami were having a conversation with each other.

Taiyou confirmed his own status window, and just like Shirokiyami mentioned, the moment the three sisters regained their sanity “Idol” reactivated itself and he regained the 25 % bonus of having two brides.

And most likely Kohaku also confirmed this fact at the same exact time and she proudly spoke.

「Didn’t I tell you before jya? our husband becomes stronger when he is loved by us. When the three sisters who were on the verge of death reobtains their vitality, it is obvious that he would become stronger—In other words, you girls were like broken wings nanojya」


Hearing Kohaku’s words Shirokiyami looked puzzled as she tilted her head.

She was the type of girl that didn’t understand those type of jokes.

「But…..if that’s the case, then」

After saying in a small voice, she nodded in affirmation.

「Do you understand it?」

Taiyou went down the stairs slowly, while still embracing the three sisters in his arms.

「I have no choice…..but to do it」(Shirokiyami Speaking)

「You need to do what?」(Taiyou Speaking)

「Even you said it yourself…..your power….is physically…. weird」

「Ahh, I did say that didn’t I? 」(Taiyou Speaking)

Nodding, he remembered the conversation he had with her when he met her before. He certainly did say something along those lines.

「Human strength is decided by muscle strength….and spirit……is what I was taught. Sometimes, there is also magical power. But, in your case, you aren’t different….. from normal boys. But, in actuality, you are more…, extremely, strong」


Taiyou decided to maintain a serious face, no a concrete poker face. Muscle strength and spirit, in other words, the laws of physics.  It is a very natural thing that human strength is supposed to be decided on only those factors.

However, unlike that, Taiyou’s strength called “Level Up” deviates from normal laws of physics. The three sisters and Kohaku, who were apart of his family of harem, knew this, but he didn’t really want to confide to Shirokiyami who hasn’t become a part of his harem…..he at least wanted to keep this a secret from her.

That is why he had a poker face. Whether or not Shirokiyami notices or not, she gave out her own speculation, speaking out once again.

「I can only guess that….  you have become stronger with a type of power that I don’t know about」 (Shirokiyami)

「I see, Although you are expert in combat, you have quite the old fashioned way of thinking jyana?」(Kohaku Speaking)

「Is it really….the power of love?」(Shirokiyami)


Taiyou nodded without hesistation. Strictly speaking about the power of love….”Idol” is not the main way that he increases his power. In any case he wanted to hide the truth….. Taiyou had become a man when he ‘connected’ with the girls last night and he had already decided the path he was going to take from now on.

「Is that so……」(Shirokiyami)

「Don’t you think that it’s fantastic jyaro?」

「That is……I’m not really sure」(Shirokiyami)

After saying that, Shirokiyami once again said 「I don’t undersand」but this time in a murmur.

Finished with their conversation, Taiyou and Kohaku decided to take a bath together. In the design of this certain apartment building, the communal bathroom that is used is on the first floor, connecting to the living room terrace.

There, Taiyou and Shirokiyami entered. By the way, the three sisters were on the opposite side of the building in the gallery (an old-fashioned way to say kitchen), preparing a meal.

Back in the bathroom, Kohaku was washing Taiyou’s … back.

The both of them were wearing their birthday suits. Taiyou sat on the wooden bath seat, and Kohaku, kneeling, was scrubbing his back. (TL: Birthday suit = completely naked like a baby)

Taiyou was slouching forwards as Kohaku began to daringly scrub his back and various other places.

「I would be happy if you were a little calmer」 (Kohaku)

「Calmer?」 (Taiyou)

「That’s right jya, you are the master of our harem, it’s an obvious thing for us to provide this kind of service for you, you don’t have to be so awkward and you should keep your chest held high jya. Even now, whenever I work for you, don’t you still find it difficult to accept jyaro?」

「That is……well」

「Stop saying that and be more confident…..Even if you behaved a little more arrogantly, that would still be better jya」


“That’s probably impossible” Taiyou wanted to say.

He understood what Kohaku wanted to tell him, after all as the husband who ruled over the household, he needed to conduct himself appropriately to live up to the role.

However, right now, he doesn’t feel like he would be able to act in this way. This is because, he truly thought that making Kohaku work for him was a bad thing for him to do, moreover he couldn’t really keep composed especially when he saw her naked body right in front of him, his heart would start beating so fast and he felt like he was going to go crazy.

「Well, the vibe and style you exude right now is not that bad」

「Style, huh?」

Taiyou forced a bitter laugh. Kohaku filled the bucket with water and washed away the bubbles on Taiyou’s back.

「Umu, it’s all done jya」

「……Then, next is your turn」

Although he can’t behave completely composed, at least to have the proper skinship…… he could still offer to wash her back for her as well. Taiyou turned his head around to look towards Kohaku.

At that precise moment, an unbelievable sight appeared before him…..a figure that shouldn’t be standing there was right in front of him.

White skin and long white hair. Without wearing her usual black clothes, this girl standing in front of him was thoroughly white. Shirokiyami was standing naked right in front of the bath’s entrance.

「Wha……at, at, at, at」

Taiyou became flushed at her arrival while Kohaku admired her body.

「What are you doing! Why did you suddenly enter?」

「Those three…..they said, to enter the bath until dinner is ready」(Shirokiyami)


「Was it, bad, to enter?」

「If you used common sense, of course it’s bad!」

「…..Is that advise coming from you as……this household’s master ?」 (Shirokiyami Speaking)

「If only that were the case, then I would be happy」(Kohaku speaking)

「That’s not the point at all!」 (Taiyou Speaking)

Taiyou retorted to both of them at the same time.

「Thinking sensibly, of course it’s bad to appear naked before a guy that has no such relation with you whatsoever!」

「Umu, it’s because men are like beasts. If a pure white rabbit like you isn’t careful, you might get completely eaten with a single gulp」

Kohaku chuckled.

「If that’s what you are worried about…’s fine」 (Shirokiyami Speaking)

Shirokiyami talked in a composed manner, and put her foot into the bathroom. She moved forward one step while Taiyou stepped back as if he was being pushed.

「W-what is, fine?」

「As weak as you are right now…..I can easily cut it off」

「What are you going to cut!?」

Thinking of her disturbing words, Taiyou’s voice changed to a falsetto.

「Umu, within a 0.1 seconds of closing your eyelids, a tragedy could happen jya」 (Kohaku Speaking)

「I don’t even, need .01 seconds」 (Shirokiyami)

「Don’t encourage her insanity!」

Taiyou retorted, but Shirokiyami, who was tired with this conversation, briskly faced in the direction of faucet and turned the nozzle to the red direction to turn on the hot water. And then, she put the wooden bucket which was filled with hot water over her head, and just like that she went towards the direction of the bathtub.

「Wait a second, are you going to enter just like that?」(Taiyou Speaking)

「…….? That’s, right, something wrong?」 (Shirokiyami)

「No, you need to wash yourself properly!」(Taiyou Speaking) (TL: Japanese people have a culture of thoroughly cleansing their bodies before entering the hot tub)

「I did wash myself」(Shiroki)

「Don’t let her enter before washing her properly. Kohaku-san」(Taiyou Speaking)

「Umu, Leave it to me. Indeed, if a girl of a marriageable age like her is taking a hurried bath, it won’t do nojya」

Taiyou relied on Kohaku to take care of Shirokiyami and as naturally and quickly as possible he got dressed and left the bathroom, there was no way he could stay in there any longer.

if you want to know why, then it’s because —.

Seeing Kohaku’s delicate naked body right in front of him, made Taiyou…..have a grand reaction down below.



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