Chapter 59: A Bride’s Power/Goal and Declaration


「2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29……」

Taiyou was composedly counting prime numbers. Considering the source of his knowledge the extent of the effect is uncertain, but he is sure that it has some effect to himself because he’d tested it before and knew the results.

By the way, another example of a way to calm it down is to imagine about middle-aged men who are making love with each other, doing “that” will indeed be a miracle drug but it is also a double-edged sword that will deal a great amount of damage to your mind, so unless in extreme circumstances it is a forbidden move that is prohibited. (TR: he’s trying to calm down his genitals)

Meanwhile, by the time he’d counted up to around four digit numbers he’d considerably calmed it down, but.

「But really, your body is really amazing huh. If there’s any secrets please teach me jya」

「It’s maidens body, therefore. It is the best for fight, ing」


「Your body figure, changed. To a woman’s……bo, dy」

「I see, you are even able to see through this. Umu, husband made me a woman jya」(TR: Kohaku is an eternally little, which is literally having a little body forever)

「Those three, too」

「An expert’s eyes is not for decoration, huh」

The two’s conversation that can be heard through the door made his tear-dropping effort for nothing. Taiyou raised a strange voice 「Ugaー」, sloppily wearing his clothes he jumped out of the bathroom.

「Huh? Taiyou-san what happened」

As he jumped out he ran across to Kazane. She was holding Taiyou’s clothes in her hands, it looks like that she was on her way to bring his change of clothes. Of the triplet sisters, she is the most petite girl. Her body wasn’t that different to the body figure of Kohaku who is an eternally little.

Shirokiyami’s words flashed in his mind. Taiyou instinctively, stared intently at Kazane’s body.

Even like thisーーher body could now be considered as a grown woman. (TR: It is said in Japan that girls turn to a woman after losing virginity)

「Umm……what is it?」

「Uu」(Taiyou groaning)

Kazane tilted her head.

It’s a lovely gesture, but Shirokiyami’s words (woman’s body) got stuck on his mind.

Taiyou got more and more, felt that the reaction has become stronger. (TR: his son’s reaction)

「No, it’s nothing. is that my change of clothes?」

「Ah, yes, I was about to bring it」

「Thanks, I’ll change in the room, so I’ll take that」

Taiyou took the clothes from Kazane, and walk towards his room. The more he is cornered is the more his thoughts become clear and calmer, that is the special quirk of the boy called Taiyou.

He thought calmly, what he should do to calm this surge (arousal) that he couldn’t help, that is immediate, but also is not going to be noticed by the women in this house.

He goes to his room and closes the door without turning back. He did not lock it, that wasn’t necessary. He stood straight in his place and closed his eyes. And imagined, naked middle-aged men that were making love to each other.

「Bhleeeeeegh」(Taiyou vomiting)

Taiyou, in exchange to great amounts of damage in his spirit, chose the way to protect his dignity and sanctity.

Taiyou is laying on his side on the living room terrace’s sofa, exhausted like cripple. The forbidden move’s side effects to the mind can’t be measured, but in experience, the move’s effect should last throughout the day so it was worth doing it, he thought.

If you say that it’s just the meaningless pride of high school boys, then you are right. If this was a man who is around his thirties, that man could make a tent out of his crotch in public a joke because of the man’s nerves that was learned through experience, but he still had yet to reach such frontiers.

For better or worse, he was pure at heart just like those of his age, the result was this.

「Taiyou-san, are you free right now」

Together with that voice, this time Suzune showed up.

She squatted sideways, looked up Taiyou’s face from below.

「Huh? Are you okay Taiyou-san, you seem to look like you’re exhausted」

「I’m fine, rather than that, do you need something?」

「Ah, Yes. There’s something I need you to look at」

「Something to look at?」

‘I wonder what it is’, Taiyou said and tilted his head.

「Yes, please turn around」

Straightening out his posture on the couch, ‘Hmm?’ He said and turned around.

And then, reacting in a different meaning than that of little while ago.

What was there was white, a more magnificent white than pure white. White skin and white long hair, overlapped white one-piece dress on the top, and worn over that is a white cardigan decorated with lace frills. It’s harmonious look, made one think that it was done on purpose, but.

「How beautiful……」

Her appearance was, so beautiful that Taiyou can’t help but to whisper those words.

「I knew it right. The image I was going for rabbit-chan from Snow Country」

「Hello, I am a Snow rabbit……de, su. If I get lonely I eat……my ba, bies」(TR: yukiusagi=snow rabbit)

「You’re going to eat them? Wasn’t it that when rabbits get lonely they die」

「But, rabbits eats their babies too」(That’s true, fmi search in google)

「I know, when I was a kid I was keeper of the animal shed so I know!」

Taking advantage that Shirokiyami made a boke, Taiyou looked away will he tsukkomis. (boke=playing stupid as joke, tsukkomi=returning/reacting to jokes)

The forbidden move he used earlier was still effective so his body doesn’t react, but as a result his heart pounded so fast it reached its dangerous zone all at once.

「Just as I thought, Shiro-chan compared to black clothes, white clothing suites you much better」(Suzune speaking)


「Of course! Taiyou-san think’s so too right」


Taiyou replies stutteringly, that answer was the best he could give. Shirokiyami was just so cute that he was unable to look at her directly. “This is bad, need to do something”, these were his thoughts right now.

「Well, I guess I’ll go back where Koto-chan and Kaze-chan is. Shiro-chan should take your time here with Taiyou-san」

Taiyou reached out his hand, and tried to stop Suzune from going. But he doesn’t reach in time, and Suzune turned around without hesitating and disappeared back to the kitchen. Taiyou and Shirokiyami was left behind, an awkward air flows between the two, Taiyou couldn’t do anything but look away from her.

「As I thought……」


「It doesn’t look…. nice?」

「I,It’s not like that」

「But you’re making a weird face. weirder than, when I’m wearing black」

「That is……」

「……As I thought, I’m going to, change」

She said and tries to stand up, but Taiyou in a breath, grabbed her hand and stopped her.

「Wait…………it looks good on you」


Shirokiyami doubted the words that Taiyou spoke.

「It looks really good on you, compared to black, I’m sure you look better this way」

「But, I, if it isn’t black……the colors, are insu, fficient」

「……Is that why you wear black?」


Shirokiyami silently nodded. The signs of her leaving disappeared, Taiyou slowly let go of her hand. A girl that looks fragile, and have an ephemeral atmosphere, but on the other hand she was also an expert who is told to be the world’s strongest.

He thought that it was the first time he saw the side of her that looks quite human. A complex.

If you think about it, it was a natural thing, she had a complex with her appearance. That’s why she preferred to wear black laced dress.

His feelings, advances further. It’s not like he was aroused with a naked body, or his heart pounded because of the dress she was wearing. This was the first time he was able to touch her human-like side, Taiyou felt like he was looking at a celestial maiden that landed in the human world.

In other words, in love. That’s right, Taiyou fell in love with her.

「What’s, wrong?」

While making sure of how he felt staring at her, the side being stared at felt suspicious.

From that gesture his breathe finally became shallower, thinking his throat has dried up.

This feeling for the first time, this thing that was about to start.

Because of that Taiyou became nervous, at the same time became composed.

「Can you be, my wife?」

After a deep breath, he looked towards Shirokiyami, looking at her straight in the eye, he confessed to her. There was no hesitation in his voice what so ever.

「……Are you serious?」

「I’m serious」

「What……about, them?」(The other girls)

「We are a harem, so it’s alright」

「I’ll enter, the harem too?」

「If it’s possible」

「……I see」

Shirokiyami nodded. She stared at Taiyou, her red eyes seemed like they can see the depths of his heart. Taiyou had his chest held high, his feelings were for real. Eventually, Shirokiyami shook her head.

「It’s no good, for now」

「For now?」

「If you’re not stronger than me, no way」

「So I just need to be stronger then?」

「If you beat me then, fine」

「I got it」

Taiyou immediately answered. The conditions Shirokiyami gave was simple and clear.

Although, it lacked sex appeal this was a trifling matter.

「I’ll become strong, and defeat you」

Taiyou made the decision, he looked straight at her and declared. (Light Novels Illustrations: Shirokiyami in a Dress)



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