Chapter 60: Aoba’s Secret


「Please excuse me」

After bowing deeply, Taiyou closed that faculty office’s door.  He looked up and raised his head, looking up ceiling and took sighed together the damage he took mentally.


Suddenly, a worried voice was heard from the side. When he looked around, the triplets’ eldest sister Kotone was there. She looked at him with troubled eyebrows. Because she looked so cute, Taiyou quickly confirms the surroundings, pushed her towards the wall, put a hand on the wall then kissed her lips.


「My bad, you looked so cute so spontaneously」

「Cuーーwhat are saying Taiyou-san~, I’m being worried here, and you tell me that I looked c-cute…」

Remembering what was just said moments ago and what just happened, Kotone puffed up and blushes, she covers her lips with a lightly clenched fist.

Getting pushed to the wall with no resistance also looked cute, probably quite cuter than her worried face. But, if he rides the flow of nature, what would happen would at least be attached by an R-rating mark, so Taiyou kept himself from doing anything. After a while Kotone came back to herself and cleared her throat, blushingly asked.

「Taiyou-san, was it alright」

「Yeah, I was only scolded by the teacher a little. After all, considering that I skipped school for a couple of days, it’s only natural. Other than that, I was addressed strongly about my phone not connecting, not being able to be contacted at all is not a good thing they said」

In this particular school, cell phones or smart phones are not prohibited, rather, it was something they recommended you to use. Not to mention that within the students, either it will be professors or students, having a direct line without the passing through parents they think of it as a convenience.

Taiyou rested from school for a few days while he solved the triplet’s problem, so he forgot to repair the smart phone that was broken a little while ago. Those things happened at the same time, so when he finally attended school since the last few days he was thoroughly scolded by his homeroom teacher.

「But, you girls weren’t mentioned at all, why was that? you rested school just as much with me」

「We were going to cooperate with Daddy’s experiment, so we told the school that we’re going to be absent from school for a little while」

「I see」

Remembering the girls’ dad, Taiyou was convinced. Whatever the reason is, when parents are the one who request leave for their kids, the teachers generally won’t ask too many questions or decline their leave of absence. Although he still couldn’t forgive the father for what he tried to do, Taiyou was thankful for the result. After their conversation was finished, Taiyou and Kotone walked toward the classroom. Suddenly, Kotone was startled.

「Ah!, Suzu-chan and Kaze-chan are jealous」

「Huh? Ahh, the thing I did to you earlier was conveyed huh」

「Yes, by Taiyou-san……being done something like that I was so happy, so it was noticed by the two, and they’re conveying that they feel very jealous to me」

「Is that so, if that’s the case I should also do it to the other two later then」

「Thank you very much!」

Kotone thanked him with a wholehearted smile. Rather than being jealous, declaring he would drive the other two sisters to the wall and kiss them, she was actually saying thanks with all her heart. That girls’ relationship seemed rather interesting, and for Taiyou right now, their relationship was a good thing. If this weren’t the triplets that confessing he wondered what would’ve happened, his interests sprung up.


Because he was a little preoccupied with his thoughts, he couldn’t avoid the girl that jumped out of the corner completely. The girl collides with him, and as if she ran up against a wall, she bounced off his body.

If it continues like this, she was going to land on her hips, so Taiyou grabbed her hand instinctively.

「Are you okay……Ah!」

「Thank you very much……Ah!」

As the two confirmed each other’s’ appearance they both raised a voice. He collided to somebody he met before in the rooftop, her trade mark look was a long straight ponytail, it was Miyabi Aoba.

The sorry face she was making after colliding disappeared in an instant and was replaced with an expression of pure hostility against Taiyou.

「Natsuno Taiyou……」

It also emerges in her words. She irritatingly groans Taiyou’s full name, and snorted before leaving.

「You’re being despised huh」


Taiyou smiles wryly, and Kotone wrinkled her eyebrows. The both of them have a relation with Aoba, but he truly didn’t understand why she hated him so much.

Lunchtime, Taiyou was walking the corridor alone. The three sisters went to the rooftop earlier, and prepares for lunch. Taiyou wanted to go together, but the girls told him that they want him to come when everything’s ready, so he complied.

Leaving the classroom five minutes later, he slowly walked to the destination. He went up to the fourth floor where the third-year student’s classroom would be, and just before going up to the roof top he saw a commotion happening in the corridor ahead.

Surrounded by onlookers, the commotion develops considerably. Taiyou found a familiar face in the onlookers. Approached him and called.

「Nakashima, what going on in here」

「Oh if isn’t it Natsuno, it’s just that, there were rumors a couple was having an affair, it’s that kind of story, and then the messenger of justice appeared, so they started to have a dispute」

「I see… I don’t really get it though」

In short, it was about entanglements of love or something, but the ally of justice somehow appeared at that time, this is the extent of what Taiyou understood. Nothing’s going to happen listening to Katsuki’s explanation, so he went towards the center of the commotion.

There were three people there. One man and two women. The man has gold hair and pierced ears, wearing his uniform sloppily he looked like he’s wearing a beginner’s outlaw look. One of the girls were decently cute, but she influenced by the man, she had a flashy getup and was wearing make-up. And the last one—

「Miyagi Aoba」

「Yeah, it’s Aoba-chan」

Katsuki responded to Taiyou’s whisper. As sociable as Katsuki is, just like with Kotone and the girls, he calls Aoba with a -chan.

「What? Say that thing one more time!!」

「I said that having an affair is the lowest」

「That’s none of your business, ain’t it?」

「It’s not about being my business or not, it’s the worst thing to do, so I told you it’s the lowest」

Hearing the conversation and combining it with Katsuki’s explanation, he somehow understood the situation. He doesn’t really understand why she is so meddlesome in these types of matters, but at least he understood that she really hates the thing called “affairs”.

If he thought about it, after being confessed by Kotone and girls, she was also imposing, even going as far as asking who Taiyou liked the best.

「Even so, you shouldn’t flare up at someone like that」

「Yes? Did you say anything Natsuno」


Taiyou shook his head. Unintentionally he muttered out the words words, but it’s something that Katsuki shouldn’t be told. He tried watch the development of the events as it is, but suddenly, the situation changed rapidly.

「Don’t joke around with me!!」

The gold-haired-piercing boy gets in enraged, pushing Aoba’s chest away. The power that comes from physical difference made Aoba stagger, tipping her balance, she flew backwards. The momentum doesn’t decline as she were pushed back against the wall, and with the “open window” at her back……she fell towards outside.

Aoba shortly reacted a second late and reached out her hand to grab the window frame……and grasped air. Just like that, her body disappeared beyond the window, pulled by gravity she fell.

Falling from the fourth floor was deadly. Taiyou who was there, “imagined” a scene like that.


From the Katsuki’s side, Taiyou kicked the ground and ran, and chased after Aoba who started to fall, and jumped out the window without hesitation. Lastly, he kicked the wall to accelerate, caught up to Aoba although having a late start, he held and squeezed her body tight. After doing that, he quickly verifies the surroundings for any place to hold on to.


With sheer will power he reached out his hand, and grabbed the school outer wall. It was literally a small crack in the wall. The moment his finger clutched it, he used his full strength. He heard the sound of his muscles stretching and churning, but the falling momentum had stopped. With a mere four fingers’ strength, he stopped the fall of two people completely. When he noticed it was only two floors left before the ground, it was barely the height from hitting the ground completely.


Taiyou let out a deep sigh. At worst he was resolute on covering her and falling first, but somehow he found somewhere to grab so he felt relieved. While dangling like a monkey with one hand, Taiyou dexterously fixed Aoba’s position in his other hand. And while jumping off, he put his arms around her back and the back of her knees to make sure of her safety while landing

In that position, with a bam they landed. The back of his legs numbed but did not mind. Hugged with a princess carry, Aoba had no injuries at all. cheers were heard from above.  When he looked, many students leaned out the window, an applause was sent to the (Knight) Taiyou who saved the (Princess) Aoba.

「Daddy, Mommy」

Speaking about the Princess, she was shaking in his arms, making her body small, trembling, and calls out to her parents. That appearance of hers was so cute, if only she were normally this loveable, Taiyou thought. The next instance, Taiyou doubted his ears.




Aoba was startled and came back to herself, pushed Taiyou away, stood up, blushes and ran away.

「Daddy, Mommy……Mama and Mother?」

Taiyou was left behind standing dumbfounded in that spot, he had an expression as if he had just been bewitched by a fox.


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