Chapter 61: Aoyama Akiha


Taiyou watched Aoba’s back and she was quickly leaving as if she was running away from him, there was no sign of her usual strong attitude.

Right before she left, she spoke of four different names. Daddy, Mommy, Mama, and Mother.

Besides the fact that a high-school student calls her parents when she is frightened and regardless if that was a good thing or bad thing. Rather than that, the problem is that the number of people she called was four. Taiyou was confused as to the meaning behind this and he was in deep thought.

「There’s no way, right?」

What came to his mind was something, even he thought was ridiculous, there’s no way for it to be like that he laughed.

「You’re good, is that the way you make girls fall for you one after another?」

He was called from behind suddenly, Taiyou turned around swiftly. When he turned around, there was no one looking towards him from the school building. Therefore, he looked around his surroundings one more time and that’s when he heard the voice again.

He heard it from above. Diagonally, from the second floor’s window. Sitting on the window frame that was grandly opened, was one girl crossing her legs.

A slender physique that can be seen even above her school uniform, and an abundant chest that strongly appeals its presence.  The black over-knee socks and a pleated skirt, she had a stunning golden-ratio.

Her glossy chest nut-colored hair flutters, she was rocking her body a little so it looks dangerous from here, but the smile that she was wearing was so bright you wouldn’t think she was in danger.

「Make them fall for me?」

Taiyou was trying to hide that fact she totally captivated him with her looks, pretended to be cool as he returned the question.

「Yeah, you’re that person aren’t you? The harem person. The guy that goes out with 『Staircase Girl’s』」

「……Yeah, That’s right」

To her words, Taiyou nodded slightly. Staircase Girl’s was referring to the nick names of the three sisters, and this is what people called them behind their backs. The girls were triplets and although their faces looked the same just like a sliced Kintaro-ame candy, but somehow their height was on three-level difference, they were called inside the school with different kinds of names. (PR: Kinato-ame is a traditional candy with a cylinder shape that has boy’s face in it)

Names like SML, like Victory Stand, like Traffic Lights. And just like the girl in front of him, names like staircases and a lot more. The girls themselves, doesn’t mind although they know that they were being called such things, but he now started to think twice if that was fine as it is.


Suddenly, Taiyou noticed something and looked away.

「What’s the problem? You got mad because your harem got insulted?」

「No, it’s just that. Uhm……your……I could see inside your skirt」

He assumed that an awkward situation would arise from this, but opposite to that, rather than minding it she laughed pleasantly.

「I’m sorry ’bout that, showing something weird. But don’t worry, it’s leggings not panties inside, so there’s no problem. Ah!, are you the type that like those? That’s why you looked away huh」

「What, no no」

To the girl’s confession he almost imagined the insides of her skirt, but shook his head hurriedly and chased that thought from his head. That kind of “thing” should be disciplined, to avoid a blunder in public, there was the risk that he might have to use the forbidden move. (TR: view previous chapters)

「Oh. panicking with things like this, you’re quite innocent even though you have a harem, aren’t you」

「No, I don’t think I’m that innocent but…」

「Ahaha, don’t be shy don’t be shy」

She laughed pleasantly, but Taiyou thought that it’s really not like that. Rather, it was the opposite. The three sisters and Kohaku, because he tasted the girls beyond the “line”, he started reacting to “things like that” recently.

That’s why he’s not as pure hearted like she said, on the contrary he was in heat. But because she liked Taiyou’s reaction that much, after laughing for a while, she introduced herself to Taiyou with a positive tone.

「I’m Aoyama Akiha. Written as autumn breeze you read it as Akiha, it’s a flashy name but it’s just that my Pops is a Kanji maniac so don’t mind those things」(TR: 秋(aki) の 波(ha)=Autumn Breeze, in Japan names that use difficult letters or weird naming sense are called KiraKira(flashy) names, it’s like Kanye West naming his son Easton West that kind of flashy)

「Y,Yeah. I’m Natsuno Taiyou. Nice to meet you」

「Summer’s sun huh, I’m the autumn’s breeze so we’re the same huh」(TR: Taiyou’s name is written as「夏(natsu=summer)」 「の(no)」「 太陽(taiyou=sun」)

「Yeah, you’re right I guess」

「Hey, by the way, are you free right now?」


「If you’re free, hang out with me」

She said, without waiting for a reply went through the window panels, placing her foot to the school building’s ledge, like she became spider-man, she walked like it was flat ground.

「Wa,Wait a minute」

Taiyou panics, and went after her while looking up from the first floor. Her fluttering skirt teased the contents of what was inside of it, in any case she was walking along the outside wall and he could not leave her in such a precarious situation.

Akiha turned to the outer side of the school building, going to the wall side that has no windows.  「Here I come!」 she said, and this time she changes directions and climbed upwards.

「Are you a rock climber……」

To her movement, Taiyou’s eyes popped. If you look carefully, she used the ledges skillfully, like Taiyou whispered, as if a rock climber, or something like bouldering, she climbs up the outer wall.

There wasn’t a strange phenomenon……there was nothing strange happening like that of Taiyou or Shirokiyami, but without using safety lines, and doing that feat with ease, it was a skill that was enough to pop Taiyou’s eyes because it was the first time that he’d seen something like that.

She reached fourth floor, which means she climbed up to the school building’s top floor, sat on a ledge there, and called.

「Look, you should come too. You can do it right」

To Akiha’s invitation, Taiyou thought for a while, and conceded. She seemed like she was used to it so there wasn’t any problem, but in any chance that something happens. To prepare for the time that “something” happens, it’s better if he was next to her side he thought.

That, he decided, but he had no wall-climbing skills to speak of. So, he started to climb the water pipe with brute force like climbing a monkey bar, then slowly went towards where Akiha is, and took a seat beside her.

As soon as he sat, wind blew. Taiyou who was not yet used to it, wobbled for an instant, and panicked.

「Ahaha, feels good right. I, like this kind of wind」

「Don’t you mean, the wind here」

「The wind here is good too, but I like winds on high places. Maybe it’s because I’m stupid」 (TR: there’s a saying in Japan 馬鹿と煙は高いとこのぼる which literally means stupid people and smoke rises to high places, smart people doesn’t climb to high places cause it’s dangerous so those who do are stupid, smoke doesn’t need to be explained)

「Drunk people say they’re not drunk though」

「Yes? What does that mean」

「No, It’s nothing」

Taiyou answered in phrases, as if he was talking to Sakura or Kohaku, but Akiha did not understand what he meant. He wondered what type of person she was. What came to mind was that she was the exact opposite of the uptight Yurikago.

「Why are you saying that it means nothing? That saying must have some kind meaning right. If you said it once, explain it until the end properly」

「No, explaining the story is—」(TR: explaining a story/joke that wasn’t get is torture,)


When Taiyou was reluctant to explain, Akiha shook her body like a spoiled child. Considering that she was at least 20 meters off the ground, swaying her body like that made Taiyou flinch….

「I got it, I got it so stop shaking」

「Then, teach me」

「Fuu……You’re scary you know. I understand, so put away that hand!!  It’s not a special story, it’s just like drunk people saying that they’re not drunk, a real stupid person doesn’t call themselves stupid, I just meant that」

「What, You were praising me. Well! Thanks」

Akiha made a wholehearted, dazzling smile. Taiyou was forced on explaining a story that wasn’t get, one of the three most embarrassing thing in this world, but seeing her smile, he thought that it was worth it.

But, there was a side effect. These days, Taiyou’s lower half was prone to ‘excitement’—and he felt like his groins were going to engorge with blood.

That was how bad the situation was for him right now, in order to stop that, Taiyou shook his body left and right.

「What are you doing?」

「I’m trying to shrink it」


「……My internal organs」(PR: Internal organ/intestine, a lie of course.)

To Akiha who was doubtful, Taiyou replied a lie that is in some way the truth. After shaking like that for a few times, a feeling that his feet cringes went up, with that, the sensation that he felt in his groin subsided as well.

「Hey, rather than that, can I ask you something?」

「Sure, I mean I wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t alright」

「I see, well that’s true. Then I’ll ask you without reserve, why did you make something like a harem?」

「You really not holding back huh」

Taiyou thought for a second, and answered.

「Because of certain developments, I guess」

「Eh? It was because of certain events? 」

「Yeah, it was out of certain circumstances」

「So it wasn’t because you liked or fell in love with each other?」

「Right now, there is a dam full of….. Well let’s just say that right now, my relationship with them does have love and affection」

He might be asked to explain again if he continued with his dam analogy, so Taiyou changed his words.

「At the present time? Then in the beginning you got together even though, you didn’t particularly like each other? 」

「Well, that’s how it was」

Taiyou nodded. Although it did not start with love and was more like an arranged marriage type of setting, he didn’t think that this was a bad thing, that’s because—.

「Even if it’s not like that from the start though, after being in love, I just need to love them for the rest of my life, right?」

「Hmm, no, I get that but. I guess that’s fine but……well」

「What, do you have any problem?」

「No, I don’t have any problems with you, but I do have a problem」

「What is the problem?」

「Well it’s not my problem to be exact……But, A friend of mine, has that kind of household……She was born from a family that has a harem and she’s really troubled. That’s why I’m asking you a lot of things, I want to be of help to her and possible find some points for reference」

Akiha said, it’s the first time she made a troubled face since he met her, she continued.

「It’s about Aoba, she’s the girl that you saved a little earlier」

Once again, the wind blows through the two people. (Light Novel Illustration: Aoyama Akiha)



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