Chapter 62: Surprise!


「I feel like Aoba-san and your stories a little bit different from each other so it may not be that useful as reference though」

「Wait, by Aoba, do you mean Miyagi-san?」


With a facial expression that is between bitter and happy, Akiha answered.

「Miyagi-san’s house is the same as mine…… Then, the mother she called “Mama” is…..?」

「”Mama” is Atsuko-san, mother is Miho-san, and in case you are wondering, her ‘Mommy’ is Nazuna-san」

When Akika gave that immediate response, Taiyou finally had a surprised face. Knowing that somehow listening to Aoba’s mutterings is possibly the correct thing to do, that is surprising.

「Then, this Nazuna-san is her real mother?」

Three women, each called with various different names.

If the father is “Dad”, then Taiyou guessed that it would have been obvious for the real mother to be “Mom”. In order to confirm his guess, he tried to throw out his question to her, but she made an even stranger face.

「Well, that’s not entirely correct」

「Then is her birth mother Atsuko-san? Or is it Miho-san?」

「That is……」

After Akiha thought for a bit, her facial expression returned to the cheerful face that resembled the one when he first met her.

「I can’t say myself. She is a friend, but it is a matter of another person’s family circumstances. It’s probably reasonable to hear it from the actual person.」

「I see, it’s like that」

With a slight nod, Taiyou was satisfied what Akiha said.

「With that being said」


「I want to hear more about your side of the story」

Akiha winked and asked while being flirty.  Just like how Akiha’s name represents her body, that figure was plenty cute, even though it did surprise Taiyou.

「The actual person?」

「Yup, the story about y~o~u~r harem. Let me hear more about it」

「I thought it wasn’t enough to be a reference?」

「Yes, because it isn’t a good-reference-story, now it’s just pure curiosity」


「Even though I look this way, I am actually quite tight-lipped」

「A person who is really strict can’t call themselves strict」

「Ah, you said that before Then, even though I look this way, I am actually quite tight-lipped」

「Conversely saying again is not the issue!? Anyways, you have already showed enough about that」

「Ah, mean~ie」

As Akiha was saying that, she giggled.

「Isn’t it fine~, teach me~」

「Wa, wait a moment, don’t shake me, it’s dangerous!」

Taiyou was being shaken by Akiha. The thing hanging between his legs was once again in a crisis! and he froze in place.

「It’s alright, even if you fall you won’t necessarily die」

「I don’t need that kind of magical expression!」(Note: What Taiyou is saying is like “Don’t jinx me”)

「Heey, about various things, t~e~a~c~h, m~e」

「I got it, I got it, so please move away from me a bit」

「Eh, why?」

「……It’s because each and every time you want something you are shaking my body and I can’t bear it」

Taiyou said that, but of course it was just an excuse to escape. During the time she shook him, the special fragrance of a girl came off of her and entered his nose, tickling his chest. To Taiyou now (as it was mating season), this was like poison.

Therefore, he needed to have some distance.

「Well, you know, there’s nothing wrong with just talking. Although I say that, what is good to talk about?」

「From when you guys met until separation」

「That kind of lion-like thing ……no, I can’t separate with them」


Akiha made a surprised face.

「What’s wrong?」

「Right now, you spoke like a natural. Instead of saying, “I’m not going to separate” you said that you “can’t separate” 」


Taiyou was at a loss for words. He returned to that phrase unintentionally, but he himself used it with that kind of implication.

「Then, it’s alright if you don’t talk to me about “separation”, so let me hear stuff about your first encounters 」

After Taiyou thought for a little bit, he carefully opened his mouth. Because there are numerous parts about the girls that he can’t talk about to a third party, he kept in mind not to carelessly make a slip of the tongue.

「Our encounter…..I really don’t remember, because we’re classmates, the first time was probably during our homeroom self-introductions. “Eh? There are quite the triplets here” is the extent of my impressions, I think」

「Ah, I got that too. Even though they clearly had the same face, their sizes were different, right? I wondered. It’s kind of like what people say, a real before-and-after thing where you see the steps of a girl’s growth—-just like the Seven-Five-Three Festival!」(Note, the Seven-Five-Three Festival is traditional rite of passage when children aged 3, 5, and 7 and they go to the shrine)

Taiyou nodded, he understood that example (The Seven-Five-Three Festival).

「After a considerable long period……I would say probably around a month, though. One night, as I was going home, I met them on the roadside, and there, I was confessed.」

「Confessed? From whom?」

「All of them」

Taiyou consciously replaced “three people”, and said “all of them”.

He himself thought, the relationship of the girls was that of one person, just like his ability “Idol” saw it. To the girls whose nature and heart beats synchronize, Taiyou had some kind of yearning to hug their figures.

「By “all of them”, do you mean all at once?」



With a nod in return, Akiha was taken aback, but at the same time, she obviously had a cheerful expression on. Looking at it, it wasn’t the kind of face you get when you become uncomfortable, but rather the complete opposite.

After getting that much information, there’s no way her intentions were to deny the fact and laugh at him. An expression conveyed to Taiyou that she had a genuine curiosity to the world that she didn’t know.

That is why Taiyou thought it was fine to tell her. Thinking such and continuing to hide as much as possible about Blood Soul and Junishima, he talked just enough about the girls that he needed to convey his thoughts.

Hearing the story, Akiha suddenly made a face that looked like she just remembered a question.

「Then, among the three who do you like the most? Or as expected you love them all equally? 」

「I love the three of them equally」


Akiha leaned back, even more amazed. Looking at that and wondering if she would fall, he became worried, but she seemed like was used to doing such things in high places, and made no signs that she lost her balance or that she would fall.

「What is it this time?」

「Considering, what happened with the girls, can I assume that there is another girl in your harem?」

「……You’re very good at twisting someone’s words to your advantage, aren’t you?」

「Not at all. If that’s really the case, then you’re just too careless」

「If I’m being told such, I don’t really have any words to return」

Taiyou nodded, himself also believing exactly that.

「So, was I right?」

「You won’t tell other people about this?」

「I won’t say, my lips are sealed. See, I didn’t even talk to you about Aoba」

「Now that you mention it, that’s true. Well, I’m not particularly bothered even if you were to spread rumors so… Yeah, there’s another girl. Her name is Kohaku-san」

「Ohh, you used -san to address her, so she must be older than you?」


「An older woman, huh? Is it a female college student? OL? Or perhaps it’s m~a~r~r~i~e~d woman? 」(Note: OL means office lady)

「You have a very filthy way of talking, do you have a special plan for saying married woman?」

「Enough about me, more importantly what is it?」

「It’s none of them. Well, I would say she’s more like a house maid」

Kohaku’s figure came to mind. As an “Eternal Little”, the 87 year-old woman is needless to say neither a female college student nor an OL. Because it was the first time Taiyou thought about concerning married women, he thought this was different.

「I see, is that all of them?」

「For the moment」

「For the moment?」

「……We can never predict human life and the future, right?」

Taiyou said that and hid the fact about his goal to create a harem of seven brides. Or about the building called “Taiyou Castle” given by Kohaku. There, he imagined the scene of living together with the seven girls.

The scene where the first wife, the three sisters, are the focus, and everyone lives together in harmony and happily.

「Ah, you’re grinning at something」


「You were probably having wild delusions about something. Yup, that’s the face that says “In the future if I increase my harem more, I’m all smiles”」

「Are you an ESPer?」(Note: ESPer = someone who has supernatural powers such as telepathy and can read other people’s minds)

「You’re easier to read than you think, and you should be~ more conscious~ about that」

Saying that, Akiha stood up while laughing.

「I think it’s about time I go?」

「Yeah, you listened to a large part of my story. Also, if we’re here, it seems dangerous」

「Didn’t I tell you that you were so easy to read? Until now, you were slouching the whole time, you know~?」


Taiyou was surprised and dropped his line of sight in a panic. However —-there was nothing special about it, it wasn’t like he had a bulge to signify an erection or something.

By the time that Taiyou thought that he was “tricked” by her, she was already skillfully walking along the outer wall of the school and leaving him behind. Looking at the girl who was disappearing from sight, Taiyou also stood up to return.

「「「Um, Taiyou-san」」」

The familiar voices surprised Taiyou.

Raising his face up to where he heard the voices, he saw the figures of the three girls whose gaze was fixated on him from inside the roof fence. “Now that I think about it, they were headed towards the roof earlier” Taiyou remembered.

For some reason, the girl’s eyes were moist.

「You, you girls, since when have you been there?」

「「「Since you told her that you loved us all equally!」」」

Taiyou couldn’t avoid magnificently blushing.



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