Chapter 63: Not enough Speed


After darkness descended Oriyakata High School. (TL: his school was previously called Orikan, but I think I got it wrong, and it should be Oriyakata, here is the Kanji for anyone interested 織館学園)

Even all the baseball club members that stayed at school to practice until sunset had already went home, and school grounds was currently very quiet.

Inside such a school, Taiyou remained in the classroom he usually went to. The light in the room wasn’t even on, and all he was doing was lowering his chair and raising his chair on to the desk.

He took the seat at the very back which looked really cheap, and he turned the seat upside down, placed it on top of the table and then he carried the desk to the side of the wall.

After lowering the desk to the side of the wall, he would carry it back to its former place and then lower the chair.

Placing the chair on top; carrying the desk.

returning the desk; putting the chair down.

He was continuing to perform these actions.

Inside of this dark room, there was two figures staring at him. Kazane was seated a little bit away from where he was, and Hera was sitting on top of Kazane’s shoulder like a small figurine.

The two girls were watching Taiyou.

「Is there….A meaning to doing this?」

Kazane was asking Hera.

「No, there isn’t desuyo~ Taiyou-chan’s experience points won’t increase unless he does pointless things like this desuyo~. But, it seems like Taiyou-chan may have been born in the wrong time period~」

「What do you mean?」

「Just a little while ago, this kind of thing was quite popular because in the past it did have meaning」

「Ah, I feel like I’m watching some kind of historical drama. In the past, everyone would carry the desk together and then clean up the room, is that right?」

「Yes~! Kazane-chan, have you ever needed to clean the school grounds?」


Kazane immediately replies. Ever since she was born, all the schools she attended never had a cleaning policy and she never had to clean the school grounds.

「That’s why. Along with the changes in the times, a lot of things change as well desuyo~」

「Is that how it is?」

Kazane nodded her head in understanding.

She was resting her chin by placing both of her hands on top of the desk and using it as a brace while intently watching Taiyou.

She was watching Taiyou with an entranced gaze, almost as if she was watching her idol figure or something.

It was slightly different to the look one would give to the person they loved.

On this day, Taiyou told her that he would be staying behind with Hera in order to increase his level, and she readily volunteered to stay behind together. Although he did tell her that “it wasn’t anything interesting to watch”, she still insisted on coming, and since it wasn’t really troubling if she watched him, along with the fact that he didn’t mind her company, he allowed her to stay behind with him.

「Taiyou-chan, has become really cool hasn’t he~?」

「Yes, he is very cool……Ever since yesterday」

「Yes desu~. In the past he was really mute whenever he went out to level up, but now I can sense that he is so full of energy desu. his face from the side looks really determined and it looks like his sweat is shining」

「Hera-chan, do you like Taiyou-san?」

「Of course desuyo?」

Hera answered in a way as if stating “why would you ask such a thing?”

「I belong only to Taiyou-chan nanodesu」

「I suppose that’s true…..But, I wonder how Taiyou feels about you?」

「I also wonder ~」

The two girls were curiously watching Taiyou, but he was too immersed in his levelling up process and was working very hard.

「Phew, that was hard work」

Taiyou let down his chair and let out a breath, Kazane ran up towards him with the towel she prepared beforehand.

Taiyou took the towel and used it to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

「Taiyou-san, is it about time we return home? It seems like Kotone and Suzune are a little worried about us」

Kazane suggested the both of them return while looking at him with upturned eyes.

She was able to feel what the other two sisters were feeling with the telepathic connection their shared, and she told their feelings directly to Taiyou.

Taioyu thinks for a little while and asks Hera a question.

「Hera, my level has not increased yet?」

「It’s just a little bit more desu~」

「I’m sorry, I think it will take a little longer, so I plan on going a little bit more until I level up」

「I understand. it seems that you are really motivated today aren’t you?」

「Yeah, there’s a little something with my status」

Taiyou answers quite ambiguously. Kazane looked like she didn’t really understand what he just said, so he tried to explain it in a little more detail.

「The first time I felt how amazing levelling up can be to the human body is when…..My strength reached a value of 30. My level going up and my strength reaching 30…. When I went up to the rooftop and turned the doorknob, the knob was completely broken off」

「Oh yeah, now that you mention it, it was replaced with a new one. Is that what happened? So Taiyou-san was the one who broke it…」

Kazane nods having remembered the new knob.

The three girls went up to the rooftop during lunch break so she indeed saw it.

「By the way, the time that I helped you girls for the first time, I was already able to break and split a concrete wall in half. Therefore, I think of 30 strength as a sort of border that I crossed」


Kazane’s cheeks turned vermilion and her eyes were filled with rapt attention. It seems that she was remembering the time Taiyou saved her and got a little emotional.

「Basing it on the number 30 as a borderline, can you please confirm my speed value?」

「Umm…..Ah, it’s at 29」

When Taiyou asked her, Kazane panicked and quickly confirmed the value of his speed.

「That’s right, if I increase it by one more value, it will reach 30. Although it’s half value of my strength, because it seems that 30 is a border for me, I started to wonder what would happen when it exceeded this value……」

「I see, I understand」

Kazane nodded in comprehension.

As soon as she said this, she got up and started walking back to the seat she was sitting on moments ago, so as not to interfere with Taiyou’s levelling.


Suddenly Taiyou grasped her hand.

「Hyaah! T-Taiyou-sa――」


He brought up his index finger and pressed it against her small lips. As he did this, he stared towards the entrance of the classroom door.

In the next moment, Taiyou noticed something and pushed her down towards the floor. Moreover, Taiyou pinned her with his body as he hung on top of her.



She was totally caught off guard, this time he used the palm of his hand to close her mouth.

Although she resisted for a while, considering their physical difference along with Taiyou’s superhuman strength, she couldn’t really do much.

Taiyou also lowered his posture towards the ground, and keenly stared at the classroom entrance. A short while later, footsteps were heard. At the same time a flashlight shone into the room.

It was the janitor making his rounds.

Taiyou held his breath all the way until the footsteps of the janitor got further away.


Taiyou let out his breath feeling relieved.

The teacher was already mad at him for skipping school, if he was also found out when he stayed in school grounds until this late of a time…..He would without a doubt get an even harsher lecture and preaching from his teacher.

Moreover, he has had a variety of bad experiences with the neighbourhood policeman to the fact that he could remember the face of the policeman so he really wanted to avoid any more trouble if at all possible.

「My bad….It’s alright now….」

Saying that Taiyou stood up. He finally noticed something.

Inside of this dark room, he actually pushed a girl towards the floor and held her mouth closed with the palm of his hand.

Even if he wanted to make an excuse, it was without a doubt, a crime inducing scene, especially if it was witnessed by others.

If he was truly found out by the janitor moments ago, it wasn’t going to be as simple as getting a lecture from his teacher, it was probably going to be an instant red card and police would probably be involved.

「S, sorry」

Taiyou stood up rapidly and parted from Kazane.

She raised her body really slowly, and fixed the hem of her skirt with a flushing face.

That look on her face was exceedingly sexy and to the Taiyou right now, it was like poison.

「I’m sorry, I did something really strange」

「No, it’s alright. Ah, it seems that Koto-chan and Suzu-chan are both rooting for us right now」

「I don’t think they need to cheer us on!?」

「Ah rere? Taiyou-chan aren’t you going to do it desuka~?」

「I’m not going to do it outside」


「Isn’t it obvious? If her naked figure was seen by others, what do you think would happen?」

「Hmm, then you would either silence their mouths or you would do SATUGAI?」(TL: I can only find SATSUGAI, not sure what SATUGAI means, it seems to be a reference to a comedic anime)

「Isn’t that both the same thing?! Or more like I don’t want it to reach that stage so that’s why I’m not doing it!」

「Ohh, is that how it is desu~?」


When Taiyou was rebuking Hera’s words, Kazane suddenly covered her face and ran out of the classroom.


「Look, because you wouldn’t do it to her, she got angry and went home desuyo~」

「No, that logic is definitely wrong!」

When he rebuked her even more, there was a vibration in his chest area. It wasn’t the phone that he sent out for repair, but was instead the phone that Kohaku lent him temporarily.

When he took it out to make sure who was calling, the screen displayed that the person was calling from “Taiyou’s Castle”.

When he answered the call, Kohaku’s voice could be heard.

『You, what happened over there?』

「Eh, even if you were to ask me…..Nothing much happened….」

Taiyou was quite startled but he decided to hide this fact for now.

『Is that so? It’s just that Kotone and Suzune are grinning strangely』


Taiyou tilts his head to Kohaku’s words, he didn’t really know why the two girls would act like that.

For some reason or another, even Hera who was beside him was smirking.



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