Chapter 66: The Third Bride / It’s hardly acceptable



「Is that so, he’s just like us? If it’s like this, don’t we have to teach him various things as his senpai in the path? Our relationship is one of deep love with each other, so I think it would be the best reference. The kids don’t seem to understand though」

「Hah, Haaa……」

Atsuko spoke quite indifferently.

There wasn’t any malice in her voice but, Taiyou felt an uncomfortable feeling.

「It is an unavoidable thing Atsuko-sama. This kind of thing happens quite often during puberty」

「Ahh, is it at that age? At this age they are very hard to please aren’t they? I can vaguely remember that period in my life as well」

「I don’t think we have a choice….. Other than waiting for time to pass to resolve it」

The three women were talking amongst each other. Looking at the three women conversing like this, his sense of uncomfortableness changed to a whole new level.

A jovial woman, a quiet woman and a polite woman.

Without a doubt the three women in front of him were very different from each other, but there was one point in common.

They gave priority to their own relationships and the child was secondary. Seeing these things, Taiyou could not help but to inquire about something he was curious about.

「Excuse me」

Making a polite remark, the three women concentrated their gazes at him and he began to ask.

「Out of you three, is Miyagi-san’s birth mother amongst you?」

「All of us considers ourselves to be her true mothers, and all of us love her. But, I don’t think that’s the question you want to ask is it?」

「You’re asking about the……. birth mother?」

「I’m sorry but, who did you hear this from?」

「Ah, it was me who told him」

Akiha raised her hands like a primary school child and came forward with a carefree expression.

「Is that so…..?」

「There, there, Miho-san, you don’t have to make such a scary face. The things that Akiha-chan has told him are things….. that Aoba-chan has given permission for her to say」

「I also think the same. Besides, I think that Akiha-chan is a sensible and clever girl」

「I am sorry, Akiha-sama」

「Ah, you don’t have to worry about it」

Miho bows her head deeply and apologizes to Akiha. Miho was older than Akiha by at least a 12 year period and she was acting overly polite but Akiha already seemed to be used to it and wasn’t really surprised.

「Well, to answer your question, the answer would be…… YES」

「Amongst us three, one is the birth mother」


Atsuko and Nazuna spoke, while Miho was just silently agreeing.

「Can’t you just tell her which of you is the real birth mother?」

「We can’t」

Although her tone of voice didn’t change, the look in Atsuko’s eyes and her atmosphere changed.

「Even we have our own circumstances. For someone like you…… Who is still inexperienced, there is no way you would be able to comprehend our situation. Because of this, there are things that we cannot say」

「Alright, I get it」

When Taiyou nods, Atsuko seems to have lost her momentum, and the other two were slightly surprised.

「Natsuno-kun, do you really understand?」

「Yes. I don’t understand your objectives, but I do understand that in order for you to achieve those objectives, one of the things you need to do is to not tell Miyagi-san about who her birth mother is. And the fact that you are taking such an extreme measure, probably means that you have tried everything else and there is no other method. That is my conclusion」

「You are interesting, aren’t you?」

「However, I do not approve」

Completely disregarding Atsuko’s previous words of praise, Taiyou suddenly stood up. Just like that, he looked at the three women and gave them a defiant look.

「Doing something like that to your own daughter, is not something that I can approve……..Excuse me」

Taiyou gave them a deep bow, he left Akiha who had been standing there silent and departed.


After turning the door knob, Atsuko called out to him. When he turned around, she was looking at Taiyou with a smile on her face.

「As your senpai in these types of matters, allow me to give you a little bit of advice」

「……What might it be?」

「You need power, if you want to be able to properly protect several women, then you need the strength to do so. Every single time you increase the number of women you love and need to protect, you need double the amount of power you possess, please act with that in mind」

「…..I intend to have power. If that’s all, then」

Once again, this time as a formality of thanks, he bowed his head and left the Miyagi Mansion.


Taiyou let out a deep sigh after going out of the house. He wanted to let out all the stagnant feelings he had accumulated in his chest. Before he knew it, he acted like he was picking a fight.

Like he said to Atsuko, he could understand their choice in the matter. Taiyou understood the concept of doing whatever it took to achieve an objective, and taking an extreme measure and the final measure in this case was basically the same thing to him.

From an ordinary point of view, the relations between their family was strange, and they were taking an extreme means.

「It would make more sense if they were crazy….」

Once again Taiyou sighed. When he looked at the three women their faces were very composed and they were speaking rationally. It was definitely not the eyes of some frenzied hedonist person.

In other words, they completely understood their choices but still did it anyways, and Taiyou couldn’t stand for it.

He remembered the child he saw in the train.

It was a very young and innocent child talking to his mother, even for Aoba, there was a stage in her life where she enjoyed such simple conversations, this is what he heard from Akiha. But even then, Aoba was currently in a complicated domestic environment.

And the other thing was the words “senpai” that came out of Atsuko’s mouth.

They were his senpai in terms of being in a harem, and soon they were planning on adding a fourth mother to the mix. This was causing friction between the relationship between Aoba and her parents.

It was at this point that Taiyou felt like he was seeing the possibility that his own future was like this. He turned to look at the Miyagi Mansion one more time before walking towards the train station.

Taiyou thought that he wanted to solve the problem that Aoba was in right now.

He would definitely help her out, in fact he wanted to shout that he would make it happen. When he went to Miyagi’s house, he saw a semblance of what his future could become.

Therefore, he really wanted to be able to help Aoba.

Aoba’s present condition is basically caused because her parents were doing whatever they wanted, and the one who payed for it was the child.

This was the thing that he could not permit. To Taiyou, this was one of the things he hated the most in this world.

Therefore, Taiyou wanted to become Aoba’s strength, and change her current situation…….. At the very least he wanted her to stop suffering.

――No matter what happens.

Taiyou quietly swore an oath to himself.

「But in saying this, what am I supposed to do?」

While riding his train and returning to St Hanazono Town, he couldn’t think of any brilliant ideas in his mind.

He had the strong resolve and desire to help Aoba, however, he didn’t have any concrete ideas or plans on how he could make this happen.

「Shall I confide with Kohaku-san?」

Getting off the train and into the platform, Taiyou mutters to himself. He thought that at these kinds of times, it was better to ask an experienced person.

For the time being, he took out the smartphone that he was borrowing from Kohaku in order to contact her, and it was at this time that…

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan」

Suddenly the Fairy Hera appeared out of nowhere.

Recently, the amount of times she left Taiyou’s side has been increasing. This happened at approximately the same time he kissed Kohaku and increased the amount of girls that could see her figure.

It is likely that Hera enjoys the other girls company and so she wants them to be her conversation partner. Well there was no obligation on his part to prevent her from doing what she liked and so he just let her be. Because of this, she wasn’t there when he went to Miyagi’s house but he didn’t really pay mind to it.

「What’s up, I was just about to return home–」

Just when he was about to ask if the triplet sisters were hanging out with Kohaku, Hera had a panicked expression on her face.

「It’s bad desu Taiyou-chan, you need to come quickly desu」

「What’s wrong?」

Taiyou’s face became stiff.

「She’s been attacked desu, I have been looking all over for Taiyou-chan desu」

「What? Where is she?!」

Taiyou complexion changed for the worse and he requested that Hera guided him to her location.

The fact that Hera is asking for help probably means that one of the two, either the triplets or Kohaku are in danger. Out of these two girls, one of them were being assaulted?

The girls who had an intimate relationship with.

Taiyou quickly ran down the platform and exited the train station with Hera’s guidance. Just like that he ran straight into the shopping district toward a secluded alley. He saw a large amount of people gathered here. To be precise he saw a bunch of lowlife thugs surrounding somebody in this alley. Clearly something was wrong with the situation.

Taiyou clenches his fists and was going to make the first move, but the person who was surrounded by these men was in fact the twin tailed girl, Junishima Yurikago.



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    • this is one of those times where i completely disagree with something common. a person’s reasoning and motivation do not change whether their actions are beneficial or not. to take the cliched example; hitler truly believed he was doing the right thing, and by his own measure, he was doing it in the best way he could. intentions and believes, “good reasons”, don’t mean jack when it comes to whether a person is wrong, or causing harm to others.

      the instant those women chose a harmful method to deal with a problem, they have had a failure as parents, and as people. the part where they talked down to, instead of explaining means that they know they screwed up and are wrong, but have chosen their own ego instead.

      life lesson to learn from: the better you understand something, the easier you can explain it to those that know less than you. conversely; there’s no such thing as “you don’t know enough so i can’t explain it to you”, there’s only “i don’t understand it well enough to explain it to others, simply”. my evidences for this paragraph are the youtube channels Veritasium, Smarter Every Day, Numberphile, Sixty Symbols, and Computerphile. those channels cover extremely complicated subject matter, and are explained by top minds in those fields, who are able to break things down to the point where people with only a passing interest can understand.

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