Chapter 69: The Third Bride/ Introduction to the Cheat


Night time at Taiyou’s Castle. At the Terrace Room: Taiyou, Kohaku, Yurikago and Hera were there.

After playing mischievous pranks to Yurikago along the way home and bringing her to his home, Yurikago had a sour face of discontent, moreover the three twin sisters and Aoba were nowhere to be seen. When he asked Kohaku about them, she told him that they were going out shopping.

Hearing that Yurikago mentions how convenient that was.

Taiyou didn’t really understand what she meant when she said that it was convenient, in any case Taiyou led her to a seat and the three of them also went towards the sofa room to sit down.

By the way, Hera was sitting on Taiyou’s shoulder.

Perhaps she was curious about Hera’s extra-terrestrial existence as Yurikago would oftentimes sneak a peek at Hera and when their gazes met she would become flustered.

When he looked at Yurikago, Taiyou could not help himself but want to play tricks on her.

However he stopped that train of thought, because it would be unfitting to bring her here just to mess around. Taiyou bent his body forwards slightly in a more serious posture and asked her about the main subject.

「Well, will you finally tell me the reason why you’ve come here? Looking at the situation and the fact that you’ve investigated that I moved to this completely new place, there must be a special reason for it, right?」

「Yeah, first of all… I’ve brought this thing for you」

Saying this, Yurikago took out a parcel that came out of the luggage she was carrying when she met Taiyou moments ago.

The parcel was wrapped with a white cloth and it was square shaped, it was about the size of a box, but it was light enough that Yurikago could carry it without being too conspicuous.

Yurikago puts the parcel on top of the table and slided it towards Taiyou presenting it to him.

Is it perhaps some sort of teacake snack? While thinking about what could be inside of the parcel, Kohaku started to talk.

「The thickness…. It seems quite secure jyana」

「Because it is one of my things, it is naturally going to be like this」

「I see, so as the next head of the household, you are saying your pocket money is at least that much jyana」

「There isn’t many things that I cannot get my hands on」

「That may be true jyana」

Kohaku and Yurikago, even if a third person wanted to listen to what these two girls were saying, all anyone could discern was an incomprehensible mode of conversation. Without being able to understand, Taiyou turned a confused look towards Kohaku.

「Kohaku-san? What have you guys been talking about?」

「Rather than having me explain it, wouldn’t it be faster if you just took a look at that thing jyaro」

「I suppose I’ll do that」

Taiyou made a clear nod and reached for the package. Kohaku was implying that because he didn’t know about the contents of what could be inside of the parcel he wouldn’t understand it even if she were to explain, therefore he decided to confirm its contents.

Reaching his hands out towards the white cloth, he tore off the wrapping.

The thing that appeared before him was something that even Taiyou would know about, however the amount inside was something he had never seen before.

The thing inside was a ten-thousand yen bill which printed a portrait of Yukichi Fukuzawa and each of these bills were piled up to at least 10 Centimetres each stack.

Seeing so many bundle of bills, it was an unbelievable sight.

Taiyou looked towards Yurikago with an expression of astonishment.

「……. What’s, this?」

「It seems to be 10 million Yen jyana」

「Yeah, it’s 10 Million. I’m giving this to you」

「Wait a minute, why are you giving this to me? I… I’ve never received this kind of—」

「This is the reward for helping with the previous matter」

「The previous…. But that was—」

「You were doing it because you wanted to help the three twin sisters, I know you’ve told me」

「Ahh, that’s right」

Taiyou nods in affirmation. In actuality that is exactly what Taiyou thought as well.

「However the case may be, it is also true that you saved me, and because of your actions, I managed to put a dent in Sakura’s plans. Moreover, I…… 」

She cut her sentence mid-way and squinted her eyes.

「I managed to hide myself from the public’s eyes」

The moment she said the last sentence, she reverted to her serious self. It was her “true self” that she showed while walking towards here.

Seeing the change in her Taiyou knitted his eyebrows while Kohaku and Hera had an amused expression on their faces.

However, in the next instant, she already reverted back to the Yurikago that Taiyou knew.

「When I thought about it, I felt that it was necessary for me to provide some sort of compensation. So that they do not suspect anything, I did not want to wire transfer the money into your bank account, instead I decided to hand it over personally, well after all because this is my pocket money, it only amounts to this much」

「Well, even if you say that, it’s still quite a lot. You said that this was 10 million yen? I don’t think what I did was deserving of such a huge sum of money」

「You, what do you think about someone who picks up another person’s wallet and when they return the wallet, they get a 10 % cut of the money as remuneration?」


Taiyou was bewildered and stared at her in wonder due to how sudden the question was.

「What do you mean by that?」

「Don’t worry, just answer me whether you think it is reasonable」

「Well, if you are talking about reasonable, then it probably is? I mean that’s what is already decided by the law」

「Taiyou-chan, the law actually says that the reward is 20 % desuyo」

「Wait, why do you know this kind of thing?! Eh actually, I don’t even want to know. So why did you suddenly ask me such a question?」

「Well, what if the wallet you found contained 100 million yen checks and 10 % of that is naturally 10 million yen?」

「Eh? That is…. ummm」

Taiyou thought about it for a little then spoke.

「If you returned the 100 million to the owner then….. well I guess」

「However, in the end, it was just picking up someone’s wallet and returning it to its owner. It isn’t that big of a deal in terms of effort」


After saying that much, Taiyou understood what she was trying to imply.

「So you are saying you don’t really care about the means or the effort someone goes through, all you are looking at is really the main objective and the results of completing the objective?」

「That’s right. I’m saying that the results that you achieved deserves at least this much. I’ve merely made your contributions that you made with the strength you possess and put it in numeric values. This is the amount that I came up with. That’s all there is to it」

「My power’s value…..」

Taiyou mutters to himself as he loses his words.

This was something that he never considered before.

Since Hera appeared before him, he has been levelling up at a steady pace and now he has obtained a power that can be classified as super human strength.

He was able to break walls of concrete with his bare hands, not only that he was also immune to all types of firearms and projectiles, then taking all this into consideration, he wouldn’t even be categorised as a mere human anymore.

Thinking up to this point, he surmised that levelling up for him has just been a means to do things. Repeating laborious work and obtaining experience, his goal was to obtain a level up.

He was satisfied with just raising his level.

Since then he slowly raised his strength, persistently raised his level and using that strength he was able to defeat Shirokiyami, and from there he fell in love with her and wanted to make her one of his seven brides.

However, just now a new possibility came to his mind.

This was the possibility using the powers he gained from levelling up and turning it into a way he could earn money.

One of the results was the bundle of money he was looking at right in front of him.

This time around he acted as Yurikago’s guard, that’s because right now the abilities he possessed were related to battle…… he specialised in close ranged combat.

However, right now, his speed status was at 29 points and this was not far behind from his strength value, therefore there is a possibility that he could obtain other skill sets as well.

Additionally, Taiyou had found out that when his stats reached a point of 30 it became closer to the domain of being a super human.

Taiyou opened up his status window in his mind’s eye and confirmed his values.

He thought about each unique value apart from strength and imagined the possibilities of different ways to earn money if he increased their values to at least 30 points.

When he did this, he started to think that perhaps, there was nothing that he couldn’t do.

「That’s amazing desu, as expected of Taiyou-chan desu」

Sitting on his shoulders, Hera’s face was full of smiles.


「Taiyou-chan, as long as you keep getting stronger, you will be able to earn even more money desune?」

「That’s true jyana, as long as you are not bothered by laborious work, then the results are clear」

「If it’s that you don’t need to worry nanodesu, Taiyou-chan is a special person desukara」

「Is that so, if you think about it like that it makes it a little unfair na. Well I’ve already seen a glimpse of it though」

「I know right~. Using his own strength the man earns money for his wives and gives them a life of luxury nodesu, it is a man’s romance nanodesu. Kohaku-tan, what kind of luxurious life would you like to lead desuka?」

「Me? Let’s see….. If I were to say right now, what I want would be to live in a new place nojya. I don’t want to live in this kind of run down place, I want to live in a castle jya」

「Ohh, a castle desuka? I would also like that, a place that is a like a dream land desu~」

「A place like Mickey Mouse’s Castle Jyana, if I were able to live there, it would truly be like a dream come true」

Seeing both Kohaku and Hera in such a cheerful mood, their appearance was very pleasant for Taiyou to see.

Suddenly, a voice resounded in his mind.

—–Obtain power and influence, if you plan on protecting all these women, you need to have power. Whenever you want to love and protect an additional woman, then you will need strength that is many times stronger than before, have at least that kind of conviction.

「Power….. Influence…」

Atsuko’s words were repeated in his mind.

When they were at the Miyagi Mansion, she gave him advice based on the fact that she was his “senpai”.

Although he didn’t quite know how much more power he needed, he also understood that if he ever wanted to raise a family, then he needed far more than the average man.

At the very least he would need at least seven more times the power he had right now. If he was planning on having seven brides then this amount is something he needed to strive for.

Right now, a new road had just opened the way in front of him widening his horizons. Taiyou had just used his strength and converted it into social connections and economic power and he witnessed this happening.

He was thinking of ways in order to make use of the power that he had very deeply.

Taiyou was in very deep thought and so he was unreactive to the others right now, therefore Yurikago faced Kohaku and started to talk.

「Anyways, in regards to your case…」


「Yes, I am also planning on paying you. In saying that, this money is from the Junishima household」

「Are you trying to silence me?」

Kohaku had a far deeper knowledge of life and a wealth of experience in comparison to Taiyou, and she immediately understood Yurikago’s intentions. (Illustration: Yurikago Offering Cash)



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