Chapter 70: The third Bride/ A Moth flying into the Flame


「That’s right. Have you seen the television since that time?」

「It’s one of my old past time hobbies jya」

Kohaku gave an implicit confirmation.

「Then you would understand right? How much bashing that plan “Blood Soul” has received from the public community since being exposed」

「Umu, it seems that an energetic businessman even tried to purchase the whole radio station to cover things up jyana. By the way, they even came to my place for a news interview jya. Well I told them I didn’t know anything though. Only about 100 people in this country know the existence of the eternally little after all. Besides, I am the oldest among them jya」

「Naturally, I will also have this talk with the other eternally little」

「Well I suppose so. After all, if the others were all to speak and blabber too much, it would cause you guys many troubles」

「Therefore, in order to give them hush money, the Junishima clan is paying them a visit」

「In order to silence the information from within, jyana」

These two girls were speaking to each other like they were creating a duet.

They exchanged words at a good rhythmical pace and it was somehow pleasing to the ears, if you were to judge them based on just the sound of their voices then you might think that they were participating in some sort of eloquent speaking contest.

It was Yurikago who stopped their eloquent exchange. She lets out a small sigh as if she was complaining.

「I thought that if it was you the conversation would go smoothly」

After saying this she took a slight glance at Taiyou. She gave Taiyou the kind of look that said this isn’t going very smoothly because you are involved. After that she returned to look back at Kohaku.

「Yes, this is a settlement fund. So as to silence the people involved in the plan it is necessary to put a substantial amount of compensation money. Some of them may even be in a higher position than me, but it is still necessary to persuade them」

「Fumu, in that case I can expect a good amount of money from this jyana」

「I will present to you an amount so that you will never have to worry about food again. That’s the kind of instructions that I received」

「Well I was never worried about that to begin with. But, alright I understand jya」

「If you were to be so inclined you could play a little hard to get and be more reluctant, as that would probably help me out as well. In this way we can strike back a little at the person in charge of the operations」

「Umu, understood jya」

Kohaku gave a nod and the conversation ended there. Yurikago changed her serious expression and used an amazed expression as she turned to face Taiyou.

「In any case, if he was as understanding as you, things would be so much easier」

「He is still on the path of growing up jya, if you can overlook him just a little, I would be thankful jya」

「Even though he has that strange rebellious nature?」

「Well that is what pubescence is isn’t it? They wouldn’t be cute if every teen acted way above their age right?」

「Fuun, if one of my subordinates were acting like that, I’d instantly expel him」

「Is that so? However what if it wasn’t your subordinate but instead a mercenary?」

「…. I get your main point」

「That is good to know」

Kohaku nods and for some reason she had this smirk on her face.

Yurikago felt a little sensation of discomfort from seeing that smile.

「…..What’s with that face?」

「It’s nothing much, it’s just that I thought if we were to use your properly we can receive a lot of financial benefits. You’re going to pay us for the results of our work jyaro?」

Kohaku was saying one thing, but it was evident to Yurikago that she was trying to change the subject.

If that was all you were thinking, there is no way that you would show that kind of smirk Yurikago thought to herself. In any case, Yurikago decided not to press the matter.

「Naturally. Punishment and rewards are given justly, this is how an organisation has to function, otherwise we will not be able to tell who is talented and who is corrupt」

「That’s an unusual way of thinking nowadays jya」

「After all, I’m going to be the next head」

「That may be true」

For a moment there seemed to be sparks coming out between the two girls as they directly faced each other, but that was only for an instant.

For Yuirkago, since she had already talked about what she came here to do, there was nothing else more to discuss with Kohaku.

She voluntarily removed her glance and was standing up from her seat.

「Well then, I will be heading out」

「Umu? Didn’t you travel here incognito? isn’t it already too late if you wanted to return to the island via authorized means?」

「Because I was already prepared for this before I set out, I already organized a place that I can stay overnight」

「I see」

Kohaku understood. However, Hera who was silent up to this point suddenly butted in the conversation.

「Eh~, Yuri-chan are you going home?」


Yurikago moans and she couldn’t speak any words. It would seem that she was still not used to the existence of the being named Hera.

「C-calling me Y-yuri, what’s with that…..?」

「Yes desu, Yuri-chan when you first met Taiyou-chan, you introduced yourself as Yurikago desu, that was the name you gave yourself desu. Therefore I decided to name you Yuri-chan desuyo」

「Now that you mention it, that did happen before. Youran = Yurikago, when we first met up you were using an alias weren’t you jya?」

「It wasn’t that I was trying to deceive you. Because Yurikago isn’t a completely false name either」

「Indeed there is some truth to that」

「Yuri-chan Yuri-chan, You should stay here overnight desu. If you wait just a little longer, Koto=chan, Suzu-chan and Kaza-chan will be returning home. The dinner they can make is really delicious desuyo. You need to try it desu, after that everyone will take a bath together and at night we will be having a girl’s talk desu」

「Are you sure you can decide that kind of thing yourself? Even though you are not the head of this household?」

Yurikago said this while turning her glance towards Kohaku. You aren’t going to start saying the same things as her right? That was the kind of gaze Yurikago was giving Kohaku.

「Ahh, don’t look at me I’m not the head either dazo. The head of the household right now is my husband jya」


「In the literal meaning of the word jya」

「You are telling me….. its」

「I dedicated it to him, the deed to this house and everything」

Yurikago did not like useless exchanges of information. Because she met with a lot of people who talked about things in a very roundabout manner she always disliked those kind of people.

If she were to discern what Kohaku was saying, it was pretty obvious as to what she “dedicated”. Thereupon she glared at Taiyou who was still brooding and lost in thought with a displeased expression on her face.


「No, rather shouldn’t it be a baba fetish jya?」

「Even that would be better」

「Is that really true kana?」

「What are you trying to imply?」

「I’m not trying to imply much jya」


「In any case, you will stay over Yuri-chan. If you don’t stay over, I’m going to do something mean to you desuyo~」

「W-what are you planning on doing…..?」

As expected Yurikago was a hard person to deal with.

Even though Hera was trying to coerce her to stay here she herself didn’t quite know what she needed to do.

「T-trick and trick」

「Umu, this is really interesting jya」

Saying that Kohaku had a hearty laugh. On the other hand, Yurikago showed a vacant expression on her face.

「Kohaku-tan, at this sort of time, what do I need to do desuka?」

Judging from the reaction of the two, it was clear that they were planning something. Hera was greatly perplexed and so she asked Kohaku for her opinion.

「Are you really going to ask her in front of me?」

「Yeah, that’s because I’m not good at this kind of stuff. I’m sorry desu」


Looking at the situation Yurikago could not help but to become worried.

「In that case, I will teach you a method. First let me confirm, other than people who kissed with husband there is nobody else that can see your existence, is that right?」

「Yes desu, that is definitely the case desu」

「Let me ask you another thing, how far away can you exist from husband nojya?」

「The bond between Taiyou-chan and I is infinite desu」

「That makes me envious jyana」

After confirming this fact, Kohaku cleared her throat and laughed in a strange manner.

「In that case, all you need to do is stick right next to her as she is walking home」

「Is it alright if I just stick to her desuka?」

「That’s right jya, all you need to do is stick to her until she gets home. And then whenever she is talking to someone or doing anything, you should constantly talk to her」

「Wait a minute! what are you teaching her?!」

Yurikago instinctively raises her voices and protests. The method Kohaku taught to Hera was just that destructive.

Yurikago was imagining just how crazy it would seem if a mysterious life form like Hera that only she could see was sticking to her every move and then continuously talking to her.

Will her spirit and mind be ruined first? Or will her sanity be doubted by others first?

She thought that it might reach that kind of disastrous stage.

「Just for assurance let me ask one last thing, is she able to exclude herself from being able to physical sense you?」

「That is impossible desu. I am Taiyou-chan’s desu. If there is one person in this world that can kill me, it will only be Taiyou-chan desu. Even if you brought a god or an illusion, I would still have a method to deal with it nanodesuyo」

「Well, you heard it jya」

Having the conversation with Hera, Kohaku turned to face Yurikago with a smile. It was exactly like a devil’s smile, that was how Yurikago saw it.

「Well then, what are you going to do?」

「What are you going to do desuka~?」

Kohaku and Hera was working together and pressuring Yurikago into a corner, in actual fact, she didn’t really have much of a choice anymore…



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