Chapter 71: The Third Bride/ Total of three minutes in the bathroom


「Ku ku ku,, Having  this many flowers is indeed good. It’s a shame that some of them have yet to be plucked jyana」

「If you put it that way it makes me not want to go in」

Yurikago was bickering with Kohaku. Even though Yurikago was trying to talk back to Kohaku, the young looking old woman turns a deaf ear and completely ignores her.

Next to these two girls there was: Kotone, Suzune, Kazane and Aoba.

The women were all nude, they were completely naked just like when they were first born. If you were to ask why, well that’s because they were all in the bathroom.

In the building named as Taiyou’s Castle, which was supposedly design as a residential apartment complex, the bathroom was quite spacious even with all of them entering together. All the women were taking a bath together right now.

After eating dinner, Kohaku suggested that they should all take a bath together. Under the pretext of trying to deepen their friendship Kohaku invited the girls to soak together.

Taiyou on the other hand was still in deep contemplation and it was like he was unable to see anyone else. Even when the three twin sisters and Aoba came home from shopping, or when Kohaku was trying to help out with the “preparation” of dinner while actually being a nuisance he was deep in his own thoughts.

For quite the long time, he was just lost in thought.

If the three sisters didn’t stop him, he might have not realized that he was picking up the soy sauce bottle instead of water, and he might have drunk it up.

That was just how much of a daze he was in, it was almost like his spirit was out of his own body.

Naturally the three sisters who didn’t know why Taiyou was acting in such a manner worriedly asked about it. With that Kohaku told the girls “Taiyou has reached a turning point jya”. As expected the three sisters didn’t know what she meant by that. All they knew was that it must have been something really important and that they sincerely did not want to obstruct Taiyou.

To that point there was no problem at all.

In actuality while the girls might not completely understand what he was going through, they had no doubt that it was something that was deeply involved with their future, and considering the fact that Kohaku also acknowledged this fact, they wanted to fully support him.

The problem came a little afterwards. Because she thought they might become a hindrance to Taiyou if they just wandered around the house aimlessly, Kohaku invited them all for a bath.

And thus, due to such a thing happening all the women were in the bathroom.

As per expected everyone was in their birthday suits in the bathroom.

When Kohaku mentioned that there are “flowers” in the room, it wasn’t just a joke. In truth, all the women in this bathroom were splendidly attractive and had their own charms akin to beautiful flowers.

Kohaku as her name suggests had the whitest skin amongst the girls in the bathroom. Although her body was quite underdeveloped like a child, if one looked closely at Kohaku, they would see her rich adult-like sex appeal.

Well among the three sisters, you can also say that they are still in the developing stages for their bodies. However, while their bodies are thin, they also have their sweet swelling parts that emphasized their womanly areas, and an adorable look that made you want to protect them.

The person with the healthiest physique was Aoba who had unfastened her ponytail hair. Her perky breasts that were pointing upwards reminded one of the finest quality gems, there was this charm to it that increased a person’s desire to keep it close at hand.

Lastly, there was the girl with the long hair that draped over her entire body like a mantle. She had a pair of peaks that resembled peaches and a silky smooth hair, her body was like a work of art that made you focus your attention to it. It was the perfect combination of beauty and elegance it was one of those high-level bodies.

To think that in this large bathroom all these women were assembled, it would be a modest expression to say that there was flowers in the bathroom.

「Umm…. Kohaku-san」

「When you mentioned plucking, you mean by Taiyou-san ?」

「We….. aren’t really knowledgeable about this sort of thing」

Saying that the three sisters huddled together.

「Kukuku, that was just a joke jya. Husband is not going to do such a thing; he is too preoccupied right now jya. You saw it too right, the state husband is in?」

「Well that’s true」

Yurikago was the one to respond to Kohaku’s words in a prompt manner. As if she was trying to show off her nice proportions Yurikago stretched out her back as she entered the center of the steamy bath.

It almost seemed like she was used to being seen, or perhaps being seen did not bother her in the slightest, it was that kind of atmosphere.

Doing that, the three sisters were staring fixatedly at her body.

「Nevertheless, you guys are truly an interesting bunch. While your faces are exactly the same, the size of your bodies are entirely different. If the size of your heads were exactly the same it would be really revolting, but it seems that each of you have nice proportions for the size of your bodies. How do I say this….. it reminds me of the Seven-five-three festival?」(TL Note: this festival is also known as Shichi-Go-San Festival and is said to have originated in the Heian period amongst court nobles who would celebrate the passage of their children into middle childhood)

Although they were strictly different, the three sisters had different bodily proportions yet their faces looked exactly the same. The three sisters knew exactly what Yurikago was implying.

「Well that’s because we three are triplets」

「Yes, it is natural that we look similar」

「However, we also don’t know why only our bodies are different in size」

「Has it been like that since a long time ago?」

「No, after we entered elementary school we started showing our differences」

「For some reason or another the rate that we grew was at a different pace from each other」

「Before then, we had been just like any other triplet」

「Hey there’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while now. Did the three of you used to talk in this manner in the past?」

The person who interrupted the conversation was Aoba who had posed this question. Unlike Yurikago, Aoba was acting the complete opposite, even though this bath only had women in it, she was really shy and she used a towel and her hands to cover her private places.

To Aoba who was shy, Kohaku asks back.

「Oh by the way, since when have you been classmates with these girls nojya?」

「Since middle school up until now. The Hayakawa-san from before didn’t used to speak in this sort of manner, until just recently, I feel like they didn’t speak in this manner」

「That is….」

Kotone was the one to speak first but then the three sisters exchanged glances with each other. They were worried about whether they should answer this question or not.

After a short while, the girls resolved themselves as they turned towards Aoba and started to speak.

「That was because we tried to conform with society standards」

「Yeah, it’s the same thing as when someone says slang or if someone speaks with formality」

「The way we talked was one of formality」

「In other words, this is how you guys normally talk?」


「…..The reason you became like this is due to that Natsuno-kun?」

「「「Yes, it’s all thanks to Taiyou-san!」」」

Aoba made it seem like it was Taiyou’s fault but the three sisters corrected it. It wasn’t Taiyou’s fault, it was thanks to Taiyou. To the three girls, this was something that they could not concede to.

While the girls were chatting with each other, Kohaku slipped out of the bath and sat down on a wooden stool.

She was applying a handful of body soap to her body with a sponge. After a moment her pink body was covered in bubbles.

「You really have such a white skin, almost like some sort of sculpture」

「While that is very flattering, your body looks even more like a sculpture than mine jya. The proportions of your body is capable of even making a woman jealous of you jya」

「You think so? I don’t think very highly of it though」

「Fumu, hasn’t there been anyone to praise you of this fact up until now?」

「There is no one in my presence that has ever dared to praise me, well to begin with there is rarely anyone who gets to see my true colors」

「If that’s true than that’s a shame jya」

Kohaku washes her body as she lets out a sigh.

「When someone puts great care in taking care of a flower that’s when the flower is capable of beautifully blooming, you’ve heard about this jyaro?」

「That’s if you are a flower」

「This saying isn’t only limited to plants nojya. In recent years, why have women been compared to a flower? that’s because there are too many properties that resemble a woman within a flower jya. If water is not given, it will wither, and the more love it is given by its owner the more it will bloom in full glory jya」

「Oh, yeah?」

「Let me say it in even more common terms. The more a woman falls in love the more beautiful she becomes, in a time of love a female hormone is secreted and this hormone is able to change the body by itself to make it even more beautiful nojya. Moreover, the female hormone is after all secreted the most when a woman is being loved jyayo」

「I see」

「Therefore thinking up till this point, your beauty can only grow worse jya. Because of that you should imagine just how much more beautiful you would become if a man enters your life」

「Even though you are saying such a thing, how come I don’t really feel envy or vexation from your words?」

「Desiring something that you cannot obtain is only something the immature youth does jya, moreover I also have pride in this body of mine」


「Umu, this is a body that my husband has said to be beautiful, and it is also a body that has received his love jya」


Yurikago tightly purses her lips. After having a conversation with Kohaku, it was instead Yurikago that felt vexation.

Kohaku had a confidence in her and even though she was clearly handicapped in terms of bodily proportions her eyes was still dazzling and radiant.

Above all, even though Kohaku praised her to be beautiful, in Yurikago’s eyes, it was in fact Kohaku who was more beautiful than her. Kohaku’s body was quite plain and almost hidden within the bubbles, by any standard her body shouldn’t have any sex appeal to it. However, to Yurikago, her body actually looked like it was the most sexy out of any woman she has ever seen.


A thought started to sprout in her mind. It was like when the snow started to thaw and a new bud sprouted from the ground.


At this point her thoughts was interrupted as if heaven was saying that it was still too early to think such things. The sponge that Kohaku had been using slipped out of her small hands and flew in an arc like a parabola.

Peta* a sound of it colliding with something resounded, as the sponge landed on to Yurikago’s breasts and then it fell on the ground.

On her perfect body, there was the mark of a sponge on it. To her maiden body which was pink in colour, a white slimy soapy thing was clinging to her skin defiling it. (Light Novel Illustration: Girls Bathing~)



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