Chapter 72: The third bride / While there is no demon


「Umu, it is very erotic nojya 」

As if she was speaking for all the pubescent boys in the world, Korhaku raised her thumbs up as she spoke.

The person herself didn’t really understand the meaning behind Kohaku’s words and merely tried to wipe the white foamy bubbles dripping down her chest with her palm.


「Fumu, Don’t you understand these kinds of things? Then perhaps if I explained it to you, you would be able to understand?」

「What have you been talking about since a while ago? So what if bubbles are attached to my body?」

「Fumu, it looks like someone just pasted something all over you jya」

「What are you saying?!!」

The person who reacted to Kohaku’s words were Aoba. Unlike Yurikago who was brought up as a princess, for better or for worse Aoba had been raised in a common manner.

「However, the fact that he is not here to pluck the flowers is becoming more and more regrettable. As the main character of a romantic comedy, it is the standard to show up in a situation like this and cause trouble jyaga…….」

While saying this, Kohaku glanced at the entrance of the bathroom towards the smoked glass door.

「It doesn’t seem to be going that well jyana」

「…….I understand that you were talking about something sexual」

Yurikago breathed out a sigh. While she may not have the knowledge in these types of matters she was by no means a foolish person, in fact she had a very high comprehension rate and was quite the intelligent human being.

「Even now, my breasts seemed like it had milk or semen pasted all over it, that’s the kind of thing you were talking about right?」

「Very insightful jya, by the way it’s a secret as to which one I was thinking about jya」

「I don’t even want to know」

Saying this Yurikago sighed again.

Picking up the sponge she dropped, Kohaku resumed washing her body.

On the side the three twin sisters were sitting in a circle as they washed down each other’s backs.

Meanwhile, Yurikago was standing with her imposing figure as she looked at the situation.

Aoba was curious about what she was doing and so she talked to the girl that rarely involved herself with others.

「Her, what are you doing just standing there?」

「I’m watching, no, I’m learning」


「Ehh, as it is I cannot wash myself, therefore I’m seeing what everyone else is doing and then I plan to wash my body」

「What do you mean—」

What is this about? Aoba was in the midst of confusion when Kohaku suddenly clapped her hands together.

「Incidentally, you are like a princess within the Junishima family jyatana, up until now everything around you have been taken care of by the low-ranking people of your family」

「That’s right」

「Well that seems about right, therefore you are able to maintain such a beautiful appearance jyana」

Folding her arms together Kohaku nodded her head up and down in acknowledgement.

「Eh, What do you mean?」

「This girl has a very exaggerated upbringing, it is the so called daughter that lived in a secluded room jya. Ever since she was born, not to mention taking a bath for herself, she doesn’t even need to wipe her own butt jya」


Aoba was left flabbergasted.

What Kohaku said was clearly going too far that even Yurikago started to protest.

「Of course I do that kind of thing myself!」

「Hou, you do? I sincerely thought that you left that to one of your subordinates」

「Obviously I don’t?」

「However, you are inexperienced with bathing jyaro?」

「I’ve at least bathed in a hot spring before」

Yurikago said this as if it was a natural thing.

Declaring such a thing whilst standing there, she appeared to be some sort of divine being.

To such a person, the three twin sisters asked timidly.

「Excuse me, Yurikago-san, if you are unable to wash yourself then…」

「Would you allow us to wash you?」

「Please let us do so」

「Hayakawa-san? What are you girls saying?」

「That’s because, Yurikago-san is our benefactor」

「We must at least do this much」

「Rather, if we are able to repay your kindness even a little, we would be glad to do so」

The three sisters spoke as if this was the norm, and Kohaku could not help but to smile gently.

Aoba was the only person here that didn’t know the things that happened between them, she was left with her mouth wide open and was at a loss for words.

To the three twins, Yurikago still asked them calmly.

「Will you help me then?」


「Thank you, I’m sorry about this」

Subtly putting her chin down, Yurikago gave them her thanks. Whilst she did have a high birth origin, it was not like she didn’t hesitate in asking help for this sort of thing.

Standing still in that place, she was now waiting for the three sisters to help her.

While Aoba was still rolling her eyes in bewilderment, the three sisters got ready to wash Yurikago’s body cheerfully.

Turning the faucet and letting the hot water out, placing the bathing chairs and grabbing the sponge and body soap.

Having perfect coordination, the three sister combination was very effective and completed all the preparations instantly.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting」

「Yurikago-san, please come over here」

「We will wash you」

Leading Yurikago by the hand, the girls led her to the bathing chair that they prepared.


At that moment, a wet sound arrived in the ears of all the girls who were in the bathroom.

It was the sound of wet feet sliding across the bathroom floor.

And just like that ・・・・・・・the three girls simultaneously lost their balance at the exact same time.

Dongara Gashann (Crashh), A classical sound effect of someone falling could be heard as they fell.

The three twin sisters had involved Yurikago in their crash as they were holding on to her hands.


「Fumu, This is a wonderful spectacle jya」

On the one side, Aoba was really worried about her classmate who had just slipped as she gasped, on the other hand, Kohaku lifted the edge of her mouth and showed a really amused expression on her face.

The three sisters and Yurikago had fallen on the bathroom floor, not too sure about how the mechanics of the fall worked out, but they were thoroughly intertwined with each other.

Kazane was holding down Yurikago, Suzune was straddling her, and lastly Kotone was pressing her breasts against Yurikago’s face.

The sight of these youthful girls entwined together whilst being naked, if a pubescent boy was to see this scene right now, it wouldn’t be strange for them to rush into the toilet immediately, it was that kind of dreamy scene.

「Fumu, for there to be such a splendid scene, it would be totally wrong for us not to record such a moment. You girls just wait here; I will come back with Husband’s phone jya」

「Don’t come ba– Hyaa」

Yurikago was raising her voice in protest but, as she struggled to get up, Kotone’s foot slips once again and this time she was thrusting her hips towards Yurikago’s face.

「Wait, what are you girls doing?!」

The one who objected to this was Aoba. It wasn’t because she was in the bathroom, there was something else that made her raise her voice whilst she blushed.

「I’m sorry! We didn’t mean to do such a thing」

「That’s right, please believe us!」

「Our bodies only belong to Taiyou-san!」

The three sisters were desperately trying to explain, although they tried to hurriedly stand up, whenever they moved they would lose their footing again somehow, they only made it worse as they became even more tangled up with Yurikago.

Seeing this Aoba was going to help out….. however, her body sensed that it would also become dangerous for her and she could not do it.

The four people were only able to get up after a full three minutes had went past.

After finally being able to wash the body clean, the girls all entered into the bathtub together.

As if she was trying to hide, Aoba submerged her body from the shoulder down into the hot water, on the other hand, the three sisters and Yurikago didn’t really mind it if their bodies were seen and the upper portion of their bodies were floating above the water. Kohaku was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and only her feet were soaked in the hot water.

Everyone had their own way and preferences for bathing.

「You girls, are you normally like that?」

Yurikago tone of voice was slightly filled with amazement as she asked the question. Yurikago was pretty easily letting the incident pass, and this was also perhaps because due to her princess upbringing, she didn’t really feel shy being exposed to an unnecessary party.

「That’s not true!」

「That was an accident」

「Normally that kind of thing is impossible!」

「Is that so? I was convinced for a second that you were doing the same kind of thing as him」

「Same kind of—-」

The person who reacted to Yurikago’s words was Aoba. Sealing her lips in a panic she grandly blushes as half of her face sunk into the hot water.

「Well, at most it was just a happening jya. Our husband doesn’t need to do stuff like that, even without causing this type of trouble, he has already been able to build a harem jya」

Nobody understood the double meaning of what Kohaku was trying to imply in this bathroom. Hera who usually joined in and Taiyou who usually retorted her, none of them were here right now.

However, even if people did not understand the meaning behind her words, it was already enough for them to understand the direct meaning.

「……That seems to be true」

Yurikago lightly shuts her eyelids and nods subtly.

The three sisters were looking strongly at Kohaku.

When you see how adorable they looked, it was indeed obvious that they didn’t need to create any ecchi happenings for things to proceed.

However, the moment Yurikago next opened her eyes, she was amazed at the scene before her.

「Hey, you really said that there is no need for happenings? Then what do you call that?」

Yurikago raised her hand and pointed at something.

「Eh, Kyaaaaahhh?!」

Turning her gaze to where Yurikago was pointing Aoba let out a grand scream and even her head was completely submerged under the bathtub.

On the other side of the smoked glass, a tall shadow of a person jumped into the view of the women’s eyes.



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