Chapter 73: The Third Bride / Awakening


Beyond the smoky glass door the girls could see the figure of an intruder, the girl’s reactions were divided into two types.

The three sisters and Aoba quickly sank their bodies into the water to hide themselves. Aoba was the girl who even screamed out.

On the other hand, both Kohaku and Yurikago were completely unperturbed and they didn’t even try to hide themselves.

Among the girls, the three sister’s reaction was slightly unexpected, well nonetheless, they were still young maidens at heart and they were weak to surprise attacks.

「Ah, sorry sorry. The person who screamed just then, was it Aoba? I’m really sorry if I surprised you」


「That voice… it Akiha?」

Everyone was taken aback as the voice that came was different from their expectations.

Because there was only Taiyou left in this house who hadn’t entered the bath, everyone thought that he would appear, therefore when it was someone else they couldn’t help but to be surprised.

「That’s right, do you mind it if I open this? I’m opening it okay?」

Without waiting for permission from the girls inside of the bath, Akiha slid the glass doors as it rattled while it opened.

Indeed it was only her figure that showed up.

Not wearing her usually school uniform, Akiha was just wearing a casual outfit.

Wearing a fluffy one-piece dress combined with denim short pants, she was dressed casually and this suited her candid atmosphere.

She who appeared had sparkling eyes.

「There are five pair of breasts….. How wonderful!」

「What are you saying Akiha!」

Aoba was protesting at the behaviour of her best friend.

「It’s boobies you know? Aren’t they wonderful? Breasts, butts and a man’s sexy well-built arms are part of god’s miracles, at least that’s what I believe」

「What an awkward choice nojya. Well, I don’t intend to criticise it though」


Akiha darts her eyes across Kohaku’s body from top to bottom.

「You, don’t have any breasts jyan?」

「What a blunt way to speak nojya. Well, I suppose it is true jyana」

Kohaku didn’t argue and withdrew easily. Whilst still having a composed face, Kohaku slowly submerges her body and sunk into the bathtub.

「So, what’s going on? What led to such a wonderful event?」

「Leaving that aside, how did you manage to come in here?」

「Eh? Ahh well, I came from the front door entrance? I even tried ringing the chime but nobody was coming out to answer. Therefore, because the door wasn’t locked, I just came in without permission」

「Was husband not present?」

Kohaku was doubtful.

「He was there, in the place that looked like a hall of some sort. He was sitting on the sofa, with a “thinking person pose”, he didn’t even realize that I had come in」

「I see」

Kohaku nods. After questioning her Kohaku got the gist of things and left the matter at that for the time being.

The other girls also seemed to have understood the situation and so they didn’t say anything, however, this only made Akiha raise a question.

Looking around the bathroom, Akiha’s gaze landed on to Yurikago.

「Back to my question, can you please explain how this wonderful situation came about? How did it come to this? Moreover, didn’t the amount of people increase in comparison to before? Who are you? Are you also a new member of his harem?」

「I’m just a guest. Or more like, why did you come to such a conclusion?」

「Well you’re here in his house, besides you are absurdly beautiful」

「Well if you put it like that, you also fit the description to be in his harem?」

「Well that’s not true, I mean look I’m not naked」

「Fumu, in that case Miss Aoba is going to be a member of the harem jyana. She’s in this house right now, moreover she’s completely in the nude jya」


While still having half of her face sunk in the hot water, Aoba raised a scream.

Her reaction was like a girl that didn’t want to listen to their conversation any longer.

「Well as for Aoba, it’s only a matter of time」

「It’s not only a matter of time! Why are you assuming that!」

「It’s my woman’s intuition, my intuition whispers to me that Aoba will sooner or later fall for him」

「Indeed, that makes sense」

「Umu, if that’s the case then I understand jya」

Akiha had her thumbs up as she spoke and both Yurikago and Kohaku was in agreement with her words.

「Don’t be convinced so easily! I, definitely won’t become like that」

Unable to hold it any longer at their teasing, Aoba’s large voice protested against her best friend’s words.

After the women had finished taking their baths, each of them returned to the living room terrace.

Excluding Akiha who didn’t take a bath, Yurikago, Kohaku, the three sisters and Aoba who was dragged into the bath without her consent, all of these girls were wearing a towel yukata that was quite revealing on their skin. A sweet aroma of soap drifted about the room.

The young girls were not wearing any perfume and so this room was filled with their natural captivating smell.

Even after such a long bathing time had passed, Taiyou was still in deep thought.

Sitting on the sofa, with a bent forward posture and his elbows on top of his thighs, he had both his fingers linked and placed against his chin.

This was indeed the posture someone took when they were thinking about something, only his eyes were staring right in front of him.

「Why is he being like this?」

Because she came a bit later than the others, she didn’t know the previous circumstances and thus asked the other girls.

「He is approaching a turning point in his life jya」

「Heeh, that’s kind of cool jyan?」

Akiha had an expression that was in between admiring him and not really admiring him as she approached Taiyou.

Akiha waved her arms right in front of him in order to get his attention and when this didn’t work, she made her hand into the shape of a megaphone before placing it right next to his ear saying “Oiii”. Even after all that there was no reaction from him, therefore she grabbed the white cloth which was on the table and placed it on top of his head.

「Ohh, it’s sticking and not falling off. What an amazing amount of concentration!」

「Should we try putting an orange on top as well? It makes me really curious as to how many things we can pile up on top of his head jya」

「What are you saying Kohaku-san?!」

「Taiyou-san is thinking really seriously」

「You must not disturb him!」

The three sisters objected to Kohaku’s idea. As if turning a deaf ear, the young looking old woman just smiled.

Akiha kept trying to make distractions for Taiyou but the three sisters also started to obstruct her from doing so.

The four girls were gathered around Taiyou and was making a lot of commotion.

「Are you fine with not doing anything?」

At this point, Yurikago asked Kohaku.

Unlike the three sisters, Kohaku was just spectating and so Yurikago became curious.

「Umu, I’m fine with it jya. Instead I am really interested and expectant at just how far husband is able to concentrate so deeply, irrespective of the noise and the disturbance around him jya. The more that this continues, I feel as if husband will surely experience great growth when he does return jya. Or perhaps, it may have no consequence upon the result」

「I see, you are quite strict on him aren’t you?」

「Isn’t this only proper for the man that will become the central pillar of this household?」

「That may be true」

「By the way, what do you mean by a turning point?」

Perhaps she was bored with playing around with Taiyou, but Akiha suddenly started to ask questions again.

She had the kind of personality that would ask whatever it was that she didn’t understand.

Seeing this Kohaku gave her a model answer. Ignoring the fact that it may be bad to talk about these details with an outsider, Kohaku started to explain in detail about Taiyou’s present condition.

Hearing the story Akiha only needed to think about it for a little while before striking her hand with a fist in realisation.

「In other words, he is thinking about the best way in order to support the women of his harem? And because of that he is seriously considering all the possibilities?」

「That’s exactly right jyana」

「How wonderful jyan. Is that so, is that the type of earnest man he is?」

「What’s this, are you perhaps interested in him jya?」

「Not right now」

Akiha immediately rejects the idea. And yet, there was no bad meaning in those words.

Judging from her frank tone, it was just like she said, she was just not interested right now.

「What a prompt answer jyana」

「Well that’s because, I’m not really in love with him or anything」

「Heeh……. You’re the first person I’ve met that spoke words in a such a literal sense」

「That’s true jyana, speaking in such a literal manner without any sarcasm or evil intentions behind your words, it’s been several decades since I’ve known someone like you jyana」

「Are you praising me?」

「Of course」

「Praising you without holding back jya」

「That so? Thanks then」

Indulging in the praise of the two girls, Akiha radiantly smiles as she gave them her thanks.

「Leaving that aside, Akiha why are you here?」

「I was just worried about you. I was the one who left you here yesterday, and so I was just wondering how you were faring after that」


「For a second, I felt responsible but seeing you so lively makes me feel relieved, it seems that compared to yesterday you have a happy face jyan」


「Well, at least now, I don’t see an expression on your face that tells me you want to commit suicide jya」

「I……. Did I really have that kind of face?」

「Yes, you were really depressed」

「And you also seemed really out of it」

「Like Kohaku-san said you looked like you wanted to die」

「Did something happen?」

「Other than hanging out with her while we were all nude, nothing else happened jya」

「Just doing that made her like this? Wonderful!」

Akiha was saying her favourite word, and Aoba was blushing. As if he was waiting for the completion of their conversation, Taiyou’s eyes began to shimmer back alive and his gaze was placed on the girls around him.



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