Chapter 79: The Third Bride/ Exposed


「Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan! I’ve been looking around for a bit but Taiyou-chan’s Kyaa!!!!ー」

While Hera was yelling something, Taiyou snatched her out of the air and put her under the couch seat he was sitting on. A struggling voice could be heard from under his butt but he decided to ignore it.

However, it was already too late.

Although it was an accident, he still kissed Aoba.

She now had a completely different look of surprise than the one she showed immediately following the kiss.

She gazed back and forth between Taiyou’s face and his butt.

It was clear that she had noticed Hera from her reaction.


「Woah!, Kotone and her sister’s meals are delicious! Especially this cabbage in the miso soup. I think that if I drink this, the upper-half of my body will become completely nude」[1. Pretty sure this is possibly a reference from Shokugeki no Souma xD]

「Just nowー」

「It’s delicious, too delicious! Give me a second helping Kazane, I want to eat food made by you for the rest of my life!」

「That voiceー」

「Come to think about it, it’s time for the morning soap dramas. You absolutely can’t look down on the recent morning soap dramas!」

Taiyou said in a loud voice while desperately gulping down his meal. He even turned on the TV in order to backup what he was saying.

However, it was a futile effort.

No matter how much he did, Aoba looked at him with eyes as if she was totally convinced of what she saw.

Eventually, she said nothing while her gaze was fixated only on him.

When their eyes met, Taiyou gulped and couldn’t catch his breath.

「Husband, maybe it’s already too late?」

「Surely you can see that it’s pointless to hide it.」

「Even now, Hera-chan’s voice can still be heard.」

「Is she screaming something?」

「I think that it would be better to let her out.」

Kohaku, Yurikago, and the three irregular sisters.

One by one, the girls opened their mouth, in order to persuade Taiyou.

Taiyou sighed.

He nodded feebly and tilted his body; thus, releasing Hera from being pinned under his butt.

A blonde fairy immediately flew out and protested to him.

「What are you doing Taiyou-chan!!!? I went through a lot of trouble to think of an amazing idea for Taiyou-chan, only to receive such cruel treatment nanodesu!」

If anyone was suddenly snatched and held between a couch and a butt, naturally there would be complaints.  Immediately following Hera’s release, she raised both hands and protested furiously. She suddenly stopped speaking once she noticed everyone looking at her.

「Huh? What’s the matter everyone?」

Hera followed everyone’s gaze and realized that even Aoba was closely observing her.

「Oh… has Aoba-chan become able to see me?」

She asked Aoba cheerfully despite sticking out like a sore thumb.

Private School Koen Gakuen High School 1st Year A Group.

Before morning homeroom, Taiyou sat in his seat facing Aoba.

Normally, Hera would sit on top of his desk while being extremely noisy, but now she was unusually quiet.

Although other people could not see her, Taiyou requested that she be quiet, while he explained the complicated story to Aoba.  Despite complaining, Hera kept silent in public.

Hera sat between Taiyou and Aoba, who were facing each other.

「In other words――」

After Aoba listened to Taiyou’s explanation until the end, she tried to summarize the story she heard, with an astonished look on her face.

「――What do you mean?」

She immediately held up a white flag. [2. This is pretty much stating that she tried, but gave up attempting to summarize his story]

Although Taiyou considerably simplified his explanation of what happened since he met Hera, Aoba still did not seem to understand or accept it.

Despite the story not advancing any further, Taiyou seemed relieved.

Currently, Hera can be seen by Kotone and her sisters, Kohaku, and Yurikago; which was a total of three people.   They all accepted Hera’s existence immediately. [3. Kotone and her sisters are counted as one person]

Although she existed right in front of their eyes, Taiyou did not believe that this existence outside of common sense could be accepted very easily.

Thus, he wondered how they could have comprehended it so quickly.

So in this case, he was relieved that Aoba’s reaction was refreshingly different from the others.

However, he couldn’t afford this to go on much longer. Taiyou decided to explain it more bluntly but with only the phenomenon and the results.

「If I said it’s like how the main character of a manga is possessed by a fairy and obtains magical powers, would you understand then?」

「Yeah….I understand, but――」

She said that as she watched Hera. She understood that it was something that could happen in manga. However, she still couldn’t accept the fact that Hera existed even though she was right in front of her eyes.

Looking at Aoba’s face; Hera smiled, laughed, and waved her hand. Aoba pointed to herself with a confused look.

「Well, in any case, you shouldn’t think about it too deeply.  Even I do not know why this happened. One day she just suddenly appeared before my eyes.」

「Is that so?」

Aoba said as she alternatively looked at Taiyou and Hera.

In the end, she took a deep breath, and calmed herself down.

「Ok, I understand now」

「Do you really understand?」

「I don’t understand but for the time being」


Taiyou had a bitter smile. Aoba’s reaction was refreshing as expected, and so, he felt relieved once again.

「So from what I’ve heard from Natsuno-kun’s story, she will stay by Natsuno-kun’s side now and forever?」


Taiyou nodded despite having a confused expression.

「By the way, how long has Hera been around me?」

「She was with us for a good percentage of the time.」

「Then, how did I suddenly become able to see her? 」


Taiyou unintentionally groaned as if a sore spot was poked.

He racked his brain trying to figure out how to explain the conditions in order to see Hera.

Considering the details of Hera’s first appearance became hazier when he tried to remember, he could not explain that as well.

Taiyou thought of several things, but he arrived to the conclusion that it was impossible to deceive her. He decided to explain instead.

「She can be seen only by people…..who kissed me」

Taiyou told her in a muffled voice so that the surrounding classmates could not hear.


Aoba pressed against her lips.

It seemed that she was clearly remembering the accident that happened during breakfast.

Her face instantly turned red. As a result, Taiyou noticed that the temperature in his face seemed to rise as well.


After a while, Taiyou bowed his head to her.

Although it was an accident, the fact remained that he still stole a kiss from her. Furthermore, he still hadn’t apologized properly for that incident.

Having thought that, Taiyou bowed his head.

「Oh, that was an accident. Therefore, it doesn’t count because it was an accident.  That’s why we’ll both forget about it.」

「Is that ok?」

「Yeah, because it was an accident…」

Aoba emphasized that it was an accident. It became severely obvious that she wanted to convey that fact.  Regardless, it still could not wipe away his feelings of guilt, but he decided to believe her.


Suddenly, she raised her voice and seemed to have noticed something. Her eyes opened wider and she had an astonished look on her face.

「What happened!?」

「That twin-tailed girl that was with us since yesterday」

「Oh, Yurikago? What about her? 」

「She also… saw Hera…right?」


Taiyou remembered that morning. Based on Yurikago’s words, it was clear to assume that she could also see Hera.

He became extremely troubled while thinking of a way to explain how Yurikago could see Hera.

The first hour of class was like lying on a bed of needles. The contents of the senile teacher’s lessons were similar to spell incantations. Not one thing entered Taiyou’s head.

Hera also wasn’t there. She disappeared somewhere as soon as homeroom was over and the teachers switched.

Taiyou was far away from finding the perfect solution and the cause of the conflict had left.

He glanced at Aoba.

The three sisters who were sitting in separate seats, worried about Aoba as well.

It seemed that Aoba was absent-minded, as if thinking about something, during the entire class. Her hand that was holding the pencil completely stopped, and even her notebook that was far away, was noticeably blank.

Taiyou did not know what she was thinking, and because of that, only the worse guesses crossed his mind.

Someone she was not dating, kissed her, and did not take responsibility for it.

To make matters worse, the conversation that he proudly spoke to her about last night vividly crossed his mind.

Taiyou became ashamed and felt as if he should disappear into a hole.

However, contrary to how he felt…

「Natsuno-kun, will you go home together with me?」

During the break, Aoba came close to him, and asked such a thing.



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