Chapter 81: The Third Bride / On Board!


Even Taiyou was shocked by his sudden infatuation.

「zee…… haa…..」

He was feeling the shock from when he was in the hallway together with Aoba. There was a rise in his pulse and mild throb in his chest. Feelings that undoubtedly meant favor towards the opposite sex―――it was love. He could clearly notice that he began to like Aoba. However, that was fine and ok. At this point in time, he did not intend to pose as a virtuous one-woman type of man. The problem was the timing. Taiyou became amazed at himself for beginning to like one girl after another.

「huff……ha, damn」

「What are you doing Track and Field club一 Aren’t you ashamed of running sluggishly!?」

「That’s right, That’s right」

However, Taiyou thought that he no longer had any doubt that he began to like Aoba. Even until now, just by recalling her retreating figure leaving the hallway; his heart began to beat faster and his temperature rose. At first he thought that・・it was that kind of thing. Like the mating season that approached after he had a relationship with the three sisters and Kohaku. The reason he disregarded the feelings was because he thought he merely desired her body. [1. Mikazuki: The word “発情期 (はつじょうき/ Hatsujyouki) means “Mating season; Estrus” I researched estrus and the simplest way to summarize it is “in heat”]

However, He wanted to embrace, kiss, and love her. Having these types of thoughts indicated that the emotions existed. It doesn’t mean that there was no lust, but it wasn’t entirely lust. He didn’t want just her body; he wanted her heart as well. It could certainly be called greed, and if that was the case, Taiyou thought that he was already in love.  He already accepted it.  Taiyou decided to think so after repeatedly asking himself.

―― Pippiー!


Incidentally, after the thought, he heard an unfamiliar sound. When he looked in the direction of the sound, his eyes opened wide. He saw the P.E teacher in a jersey blowing the whistle.

「Alright, that’s it for now. The girls will get to change their clothes until the break time bell rings and the boys turn will be from break time until class begins.  With that said, you’re all dismissed」

The P.E teacher said and quickly walked away.  Again, Taiyou surveyed his surroundings. The early summer sunlight increased in strength daily. There was an intense reflection in several places on the school grounds. Including him, the boys from First Year Class A, were mostly assembled there. All of them were wearing gym uniforms. Here and there, there were classmates out of breath and clinging to the ground. Seeing that, Taiyou thought “now that I think about it, weren’t we doing a marathon for P.E class “, without any deep emotion.

「Haah…… Haah…… Natsuno」


He heard the parched, wheezing voice of a boy next to him.  When he turned around, he could see the appearance of a classmate glaring in his direction, with their hands on their knees. His name was Tashika Kazama. Taiyou remembered that he was a celebrity and called the new star of the track and field club.

「Hey, you’re pretty good……」

「Eh? ah, yea」

Taiyou did not know what it was about but decided to nod for the time being.

「However, I won’t lose next time, remember that」

Kazama left the parting remark and walked away.  Taiyou wondered what in the world Kazama meant and began to look completely confused.

「Good job Taiyou-san」

「Here’s a towel」

「Please use it」

After Kazama left, the three sisters with their peculiar way of speaking, came beside him. They spoke in turns based on height only in front of their husband Taiyou and family members. They relaxed around Taiyou the most and constantly spoke in the order of Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane. Those three were wearing the school’s assigned white shirt and blue bloomers, which was regulation for the girls.  While looking from their gym sneakers to thighs; their healthy legs which were like a fawn’s were seductive.

Taiyou instinctively put effort into restraining his bottom-half.  Otherwise, considering there were many classmates around, he would have exposed his shameful behavior in front of them. Pretending to be calm, he took the towel and wiped off most of the sweat from his face.

「At any rate, Taiyou-san is awesome」

「You defended the boy’s top position until the end」

「It was worthwhile to cheer for you」


Confused at their words, he lowered his towel and turned his gaze. The three sisters had the type of eyes that seemed to be looking at an idol they yearned for, and yet, also like a mother being prideful of her son.

「Yes, it was the top」

「Taiyou-san and Kazama-kun were both in dead heat」[2. Mikazuki: “Dead Heat” is a movie about two men finishing in a tie. It normally means the race was extremely close.]

「You were ahead of third place by one lap」

「……Really?」 [3. Nefarian: This guy literally just owned an elite athlete so easily without even knowing it? ahaha this cracks me up…]

Taiyou was muttering like it was completely someone else’s problem, as he watched Kazama leaving. He realized what「I won’t lose next time」meant now, although it was too late.

「Hey, Natsuno was amazing right?」

「No, Kazama just seemed to lack spirit」

「You idiot, they both completely went past you three laps ahead, how could that be lacking spirit?!」

The voices of classmates could be heard rising here and there. They were critiquing Taiyou and Kazama’s dead heat match which developed moments ago. Many of them were praising Taiyou, possibly regarding the great running they saw earlier.

「Taiyou-san, we’re going to go ahead」

「I’ll take the towel」

「See you later」

The three sisters spoke one after another based on height; took the towel from Taiyou, and left.

「Wait a second Suzu-chan, I’ll hold the towel」

「It was decided that I will hold the towel this time, Kaza-chan don’t snatch it away」

「It smells like Taiyou-san after all. After seeing the real thing it makes it so unbearable」

The girls headed towards the school building while noisily disputing about something. Before long, only the boys remained in the schoolyard.  After the girls returned to class, it was the boys turn to change clothes.  Taiyou thought about what he should do. He didn’t have much free time before returning to class. He was bored and had not much time to do anything.

「Dammit, that Natsuno guy is getting carried away」

「Leave it me, I’ll discipline him a little」

Taiyou called Hera and asked her about the conditions and how much experience he needed for the next level. He wondered if it was something that he could do steadily. At that time, while he was thinking that, he felt a human presence moving from out of nowhere.


Suddenly, he felt something hit his shoulder.  When he turned around, he noticed the appearance of his classmate falling on his back. It was a classmate named Saitou who had piercings and blonde hair. He fell on his back while looking at Taiyou with a shocked face.

「Oh, sorry」

Taiyou apologized while extending his hand. There were rumors that this boy had a rough temper and associated with bad people.  Despite being a classmate, Taiyou always avoided dealing with this type of person as much as possible. However, it couldn’t be helped that he was knocked down, so Taiyou apologized and extended his hand. But, that wasn’t good. Saitou’s face changed from astonished to angry in the blink of an eye because of Taiyou’s action.  He slapped Taiyou’s hand away and stood up on his feet.

「You shouldn’t be too full of yourself」

He said the incomprehensible remark as he walked away. Taiyou wondered what that was about while tilting his head to the side and looking puzzled.

「There are rumors about Natsuno-kun」

After school, Taiyou and Aoba walked beside each other. Taiyou parted with the three sisters in class and met up with Aoba in order to take her home. Aoba started speaking about such a thing while leaving the school gate. Taiyou tilted his head in confusion.

「Rumor? About me?」

「Yes, everyone was talking about today’s P.E class」

「ah, was it about when I had a one on one with Kazama-kun? That was unpleasant. I forgot to restrain myself because I was thinking while running」

Taiyou said while regretting it. Although he had superhuman powers now, he had no intentions of showing it. Rather, it was better to completely hide his powers when they weren’t necessary. He considered that pointlessly showing off would produce useless quarrels.

「There’s that, but that’s not all. I have not seen it, but there was also a rumor passing around about Saitou-kun」

「Saitou as well?」

「Yes, Saitou-kun purposely bumped into Natsuno-kun, but everyone is saying that it looked like he was knocked down by a Sumo Wrestler」

「…….Ahh, so that’s what it was about」

Taiyou understood the situation while listening to Aoba’s story. At the same time, he also was thinking about restraining himself more habitually.  He chatted with Aoba about the rumors, which were the topic of conversation for a short while, but she suddenly became less talkative. The closer she approached her house, the less she spoke. The reason being obvious, Taiyou intentionally said nothing, as they advanced towards the house.

They arrived soon. The Miyagi family’s western-style mansion, maintained a vast amount of land, within a quiet residential area. Although Taiyou visited once before, in his eyes, it was like the castle of the last boss.



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