Chapter 83: The Third Bride / Please give me your daughter


Translator: Mikazuki       Editor and Translation Checker: Nefarian

Silence flowed between the mothers and daughter. A heavy air dominated the battlefield and everyone was making an expression as if they did not know what to say. They slightly diverted their gaze while trying not to make eye contact. The situation could not be helped at this rate because even if the silence ended, they would depart without having an important conversation. Taiyou thought that there was no choice but to introduce a powerful medicine. After comparing different simulations in his brain, Taiyou turned and spoke to Aoba.

「Miyagi-san, do you mind stepping outside?」


「There is something that I want to say to Atsuko-san and Miho-san, may you give me some time? It won’t be a long so I’ll finish it quickly」


「You finished what you wanted to do right? At this point, what can you do? No, what do you wish to do? You wanted to tell the truth because you did not want to do the DNA Test? To put it bluntly, even if you are here, your mothers will never tell you the truth. You understand that right?」

「That is….」

「If you have something to say, you should say it. If not, give me a little time and I’ll be happy」

「…….I understand」

There was hesitation but eventually Aoba nodded slightly and stood up. After reluctantly gazing at Taiyou and the two mothers, she walked out of the living room looking discouraged. Once she left, Taiyou turned towards the two mothers again.

「Excuse me」

「So, what do you have to say?」

「I will say it bluntly. I’ve fallen in love with Miyagi-san」



Atsuko and Miho were caught off guard and looked confused. From their expression, it seemed that they assumed Taiyou would say something much more serious, and looked more shocked than he expected.

「What are you talking about?」

「I’ve fallen in love with Miyagi-san. From now on, I will court her……I intend to get her to fall for me」

「No, not about such a thing. Where did all the talk about DNA test go?」

「Ah, that?」

Taiyou smiled. He didn’t really care about that and made a facial expression that implied so.

「That is Miyagi-san’s story.  Furthermore, it is the circumstances of your family.  Thus, it is essentially unrelated to me……. Am I wrong?」

「You’re not wrong」

As she spoke, the perplexed appearance faded from Atsuko’s face.  It was such a face that showed that even now, she could not keep up with the unexpected conversation.

「It’s really an unimportant discussion from my point of view.  Furthermore, to put things bluntly, perhaps even Miyagi-san doesn’t care about it」

「Why do you think so?」

「There should to be four test results. Besides someone from the three of you, I think that the fourth result, someone else entirely, could possibly be the birth mother」

「Did you not think about the possibility that her father is different?」

「You said earlier that Miyagi-san was becoming similar to her father. Furthermore, Miho-san was convinced. I don’t know the reason why, but you are all convinced that Miyagi-san’s current father is her real father.  Am I wrong?」

「……You’re not wrong」

Miho nodded seriously and answered.

「I swear by the Gods of Heaven and Earth that what I’ve said is the truth. We have also been expressing that to Aoba-sama the entire time」

「Well, taking that into consideration, I guess there can be no more than four outcomes」

「I predicted that outcome before we recommended the DNA test to Miyagi-san. She said that whatever the outcome, she will still love you all as her mother’s for the rest of her life.  Even if, for example, none of you are her birth mother」

「If that’s the case, there should be no need for you to investigate」

「I think that you are saying that the remaining unpleasant feelings and my discussion are different.  Indeed, it’s unrelated to my position as a bystander and I even said earlier that it’s unimportant.  However, from my point of view, I think the future of Miyagi-san, who I have fallen for, is important」

「You, speaking in this overly clear-cut attitude, is making me feel unpleasant you know?」

To the astonished Atsuko, Taiyou calmly asks her a question in return.

「Can you tell me one thing? How did you feel when Miyagi-san’s dad made his clear-cut decision?」

「……Well, now that I think about it, I felt a little bad」

「For me, even now, I’m still just as happy」

「In other words, it’s like that. The story has gotten off of topic so I’ll return to the main point.  I love Miyagi-san. My family……. I intend to bring her into my family. To do that, I’ve considered telling you in advance.  So it’s ok if you and Miyagi-san have a falling out. You can leave her to me」

Taiyou said while turning his gaze towards Atsuko and Miho.  Taiyou consistently appeared carefree as he looked at the two women. They finally overcame their shock and returned a harsh look.

「Do you intend to fan the flames of this crisis?」

「Frankly speaking, it’s in the event that it gets to that level」

「In the event?」

「I have decided that my objective is to win over Miyagi-san and become happy together.  I won’t choose the way to do it nor have a preference for how it gets done. If you lot want to argue with her and this causes your family to be broken, that is also fine with me, I will just use that to my advantage and comfort her broken heart. No matter which way the dice falls, if I cannot achieve the best solution, I will just aim for the second solution, it’s that kind of story」

When Taiyou said that, Miho glared at him. Taiyou thought that she was much more straight-forward than Atsuko, although she had the behavior and appearance of a maid.  On the other hand, Atsuko remained calm and replied with a cold tone.

「Even if you say that, it doesn’t seem like that’s one of your strong points」

「I have two wives and they will cooperate with me in matters of a woman’s heart」



The three people glared at each other. Before long Atsuko sighed, leaned all of her bodyweight against the couch, and looked up towards the sky.

「I give up. It seems to me that if you are this stubborn, you will really grab a complete hold of Aoba’s heart」

「I will tell you that that’s not my only intention. I’m going through this much trouble right now, because I want her to be able to return home to her parents」

「It does sound plausible」

「Atsuko-sama, there’s no way you could have been fallen for such a story right?」

「I won’t tell them, ……I can’t tell them. That will not be changed」

Miho looked very relieved when Atsuko denied telling him.

「Therefore, even if we don’t want to compromise, we are going to be forced to compromise. ……Were you trying to say something like that?」

「Yes, that is precisely right」

Taiyou nodded. It was a means to an end. There was no need to be fussy but he did not change his stance.

「In other words……」

「I’ll perform the examination my own way. You all can deny it and not say who is the birth mom, but Miyagi-san will still insist that she is the daughter of you three.  Afterwards, I hope you will welcome Miyagi-san back as if nothing has happened――and still think of her as your daughter」

「Naturally we will!」

Miho said loudly.

「This is fairly one-sided of you」

Atsuko gave Taiyou a cold-hearted look as she put emphasis on the word “you”.

「After all, it’s an original proposition I came up with based on my circumstances 」

「You’re that kind of child? You were more frivolous when I met you before, or I should say, you were much more hesitant」

「Regarding that, it’s thanks to you」

Taiyou said while placing his hands on his knees and bowing deeply. Those words came from his true feelings.

「The last time we met, I thought about the words that you said to me after I returned home. Almost through the entire night. That is why I developed such a way of thinking」

「When I gave that speech, I did not think that it would come to this. I merely advised you to possess strength」

「Miyagi-san will be my strength」[1. Nef: in his case, ironically, girls literally increase his power levels kekeke]

「Are you serious?」

「Of course」

「……So Miho-san. What should we do? Isn’t it troublesome because only the two of us are here? We could have postponed it if it was only one person」

「Well, if our opinion is divided……」

「Does it seem divided? It seems like I will become unanimous for some reason or another. After all, there is no other way」


「Well, I guess it’s fate right?」

Atsuko sighed and turned to Taiyou.

「I understand. That’s fine」

「Thank you very much」

「However, there is one condition.  I’ll decide after seeing it, I wonder if you will agree or not?」

「What could it be?」

「Confess to Aoba while being in this house. I’ll be able to judge your seriousness if I see that」



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