Chapter 85: The Third Bride/ I’m Scared of a Harem


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As one would expect this was something that surprised Taiyou. When he cross-examined it with his own memories of the first time they met, he was sure that the first thing she said to him was that she hated him. Afterwards, it was not like they got any closer. Therefore, suddenly hearing the fact that she may potentially like him, was something that would naturally make him astonished. Consequently, he had to clarify the matter with her.

「S-Since when?」

「I may have a slight father complex」

Without answering his question directly, Aoba suddenly makes her own confession.

「I loved my father, no, it’s better to say that I still love him. Since a long time ago, I’ve always felt that my father is really cool. He cherished me. Whenever I got sick or when I got hurt, he would always be there to take care of me. He’s my amazing father…  but at times like this, he’s mostly expressionless」

「I see」

Nodding his head, Taiyou chimed in.

「There was a time when I thought that he was being cold towards me, but I was wrong. I understood that father took very good care of me and valued me. When I was sick, he worked really hard to do various things. Therefore, gradually I started to think that being able to keep his emotions under control like that made him a really cool father. That’s because he usually laughs so much and acts kind of awkwardly, but only when it was necessary would he zone in and become expressionless」

「Right, that does seem cool」

Different from the first time, Taiyou nodded quite clearly this time. When push comes to shove, he acted without panicking or being flustered and became serious and accomplished what was necessary. Without a doubt such a characteristic is something even other males can look up to. The reality was that Taiyou did admire her dad to a certain extent.

「That’s why I’ve always loved my father. Also, my father doesn’t act like this just towards me, it’s also the same with my mothers. Mom…. back then she had some sort of big illness, I’m not sure exactly what it was but I think she had cancer」

「Is that so?」

Taiyou recalled the appearance of the other mistress which was not in this house right now. When he thought about it, he could also sense that in comparison with Atsuko and Miho, she seemed to possess this ephemeral atmosphere.

「Back in those days, father was always like that. Working with all his might for mom’s sake. Always making time so that he would be able to be next to mom. Father did these kinds of things for us all the time. To mama and to mother. Therefore, in all honestly, even if my mothers increase by one more person….. I thought that if it’s a person that dad chose, it would be fine」


This time, Taiyou made a small nod. He was able to figure it out somehow. At first, although she did run away from home because a fourth mother was going to be introduced to her family, before she knew it, she had already gotten over it. For Aoba, the important part was finding out who her birth mother really is.

「I loved that kind of father. It was to the extent that I developed a slight father complex」

「Does that have anything to do with me?」

After thinking that her story was completed, Taiyou abruptly changed the topic of conversation. The feelings Aoba had for her father…. in addition to the strong bonds she had with her mothers were conveyed to Taiyou. But leaving things as they were, was only going to make things worse. That’s why he planned to correct things starting from now. It was at this moment that Aoba looked towards him and gave him a sweet smile.

「I think that Natsuno-kun, kinda resembles my father a little」

「Is that right?」

「Yes, when you were talking with Hayakawa-san and Azumaya-san you really looked like my father when he was talking with my mothers, and when you fought with that white girl, your serious expression also resembled my father」

「My face….?」

「Especially when we were talking last night, I really felt the same kind of vibe from you. And that’s when I thought that you were a good person」

「So that’s how it was….」

「Yes, Natsuno-kun looks like my dad and the girls around Natsuno-kun look like my mother’s… And I thought that it just looked so good」

「Does it really look good? I thought that you denied this type of a relationship?」

「Up until now, I’ve always hated people who cheat. But neither dad….. nor Natsuno-kun are cheaters」[1.Nef: He’s kind of a living cheat though]

「That’s for sure」

Without hesitating, as if there was no other way to interpret it, Taiyou gave a clear nod of agreement. Although there might be people who have a different interpretation, Taiyou believes that his relationship with the girls isn’t something that is fickle.

「Therefore, I think I might have fallen for you」


Taiyou feels caught up in her final word.

「Yeah, I don’t really understand it clearly. Is that really the case, or is it just my imagination? I don’t know yet」

「I see….」

「But the thing is, Natsuno-kun」


「I’m scared to enter a harem」

She didn’t say that she didn’t want to, but that she was scared. Looking at the face of the girl who spoke, she certainly seemed to be frightened.

「Miho-san, tea」

Atsuko who was in the living room asked Miho for more tea. If you were to see the appearance of the two interacting with each other, 10 out of 10 people would immediately think that it was a relationship between a celebrity and her maid.

However, in actual fact the two women equally loved the same man and there was no such thing as who was on top or who was below. At the very least…. for the two people and also for the other woman who had something to take care of outside of the house right now…. these three people had equal rights amongst each other.

Nevertheless, Atsuko was very laid back whilst Miho seemed to be in charge of undertaking the housework around the house. Other people may not be able to understand their relationship, however, to them this was something natural and it was something that they were happy with. Although Atsuko abided by this type of relationship, she was acting restless right now, and her unsettled appearance was showing.

「Atsuko-sama, this is your seventh cup, I think that it may be good to hold back a little」

「Uu, but」

Being rejected her extra serving of tea, Atsuko moaned like a child, and without being able to calm down, she stared at the wall. Beyond her glance was Aoba’s room, she seemed to be really uneasy and to top it off she started to unconsciously fidget.

「Atsuko-sama, even if you worry so much, nothing will happen.  I think that it would be better to calm yourself」

「Uu, Miho-san is so cold. Aren’t you anxious about Aoba?」

Different from when she was in front of Taiyou, Atsuko gave a feeling that her mental age became quite childish. Although she seemed like the mistress of the house, the things she said were totally child-like.

「Although I am, but there is nothing we can do at present. What I can do is to assume the worst case scenario, and make preparations for that time」

「Worst scenario?」

「Yes, if it turns out that Aoba-sama and that person truly love one another, I would not be required. I will only be required if it turns out that Aoba-sama and that young boy do not have a close relationship」

「Do you really think….. they would have mutual affection?」

「What does Atsuko-sama think?」

Miho threw back the question that she was just asked. Atsuko thought for a little before answering.

「That boy, don’t you think he resembles Toushiro?」[2. Nef: Okay, I can confidently say that Toushiro is Aoba’s father]

「What are you saying? In this world there is no person in existence that is capable of being compared to our Supreme Master」[3. Nef: wow next level dedication, Supreme Master?]

Without any hesitation, Miho declared her strong beliefs. Perhaps listening to her speak made her feel more calm, but Atsuko started to ask again in her smoother manner of speaking.

「No I mean his family lineage, and his inclinations. Don’t you think they might have some sort of low connection?」

「If it’s about that…. let me think; I think that he may have the same blood type O?」

「That’s a little generalized, can you elaborate a little more」

「That would be difficult for me to ascertain. That’s because thinking that anyone resembles Master, is something akin to a large disrespect」

「Really? Well I think that he’s quite similar. Especially when he gets angry….. or when he loses his temper. Didn’t you notice it? The eyes that boy had today, it looked really dangerous you know?」

「….. Yes, a mixture of both stubbornness and recklessness, these are common traits that a young person may have. Thinking about important things alone would probably aggravate his emotions」

「Yeah, I think so. Miho-san probably doesn’t know about this but, when Toushiro was young, during his high school days, he would often have those kind of eyes. Recently, he’s settled down a lot and gives off this really mature vibe but… Well, that single-minded earnestness of his is really similar, whilst he is still young I suppose that it is fine to behave this way」

Atsuko and Miho were both looking in the direction of Aoba’s room.

「I wonder what Aoba thinks of that kind of boy…..」

「Should we stop them? If it’s now I think there is still time」

「….What do you think will happen if a parent tries to interfere with their child’s love life?」

「…….Either it will turn out to be a trivial matter, or it may require a greater resolution 」

「I agree. Trying to break them apart… may make things worse」

「I’ve heard this before. It isn’t good for a parent to decide something for a child, even if it is appropriate to help them, the decision should be made by the child. Especially when deciding on things like their own university course, a big decision is more reason for a child to make their own decision」

「I’ve heard of that before as well. When a parent decides things for their child, if later in life things turn out badly, they may start blaming their parents in order to create an excuse for themselves. But as for me, I don’t really mind it even if she ended up having a grudge against me…..」

「Making the decision for her will not be benefit Aoba-sama. Doing something that will not benefit her requires consideration――」

Miho replied immediately.

「That’s just the way life is! It can’t be helped. Miho-san, another serving of tea please. Until this ends, let’s just drink together」


Without Aoba knowing it, her mothers were really worried about her.



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