Chapter 86: The Third Bride/ Serious Confession


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Going back in time a little, inside of Aoba’s room. After she frankly mentioned that she was “scared”, she showed Taiyou a frightened expression. Showing him such a feminine and weak side of her, Taiyou’s desire to protect was stirred up. Settling down his mind, he asked her a question.

「….Is that perhaps due to the fact that your parent’s were like that as well?」

When seeing it from Taiyou’s perspective, no just judging from the current situation it was a proper question to ask.

「Yeah, but, I think that it is a little different to what Taiyou is thinking of」

「Different from my thoughts?」

「Yes. You know, my mothers are really close with each other. Even when they are happily talking with each other, or when they are flirting with dad…. Even when they are in a big fight with each other. Umm, do you understand… What I’m trying to say?」

「I don’t understand it completely but, I can appreciate that they are close enough to have a big fight with each other and remain close friends. Even after having such a quarrel, there aren’t any future troubles created, right?」

「I don’t know if it won’t create future implications but, they are able to use the topic they argued with and make fun of each other with it. Because I used to see this every day, it became a normal occurrence, but if other people were to see this, they would normally become really nervous」

「I see, they really get along with each other don’t they?」

Taiyou nods and imagined the scene.

In other words, to describe what Aoba meant is that they were the type of people who would express their true feelings to each other without reserve. Because Taiyou doesn’t have this kind of relationship just yet he couldn’t totally relate to it, but on the contrary because he didn’t have this in his relationship yet, he understood how difficult it was to achieve such a state.

「That’s why I’m afraid. If I truly reach this kind of a relationship with Natsuno-kun, will I be able to….. still get along with the other girls that Natsuno-kun like? I think that I will surely――」

Breaking off her words mid-sentence, she looked straight at Taiyou.

「―― Be a jealous girl」

Jealousy. Taiyou was startled at hearing this word. This was something that he did not encounter in his life yet. Right now he has two brides. Neither of them have ever mentioned such a feeling, and not even the word has been said. Especially for the three sisters, since the beginning they were the ones who wanted Taiyou to get together and create a harem with Kohaku, so they never showed him such an emotion. Although they may have mentioned being envious as a joke occasionally, it was not something that would make them feel distressed. Therefore, because Taiyou’s first experience in dating were the three girls, feelings of envy that a girl may have, completely slipped his mind.

Only for an instant―― Taiyou felt really shaken up.

In the time he took to think, there was plenty of things he decided, one of the things he decided was for him not to waver. He was resolved to gather seven women in his harem and he was prepared to make all the members happy. Even without Atsuko telling him, he realized that in order to accomplish these goals, he needed a big amount of power. It wasn’t as simple as just gathering seven women, but in order to keep them all happy, he needed a power beyond his imagination. In order to gain such a strength, he concluded that hesitation and the like is worthless. That’s why, he instantly recovered his wavering mind.


He spoke out not towards Aoba, but towards an empty space where nobody existed. He didn’t know if she was nearby, he didn’t know if she was listening to the conversation. However, Taiyou had belief. He believed that she would arrive within a short period of time to appear before him.

Hera was fundamentally connected to the deepest portion of this human being named Natsuno Taiyou. If he called out to her, no matter the time or place, she should rush towards him. That’s what he believed. As was expected, it was just like Taiyou had thought.

「Yes, okay~ Did you call out for me Taiyou-chan?」

「Yeah, I called you. In a certain way, you are quite the easy woman aren’t you? Because whenever I call, you will appear」

「Fufufu~n, that’s of course. After all I exist for Taiyou-chan nanodesuyo~」

「I’ve become accustomed to the way you speak without noticing it these days」

Saying that Taiyou turned towards Aoba.

「Although one thing led to another, you are able to see her figure right?」


Aoba drew back a little. Being able to see a non-human existence, Taiyou supposed that it was a natural reaction for her to have.

「In that case, I want to introduce you to her. Her name is Hera. Now that you mention it, do you have a full name other than just “Hera”? Or are you fine with that?」

At this late hour?! Shouldn’t you know her name by now? Was the kind of face Aoba was showing to Taiyou.

「I don’t really have any other name~ If I was forced to say, I would call myself Natsuno Hera desuyo~」

「Well you heard her, apparently she’s Natsuno Hera. Well her name is a trivial matter, as you can see from her appearance, she seems to be a fairy」

「It is actually very important desu」


「Names are extremely important」

「That’s what you meant?!」

「Umm, this…. person? Eh, or more like…. that thing…. what is it?」

「I am the fruit born from Taiyou’s love」


「Can you stop with saying something that can be misunderstood?」

Taiyou gave Hera a smack on the head and asked Aoba.

「You knew that I used to play a lot of games until a little while ago, right?」

「Yeah, you always played in the classroom, Natsuno-kun was really quite famous for it」

「Undoubtedly it wasn’t a good kind of famous. But well, that doesn’t really matter anymore. Playing games like that I always fostered and levelled up my characters until they were the strongest they could be. The embodiment of that passion is Hera. Therefore, please don’t mistake it with the other meaning」[1. Nef: the fruit born from Taiyou’s love, for those that don’t get it, Hera was creating a misunderstanding that she was actually Taiyou’s child born from his “love making” xD]

「I-Is that so…」

「If you were to ask me what she is…. Hera, please show her」

「Eh? Ah that’s right desu, if I don’t show them at least once, they won’t get it~」

Hera poked herself on the side of the head. While winking, she stuck her tongue out. Considering her size, this was an extremely cute gesture.

「Then here it goes~, there we go~」

「Eh…, ehh, ehhhhhh?」

Aoba was bewildered as she raised her voice for some reason. Outwardly nothing has changed, but Taiyou knew what was occurring to her.

Right now she was experiencing something Kohaku referred to as “information and numbers flowing between the back of her eyeballs and her back teeth”. If a torrent of numbers just suddenly appeared in front of your eyes, it is natural to be surprised.

「T, this is?」

「It’s my status. It quantifies my abilities numerically」

「……It feels like I’m in a game」

「That’s exactly right, it’s like an RPG. This is the power that Hera gave me, with this I am able to have more abilities than the average human being.

「Ah…. Is this why you were capable of winning against our school marathon runner Saito-kun in physical education?」

「Yea, it’s thanks to this. Because marathons are probably about speed and physical strength」

「Your value on strength is really high….」

「That’s my highest numerical value. If I hit concrete I can break it apart, and perhaps if I was given sufficient time, say around 10 minutes, I can make a whole building crumble and turn the area into a vacant land」

「I….. see」

Aoba was astonished. This was just so unrealistic but it was a fact that she could see Hera, and she also saw the scene that occurred during his physical education class. Although this was not what Taiyou really wanted to show her.

「Miyagi-san, can you please turn your attention to the last status number? The last one and the one before that」

「Eh, the last one? ….. Ah」

Aoba was taken aback. Looking at the two numerical values Taiyou told her to. One of the numbers was still at their lowest, and the other remained in a bugged state.

・Harem 65535(-16383)

・Popularity 0(+0)

「Could this be….?」

「That’s because I currently have two people in my harem」

「Two people? Isn’t it four….?」

「Ahh, I haven’t explained that have I? Then I guess for now you can assume that it’s four people」

If he had to explain about the three sisters right now, it would derail the conversation, so he left that aside for now.

「I think that the cause of this is because I was able to make a harem with four people in it. And I just noticed that this is perhaps what you mean when you said that you were afraid」

「W-What do you mean?」

「It’s a simple thing. Although I am extremely unpopular….. I can still get along with a part of the people in my harem. A person who is unpopular will probably remain unpopular, but once you enter my harem I think that this harem numeric figure will help us get along」

「This thing… Does it have an influence on my mind?」

「Kotone and Kohaku have told me that it doesn’t affect their minds」

Remembering the words, they told him, happiness gradually spreads in his heart.

「The reason it’s at such a value, is because I want it to be that way. This is what I believe and that’s why I will interpret it as such」

Taking a pause, he looked straight at Aoba. A piercingly direct look.

「I think that this is not the ability for me to create a harem, instead it’s the ability for me to maintain a harem. I decided that anyone who enters my harem, will be happy without exceptions. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried, as long as you’re with me…. I will make sure that no matter what you fear, I will make you happy 」

Taiyou declared so. Without wavering in the slightest, he powerfully finished his sentence. Although in normal circumstances a person may doubt what he was saying, but because of his tone and the determination in his voice, there was this feeling that any rebuttal was not going to be permitted. In fact, it looked like Aoba’s heart was deeply moved by it.

「Therefore, please abandon such worries and be with me. I will make you happy…… No, I will absolutely make it happen even in a numerical sense」

Taiyou shuts up and made another statement.

「Please make me happy」

There was nothing that he couldn’t accomplish with his numerical figures. Taiyou strongly desired for Aoba to respond to his feelings.



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