Chapter 87: The Third Bride/ Approved Conditionally


Translator: Mikazuki                         Translator Checker/Editor: Nefarian

「Make Natsuno-kun……happy?」

「That’s right」

Taiyou looked straight at Aoba. It was both coercion and pleading. Either way, there was no difference between the two in the desperate situation. The high stats and inhumane level that he reached until now was useless at this time. He interpreted that even having a harem stat of 65535, was only to maintain the harem itself. He could only make a desperate appeal to her.

「If I make Natsuno-kun happy, will I be happy as well?」

「You will」

Taiyou bluntly declared it. For that purpose, he was ready to do anything. He stared at her with a gaze full of burning passion. Aoba stared back at him but eventually cast her eyes downward and looked away. He wondered about the significance of her looking down. Taiyou became more impatient as he thought about it. He had to say something. No matter what effect it would have or how he would look.

He without a doubt fell in love with Aoba. He was able to declare such strong feelings with pride. He didn’t want to be rejected. He wanted to make Aoba his own and achieve his desires. Those were the strong feelings that swirled within Taiyou. He thought that he had to say something……anything.

His feelings became stronger and more refined. In that moment, the scene before his eyes changed into something he never seen before. Taiyou saw the air and the world. For example, he saw the scenery around Aoba change colors. It was as if her aura materialized and could be seen. Taiyou swallowed the words that were leaving his throat. Words from this point on surely were not necessary. Such thoughts calmed him down.

Eventually, Aoba lifted her face. She had a face as if she was smiling despite being worried. Simultaneously, it seemed that she had resolved to do something at the same time.

「Natsuno-kun, can you promise me……just one thing? It’s my a wish I’ve always wanted」

「Tell me」

「My……Our…. Children, definitely tell them who their mother is」

As she said that, her face looked like it could burst into tears at any moment.  Within the faint smile, a large teardrop accumulated in the corner of her eye. It was something that tormented her for a long time and she never wanted to make anyone else go through that. Taiyou embraced her gently. He held her shoulders and lightly caressed her head. He held her entire body closely, completely wrapping her.

「I promise you, I’ll make sure of it!」

Taiyou calmly spoke with determination . Aoba cried in his arms. Taiyou continued to caress her head until she was satisfied. Aoba stopped crying, raised her face from within his arms, and began to speak to him.

「Natsuno-kun.  In addition to that, just one more. Can I request one more thing?」

She blushed as she said that.  She looked ashamed of making another request after just asking her lifetime’s wish to be granted. It was too cute for Taiyou. He felt like he would drown and could not deal with it any longer.

「If you listen to my one wish」

「Y, yeah. I understand. What is Natsuno-kun’s wish?」

As she was saying that, Taiyou put his hands on her jaw and raised her head. Immediately after shocking her, he kissed her. He only felt the kiss. At that moment, his head became fuzzy. It wasn’t from simply touching her nor was it his first kiss. He had already experienced much more than just kissing. Even so, Taiyou felt so happy that his entire body felt like it was floating. When their faces separated, Aoba was blushing.

「Is this, Natsuno-kun’s wish?」

「That’s it. What is Miyagi-san’s wish?」


Aoba hesitated for a while.

「Can you do it, once more?」

As soon as her pleading echo left her mouth, Taiyou clung to her lips once again. The momentum shifted; nevertheless, the fact that he was kissing her soft lips satisfied his heart. There was a sweet atmosphere for a short while and time continued. Presently, Aoba felt more embarrassed than before.

「Natsuno-kun, that is…I have another…w…wish……」

「Only if you grant my wish」

「Ye, yeah……」

「The conversation is not progressing at all nodesu!」

Unable to just watch, Hera ruined the sweet mood and cut into the conversation.  She yelled loudly while flying around Taiyou and Aoba in circles.

「Why!? We were in a good place」

「It’s not the right moment since the story is not advancing.  Return to Taiyou’s castle and do it at night nodesu」

「N, Night――」

「Well, that’s that」

Aoba blushed magnificently at Hera’s words but Taiyou, unlike Aoba, comprehended and was in agreement with her. The feelings of excitement from the kiss was still rising, but for the time being, he controlled his sense of reason and calmed down.

「Well then, once again……what is your request Miyagi-san?」

「Um, well…I thought I would ask you to let me stay there as well」

「At Taiyou’s Castle?」

「Yeah, the room I am using now. Ah, a different room is ok as well but I just want to stay there. That’s what I was trying to ask you」

「From my point of view, everything will work out, but is that really ok?」

「Yeah, that’s what I want to do」

「I understand.  Then Hera, you return first. Can you let everyone know about what happened? Miyagi-san and I will go later」

「Yes! I will tell everyone and be back two hours later desuyoー」

「I didn’t tell you to come back after you left!」


Taiyou opened the window and Hera laughed as she flew away towards Taiyou’s Castle.

「Well, then… Shall we go?」

Taiyou gently softened his embrace and talked in a whisper.

In the living room at Miyagi residence.

Taiyou was standing and faced Atsuko and Miho.

「Therefore, please allow me to call you mother-in law from today on」

Taiyou said and then bent his waist and bowed deeply.  Immediately following the first voice, Miho returned to the living room and stiffened. Atsuko was slightly taken aback and then sighed.

「So that’s the outcome?」

「Yes, that was the outcome」

「Aoba-sama, are you really ok with this!?」

「Yes, Mother」

「Please calm down and think well Aoba-sama. That boy has another woman. That is ――」

「Miho-san calm downー we’ve become too impatient if we deny this as well」

「Well, that and this are……」

「The same. It’s different when it was still early but now, it’s not honorable for us to say that he has other women」

「Atsuko-sama……Are you really ok with this?」

「Sooner or later, our daughter will become a bride. Besides, isn’t this way much better than running away from home?」

Atsuko said that while gazing at Aoba for a brief period.

「I do not know what was said nor done to Aoba, but she looks strangely clear-headed. Somehow, she looks like she does not care who her real mother is anymore. Rather than making things worse and running away, Aoba currently seems to be much happier living beside the man she loves. 」


「Miho-san, you’re being too overprotective.  If you are so inclined, will you try to decide for the majority?」


「My other mother-in-law who is not here…..what is she like?」

「She’s somewhat different. For example, I let things take their own course and Miho-san is the overprotective type; therefore the other is the type who pushes their child into a bottomless ravine」

「I see. Putting that aside, it means that everyone’s in agreement right?」

「You can say that. However, I’ll ask you one last time. Are you really ok with this Aoba?」


「I understand.  Well then, idiot son」 [1. Nef: She’s calling him Baka Musuko which = idiot/foolish son]

「You’re suddenly calling me your idiot son?」

Taiyou smiled bitterly, however, being called that did not feel bad.

「Give me your address」

「Address? What for?」

「In order to bring Aoba’s luggage altogether at once. Since she isn’t running away, I need to send her things for everyday life. Is saying such a thing necessary?」

「I agree.  I understand」

「And one more thing. We will go and visit you tomorrow」


「Miho-san, our lifelong dream. Shall we do it?」

Taiyou was shocked and perplexed by the unexpected development.



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