Chapter 88 The Third Bride/ Coming Full Circle


Translator: Nefarian

「Geez, Mother….」

After leaving the Miyagi Mansion and on the way back to the closest train station. Aoba who was walking side by side with Taiyou, was pouting cutely. Although she wasn’t showing a smile, the expression on her face was far more positive than compared with a few days ago. Taiyou was trying to endure himself from laughing as he asked her to clarify the issue.

「You’re talking about that long-cherished dream that Atsuko-san mentioned aren’t you?」


「By the way, do you know what it is?」

「Yeah, I do. There’s something that mum always says jokingly. If I ever became a bride, there was something that she wanted to do.」

Aoba was leaving out some of the important specifics because she was embarrassed. Thinking that her appearance was just so cute right now, Taiyou asked to get more of the details.

「Oh, really and what exactly does she want to do?」

「……Demon Mother-in-law」

「Oni shutome?」

In a slightly off sync accent, he repeated her words like a parrot. Having heard something that he’s never heard in his life, Taiyou could not immediately catch the meaning of her words. The words kept going around in his mind and somehow a little while later, he was able to understand.

「Ahh, Demon Mother-in-law. Meaning she wants to bully her child’s husband-to-be?」

「Yes, Mother told me since I was young that if I ever got married she wanted to do this. She said she would make sure to torment her son-in-law to the fullest, whilst shouting in a really threatening manner.」

「Then again….. That really seems like something she would do」

Although he hasn’t been her acquaintance for very long, Taiyou already had an idea as to what kind of person Atsuko was. It’s easy to imagine that she will perform many template actions akin to bullying. Atsuko would have many tricky plans, That’s the kind of impression she gave him.

「Hmm but well, it’s probably going to be fine. If it’s Atsuko-san. I don’t think that she will pull moves like a professional wrestler or something」

「…..That’s naive, Taiyou-kun」

「What do you mean」

「The thing is, both Mother and Mama will join in」


「Mummy, Mama, and Mother. All three of them will combine their efforts and bully their future son-in-law to the fullest, they’ve always agreed upon this since a long time ago」

「……That does seem kinda bad」

Especially Miho-san, Taiyou was secretly most afraid of her. Teasing, bullying and trying to break his mentality, if it was just Atsuko she would probably be using her mouth to verbally abuse him, meaning that as long as he responded in a mature way he would probably be fine, but if Miho was going to join in as well, this changes everything.

It’s likely that Miho was going to try various means to bully him. He only stayed in Miyagi’s house for a short period of time, but it was enough to understand. Miho did not approve of Taiyou’s relationship with Aoba. If a Mother-in-law does not approve of her son-in-law, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of torment and conditions that the mother will set up against the son. At first he was thinking quite hard about what he could do, but little by little, he felt that he didn’t really care about it anymore.

The existence of Aoba by his side allowed him to think in this way. She was close enough that her body temperature was transmitted via the air. He gently drew Aoba’s shoulder into his embrace. It was a little forceful as a gesture, but at the same time, his hands were in all respects, very kind and gentle towards her. Suddenly having her shoulders embraced, Aoba was surprised and looked at him with widened eyes.


Adjusting his pace to match hers, he asked her a question in a whispering tone of voice.

「What is your dream」


「What is your future dream I heard what your request was a little while ago, but I don’t think I’ve heard about your future dreams」

「I don’t really――」

Aoba was seemingly going to say, she didn’t have any dreams but then Taiyou interrupted her.

「Hearing about Atsuko-san and your mothers talk about their dreams, made me realize something. It’s enough to make me imagine them talking in the past. I think that surely, they would have had so much fun whilst speaking merrily amongst each other」

「Yes, I think so. When they drank tea together they would often chit-chat about it. When they were talking about this topic, they would all get really excited and they seemed to have a lot of fun」

「I thought so, I can imagine it」

Nodding, he asked her again whilst still embracing her shoulder.

「So what is your future dream?」


Aoba was hesitating and so Taiyou decided to talk about his own dreams first.

「By the way, my dream is to make all of you bloom beautifully」

「Make us beautiful?」

“What is he talking about?” Aoba blinked her eyes in confusion.

「Making the woman you love become beautiful, isn’t that something people often say? I really want to confirm if it’s possible. Kohaku-san, compared to the first time I met her, you’d be surprised at how much more beautiful she’s become. So much so that I sometimes feel like my soul is being taken away when I look into her eyes, she’s become extremely beautiful that it makes me shiver. You might call me conceited, but I really believe that Kohaku has become so beautiful since she fell in love with me, and it’s because we continue to be in love.」

「That Azumaya-san?」

Aoba was muttering to herself. Taiyou understood the meaning behind her mutter. Taiyou places more power into the hand that held her shoulder.

「Kohaku-san has become like so, and I want to continue to keep her that way. Moreover, I want all the girls who are together with me to be in love for a very long time, and keep all of them blooming.」

Cutting his words short for a moment, he strengthened his resolve before saying it once more.

「That is my dream」

「Yes…. I see, but how about Hayakawa-san and her sisters」

「That’s the thing」

Taiyou smiled ironically.

「Their dream is to create a harem, creating a harem, they want to be one of the people in it. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “falling in love with being in love” haven’t you? I think they are probably in love with the idea of being in a harem. Not really in love with me.」

「But, I think that they really do like Natsuno-kun」

「I don’t doubt it. But how do I put this?」

Taiyou scratches his head showing a bittersweet smile.

「Although this may just be my selfish desire, but one day I want to make them stop saying the word harem」

「…..You’re being jealous, aren’t you?」


He showed a strained smile for an instant, but then he adjusted his expression back to normal.

「So, what about your dreams」

For the third time, the same question was asked. Aoba who was reluctant to speak a while ago, was now quiet as she carefully considered her answer. This time Taiyou also stayed silent, and without urging her on, he just waited patiently. They entered the shopping district from the residential area and the station came into view from far away. The number of pedestrian passer-by’s increased, there was even some people who looked with irritation at the two who embraced each other’s shoulder.

Ignoring these people, Taiyou just walks slowly. Before long, Aoba opens her mouth.

「I want to become like my mothers」

「Become like them? In what way?」

「My Mum, Mama and Mother. I want to be as close as they are with each other, laughing together, sometimes arguing and also crying together. I think that, they will always be there for each other forever. …… I want to have that kind of relationship where we can live happily for a long time」

Talking gracefully and slowly, her words were packed with emotion. Anyone who heard her talk would know that it was her true wish.

「It seems like I am not a part of that dream」

Taiyou spoke out teasingly, but not in an unpleasant manner. Imagining her getting along really well with his girls, somehow gave him this strange sense of happiness.

「Umm, that is….. I’m sorry」

「Ahaha, that’s alright, you don’t have to apologize. I kind of understand how you feel. Perhaps, your father also had the same feelings as me. Though that’s just my guess.」


Aoba whispers his name. Taiyou stopped walking, he drew her even closer and gave her a light kiss. Aoba was blushing and he whispered into her ears.

「If that is your dream, I’m sure it will come true」


「That’s because―」

Saying this, Taiyou turned his line of vision ahead. Following his gaze, Aoba also looks to the front. In that moment, the girl in his arms held her breath at the scene in front of her.


「Do you even need to ask? I’m sure you already understand it yourself, don’t you?」


「They couldn’t wait any longer― for your arrival.」

Saying that, Taiyou pushes her back with the arm that was on her shoulder and sent her out. Yes, her dream will surely be fulfilled. You may even say that it was being realized right now. Pushing her back gently he remained standing in place.

In front of the two people was, Kotone, Suzune, Kazane and lastly Kohaku. Over the other side of the ticket gate, these girls were waiting for her. The girls were impatient to meet their new family member, and they were so excited that they got on the train and came to pick her up.



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