Chapter 9: Let’s Go With Muscle


At the Park in the Evening: Taiyou was sitting on a wooden bench. Hera’s face suddenly popped out, from inside the vinyl convenience store bag that was beside him. (Note: wild Pikachu detected!)

「Pass me the next apple」

Gushiyaa! (Sound effect of apple being crushed)

「Steel canned coffee」 (It is steel this is not a typo, he’s just that strong :P)

Meri, Baki Baki! (*rip rip*, *snap, crush*)

「Champion Magazine」

BiriBiriBiri! (*rip, rip, rip*)

Hera passes to him the items inside his convenience store bag one by one, at times he would crush the contents and at other times he would rip it into pieces.

Fruits are squished, metallic cans are crushed, and although it was a minor amount of experience points, he even started ripping out the bestselling manga magazines without a shred of mercy.

He looked upon the mountainous of remains from his excessive destruction and Taiyou became very astonished.

「What a terrifying amount of power….」

「Yes〜, as expected of my Taiyou-chan〜」

「Don’t tell me, is this……」

「Yes, of course〜, it’s because Taiyou-chan’s strength/power has increased〜」

「As I thought…….So this is what 30 strength feels like」

Taiyou opened both his hands, and whilst gazing at his palms, he opened and closed them. The appearance of his hands did not change in the slightest but, hidden inside was a crazy amount of power that was exceeding anything a mere high school student could exert.

「I really didn’t believe that by leveling I could grow stronger in real life」

「Muka! 」 (note: Pout)

Hera jumped out of the plastic bag and was huffy/angry.

「Taiyou-chan, you didn’t believe in my words? 」

「Well, I was half convinced & half dubious. I mean…..All that I have been doing up till now was stacking up some Jenga blocks and making them fall, digging up holes and burying them, and turning over my 1 yen coin from heads to tails……..Those kinds of ridiculous things you know? Normally people wouldn’t think that they would get an increase in abilities just from doing those mediocre tasks right? 」

「Even so, Taiyou-chan is a meanie〜. You need to believe in me more〜, that way I can help you more often, kay〜」

「Where did a goddess like you come from…….Even if I don’t want to, It has gone to the point where I can’t not believe in you」(basically he’s saying he believes in her…  the double negatives strikes again)

Taiyou stood up from the bench, and he approached a tree that was planted within the park. It was a tree big enough for a fully grown man to wrap his arms around it.

Taiyou was thinking of applying a small amount of power to the trunk of the tree with his hand. When he did this, the tips of his fingers sunk into the tree and made an indentation/holes that was distinctly apparent on the tree.

He wanted to try out something he once saw in a manga. He looked at the hand print he saw on the tree, and suddenly Taiyou became very excited/thrilled.

He loved raising levels in games, that’s why when Hera appeared in front of him he was able to obtain the feeling of being able to play games in real life. However, if levelling up in real life literally/actually increase his real life abilities then it was a whole new ballpark that he had to consider.

Level 4, Strength was at 30. And with this amount of strength, I was able to activate the amount of power I displayed just moments ago.

Just thinking about this fact made him exhilarated and he wanted to get up and do something.

If it was like this, he wanted to without delay and as fast as possible increase his level…….. With these kind of thoughts, he turned his face towards Hera and wanted to ask her of the methods required in order to increase to the next level, however at that moment.


There was someone calling out his name. When he changed his point of view to the direction the voice came from, only one of the three twin sisters stood there, she was the shortest of the bunch (Kazane) and she was standing in the entrance of the park.

Maybe it was because of the moonlight or perhaps it was some other kind of thing. But, her cheeks were blushing as she approached Taiyou whilst looking into his eyes.

「Oh it’s you? 」

「Won’t you call me by my name? 」


When her name was called out just like she wished it to be, her face reddened even further.

「Why have you come here? 」

「That was exactly my question to you.  Before homeroom class even finished you dashed out of the class room, were you ok? I was so worried and I tried searching everywhere for you」

「Yeah, I had some small matters to attend to you see」

「By small matters… mean that? 」

Kazane moved her face as if she was trying to peek and see what was behind Taiyou, She was looking at the wooden bench which he was sitting on just moments ago. Below the bench the things Taiyou crushed and ripped were littered all over the floor and rolling down like a bunch of wreckage. It was the kind of thing that if you didn’t know the internal state of affairs, any normal person would be greatly bewildered and or perplexed when seeing such a spectacle.

Of course, Kazane was not an exception.

「Were you releasing your frustrations and trying to reduce stress? 」

「Hm? ahh I guess it’s something like that」

Taiyou nods his head in assent. Kazane couldn’t see Hera and she also didn’t know Taiyou was capable of levelling up, furthermore he thought that it was better for her to remain oblivious to such facts.

「Is that really so?…..Hey, Taiyou-san」

「Eh? 」

「If you have some pent up frustrations to release……… I’m, okay with it」

「……..What are you fine with? 」

「I will be able to……..endure it」

「no, no, no, no, you don’t have to do anything, it’s not that kind of pent up frustrations/desires」

「If it’s not about that, then, thenn……」

「Hmm? 」

「Y-you prefer boy’s——?」

「No it’s not that kind of thing either, I’m telling you! I’m just a normal guy that is only interested girls」

A vehement and disastrous misunderstanding was about to occur, so he reflexively used a large voice and desperately tried to justify his point of view.

「Is that so? I’m relieved….」

「As long as you understand than it’s good, I’m so relieved that you didn’t misunderstand my intentions… you know? 」

Surely he wasn’t going to really be thought as a homo right? Taiyou thinking about this matter had an astonished look.

「But I’m really glad…… If you really said that you liked other men…….I, wouldn’t know what I should do」


Kazane was truly feeling down, and when he saw that part of her, Taiyou’s heart skipped a beat.

Although she looked like a little red riding hood from primary school, but the maturity of her personality/mind was that of a respectable 1st year high school classmate. To sum it up she was a person who held favour towards Taiyou, and was one of the girls that professed her love towards him.

Looking at her graceful figure he was irresistibly drawn to it and, Taiyou spread his arms and embraced it around her petite body.


Kazane who was tightly wrapped around Taiyou, let out loose leaks of hot/passionate breaths from her mouth, into Taiyou’s chest and it tickled his heart.

「Taiyou-san……I like you. I really like you」

「Oh-Uwa! 」

As he was about to say “Me too” Taiyou suddenly let out a surprised yell which totally ruined the mood.

「Eh? 」

Kazane looked up from within his arms and raised a dubious/confused voice. Taiyou tried to smooth it over and quickly told her that nothing was wrong in a panic.

The reason he suddenly raised his voice was not because of Kazane, but because Hera suddenly appeared before him.

She was keeping her promise of staying silent so Hera just floated in the air right in front of Taiyou, whilst looking at the two of them, Hera’s eyes were sparkling with stars, like a fan that was passionately watching a concert that was the kind of gaze she had.

It was the kind of look filled with expectation and an inquisitive mind.

—–What is she doing? Hey, right now what is she doing?!

Feeling her intense gaze, Taiyou gave off the feeling of someone who stretched out their ears and misheard something.

What she was doing……Even Taiyou could not discern such matters.

Just a couple of days ago he was feeling frustrated and regretful that he could not experience this side of life. However he did not expect in the slightest that he would actually be able to experience such a thing, and worse yet, he didn’t have a single idea or know what to do from here now that he actually reached such a stage.

And just when he was getting hesitant at what to do next, Hera went into the skies and flew next to the bench where the vinyl bag was and picked it up, then she pointed at Kazane’s clothes and began to replicate her behaviour on the bag as she ripped/teared it up.

「That’s clearly rape! 」

He reflexively made a retort to the actions Hera was trying to endorse him to do and he gave Hera a slap.  With a strength of 30, Hera who was hit by Taiyou was like a baseball and flew into far into the skies as if he hit a home run.

「Taiyou-san? 」

「Eh? ahh don’t worry its nothing」

Taiyou was trying to reassure/fool Kazane into thinking that nothing was happening. After a while of just being in the moment and staying silent, Kazane falteringly started to open her mouth to speak.

「The thing is….I, the truth is」

「Hmm? 」

「I like to be treated in a rough manner」

「I didn’t just hear that did I?!」

「And also, Kotone and Suzune are also the same as me………because we are, identical triplets」

「Even if that may be so, I will pretend I didn’t hear this?!」

「That’s why, its fine…….」

「That isn’t fine, I don’t have that kind of hobbies」

「You don’t? 」

「I don’t, I like to firmly hold and be gentle with the girls I like」

「Be gentle? 」

「Yeah! 」

「Firmly hold? 」

「That’s right! 」

「………. Just like what we are doing right now? 」


When asked such a question, Taiyou began to feel shy/bashful and he couldn’t answer her.

“I like you, I really like you”. Receiving such a pure and straight feelings of favourability from the three sisters, Taiyou at one stage or other also began to like the three sisters.

Although he did indeed like them, getting the words “I like you” out of his mouth was really embarrassing/awkward that he could not get it out of his mouth. Therefore, instead of talking, he embraced her small body firmly and closely. As of this point in time, that was the utmost Taiyou could do.

Holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes. The air around them became ticklish/lovey dovey. Before long their faces seem to congregate and get closer with each other—-.

「Kotone-chan? Suzune-chan!?」

Suddenly, the sweet atmosphere popped like a balloon.

Somehow or other, after calling out the names of her two sisters, Kazane’s face became pale as a ghost.



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