Chapter 92: Homeless Child / Scented Afterimage


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In the afternoon. The Natsuno family plus one came to a historical inn at a hot spring resort. Located in the mountains in the north, beyond the prefectural border.

It was clear that it was a very familiar place for Kohaku. This was because of the fact that they went straight to the inn without any hesitation in regards to directions after getting off the exit and the pleasant interaction of the hostess who greeted them at the main building when they arrived. Guided by the hostess, Taiyou and the others were not guided to the main building but rather to a detached house on the premises. All the rooms in the building were Japanese style rooms. It had the atmosphere that suggested there was an amazing writer who wore a kimono here decades ago.

When Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane stepped foot into the building, they became very excited. They opened all the sliding doors, checked the rooms, and admired the garden which could be seen from the banquet room.  Although not as obvious as the three sisters, Aoba secretly had sparklingly eyes as well.  Noticing Aoba who they had become friends with in the car, they pulled her hands and all four of them went to explore the inside of the inn. After watching them leave, Kohaku suddenly let out a deep breath.

「Well, I will rest a bit jya」


「Yea, I guess I’m tired from the long drive jya.  I will only take a little nap.  With that said, Danna-sama?」


「Would you sing a lullaby?」

「If would you like, we can sleep together as well」

While joking, Taiyou entered the bedroom and laid out futons for Kohaku.

「Would merely sleeping together be enough?」

Kohaku who came in late was being mischievous and had a small demonic smile.

Provocation, temptation, and teasing.

It was an attractive smile that encompassed them all at the same time. At least for Taiyou, it made him feel like pushing her down on the futon right then and there.

「What if I decline?」

「A veteran beautiful girl’s reputation would be tarnished jya」

Kohaku smiled gracefully, but her ridiculing face increased.

「We also have a rare audience so I’m in high spirits jya」

「Audience? ―― Ah!」

Immediately after doubting Kohaku’s words, Taiyou saw Shirokiyami’s appearance.

「Greetings …… Spectator」

Because of the atmosphere of the Japanese house, standing behind the sliding doors gave her an ephemeral atmosphere.  She also wasn’t wearing her usual goth-loli fashion but a yukata, which gave her such an appearance and aura. Taiyou looked at her up and down and then became flustered. Since the three sisters and Aoba went out, and it was just him and Kohaku, it created a sensual atmosphere.   However, there truly was a third party.

「T, this is――」

「It’s ok. It’s…ok. I under…stand」

「You understand?」

While listening to what he was saying, Shirokiyami took the coins on the low table, made an Ohineri by wrapping them in tissue, and threw them at him.  1

「I under…stand」

「What are you doing!?」

「You’re certainly unfamiliar with it. It’s a gift to throw at actors when you want to honor them or when they do something amazing or exciting jya. Like a flower you give to an actress. What shall we do before she throws it?」

「What kind of advice are you giving!?」

「I understand……I will do…it. Three……two……one」

「There is no need to continue doing it! We are not doing anything anymore!」

「You won’t do it? Not even the lullaby jya?」

「Please refrain from saying such things with a grin!」

Taiyou retorted. The sensual mood from a little while ago had vanished. It really wasn’t・・・・remotely close to such feelings from earlier.

「I will take a little walk」

「Return before sunset jyazoー」

Taiyou left the detached house while Kohaku purposely spoke in a mother-like tone. Immediately after rushing out, Taiyou was a little irritated and said “good grief”. The irritation he had vanished quickly after a short while however. The garden of the Japanese-style inn had plenty of summer grass. Because of the trees’ shadows and the high elevation of the land, the neighborhood was cool. The wind that caressed his body occasionally while playing the sound of leaves was refreshing and helped him calm down.

「The air is delicious, it is really delicious」



He heard a voice that he did not expect.  Turning to the direction of the voice, he saw Shirokiyami’s appearance. It was the same as a few moments ago. Her ephemeral aura kept him from noticing just how long she had been there.

「Why are you here?」

「That person is……sleeping. I came so I would not inter-rupt」

「I see」

Taiyou was convinced after what she said made logical sense.

「Even so,  you were brought along somehow so is now ok?」


「Well, I think it is too late at this point, more or less」

「Well, for me……it’s ok, for the time be-ing」


「Besides……the one who is followed has a tendency to be…challenged」

「I agree with that」

「Are we doing it……now?」

She looked at up at him. She asked Taiyou with the such a beautiful face, that it gave him the feeling as if she was completely begging him. His heart tightened and throbbed. However, that feeling was from being overly optimistic and totally unrelated.

Taiyou clenched his fist tightly and through an upper-cut. It was a punch that could be described as scooping something from the ground. It made a “Buuuon” sound and cut open the air.  If the punch were to hit iron bars or concrete, even they would be crushed flat. However, it did not connect with Shirokiyami.  The punches were thrown with enough force that it felt like the blood vessels in his fingertips were bursting. Immediately afterwards, an ephemeral voice was heard from behind.

「Is it……after-image?」

「Why the question? Well, it was a slight afterimage but I saw it」

Taiyou turned around with a slightly bitter smile.


「That is also an……afterimage」

Once again, he heard a voice ・・・・from behind him.

「Did I really see an afterimage?」

Taiyou turned towards the voice once again. Shirokiyami was in her original spot while standing with a nonchalant face. Her straight, long white hair that spread along her smooth and slender back, fluttered in the wind.  She was a beautiful women who could be compared to a Peony 2

「What is it this time?」


「Well, it’s strange that you can do such a thing」

「Is it permitted?  That way……even the bullets of a Gatling Gun……won’t work. It’s better if I……avoid them however」

「Isn’t that beyond manslaughter! It’s just you」


Shirokiyami pointed to herself.

「There really is a sense of you being the last boss. Do I have to win against such a person? Is it even possible?」

「Is it not…possible?」

This time, she bent her head slightly while asking. If the three sisters or Kohaku did that, he would have had sex with them immediately. Of course, he wanted to do it with Shirokiyami as well, but her overwhelming difference in abilities made it impossible. 3

Taiyou gazed at her and asked her a question with a serious look.

「I must win a fight in order for you to be my girlfriend right? Or are you telling me there is another way?」

「No, you need to conquer me…… and make me all messed up.」

「Must I really mess you, is this some sort of set course meal?」

「The last part is my…service to you.」

「I don’t need service like that. Well that’s that. If that’s the case, it’s hopeless I can beat you.」

「Are you saying you give up……?」


Taiyou declared to her clearly and suddenly. She was slightly surprised because he interrupted what she was saying.

「Since I’ve decided that I won’t give up on you,  I’ll find my own way to beat you by anything means necessary」

「You seriously……will go that…far」

「I seriously will go that far」

He repeated the same words, started walking, and then stopped.

The sunlight leaked through the leaves and the cool wind once again caressed the body. The slightly depressing feeling that he felt from the overwhelming difference in ability returned.

「I understand」

Shirokiyami nodded and walked next to him.

However, somehow or another, Taiyou felt hat he did not have any animosity.  He thought that that was just how things were for now.

「If you’re serious……then I will be serious…too」


「The next time…I will be serious」

「Have you ever been serious?」

「Out of 100%……I will give 100%」

「If you think calmly, that’s just 100%!」

「It means I will be……serious」

「I know! I know but」

「……Is it better for you to…quit?」

「No, if you’re serious than I will be serious as well」

Taiyou responded immediately.

「I feel that it’s useless to go easy on you if I want to beat you」

「Yeah, I understand」

「On the other hand, when I do defeat the serious you……you understand right? 」

「I understand…… I will give you my soul and all of…me」

「By the way, what happens when you give 100%?」



「I can play catch……with my after…image. However, I don’t throw it back……it looks bor-ing」

「Seriously!? You can throw and catch a ball with yourself?」

「You don’t have…a dad」

「No I have a dad! or should I say, he exists」

「Well……I’m feeling a presence」

「Presence? Can you sense people’s presence or something?」

「Yeah, for example」

「For example?」

「Ponytail is now…quarreling with a…man?」



  1. Ohineri means ‘wrapped money.’ It’s a local tradition to wrap some coins in tissue paper. Then, when your favorite actor delivers a great line or strikes a particularly majestic pose, you throw the Ohineri onto the stage and shower them with money.
  2. The peony or paeony is a flower native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.
  3. …Taiyou your mindset… borderline illegal in several countries xD


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