Chapter 96:  The Master of both people/ Not a coincidence but inevitable


Translator: Nefarian

After leaving the eerie house and heading towards the main building. During that time, Kohaku did not utter a single word, she walked in a brisk pace as she led Taiyou.

Entering the main building, they passed by some of the waitresses along the way. Though the younger girls behaved themselves and lowered their heads just as they were supposed to act towards customers, the older women in this inn purposefully made way moving any luggage aside and giving Kohaku a deep and reverent bow.

Taiyou remembers the fact that a few hours ago one of the waitresses called her “Kohaku-sama”, more so than he thought, he felt that Kohaku had quite a deep connection with this inn.

He wondered what had happened in the past and as he thought about these types of things, he was being led deeper into the inn. Eventually they ended in front of a heavy well-made door, the doorknob was twisted slowly and Taiyou was sent in the room.

Kohaku doesn’t enter and stands beside the entrance of the door.

「Wait in here for a while jya.」


「I’ve called on someone who has a better understanding about these type of things jya. I also want to hear about it in more detail from them nojya.」

「Is that so?」

「Well then see you soon.」

Kohaku spoke in a more mature way than usual as she shut the door and left Taiyou inside the room.

Taiyou sighed as he saw her close the door and began to look around the room.

The room had a table that had a plate saying “living room”, there was also a fine looking carpet that made no sound even when it was stepped on. Lastly there was also a high quality sofa that your body could sink into. This location was in the most interior portion of the main building and the usual hotel guests were not allowed entry into this place.

Taiyou was left alone in this room so for the time being he sat on the sofa and looked all over the room. It was likely that this room was created to entertain guests that were planning on doing business, but there was no other characteristic to the room other than it having high quality goods so Taiyou got bored very quickly.

As he was thinking about what to do until Kohaku returned, he saw this square note-pad along with a good ballpoint pen on top of the table. After looking at it for a while, he took the pen and paper into his hands.

On it, he started to write the names of his girls.


Suzune, Kazane and Kotone.


And lastly, Shirokiyami.

From top to bottom, he wrote each of their name full of feelings. While thinking about their appearances in his own mind, he wrote their names

They were now the names of women who lived within his heart.

Miyagi Aoba.

Having long hair and a straight pony-tail, she had a bright smile and was an attractive young girl. Her figure was delicate and slim, she had a moderately sized chest and a beautiful pair of female legs that had its own charm to them.

When they first met each other, she disliked him and called him a cheater, but that was because she was in a special type of family relationship where she had three different mothers, not only that a fourth mother was about to join her family as well. Above all, she lived her life without being informed of who her real mother was and she continued not knowing about them even until now.

After confronting her deepest issues together with Taiyou as her support, she vowed to never let her own children experience the same fears and worries she experienced and ended up living together with Taiyou.

Right now they haven’t moved past the kissing stage, but she was a woman who clearly had feelings towards Taiyou.

The three Hayakawa sisters. Suzune, Kazane, Kotone.

They were born on the same day by the same mother, even their genes were the same, they were identical triplets. Even though they had the same face, for some reason or other their sizes and height of each were in three different stages. Kotone had a body appropriate for her age, she seemed to be an ordinary high school student, Suzune is half a head shorter and was more like a junior high student, whereas Kazane was almost the same size as elementary students.

If the three of them were standing side by side, you would think they were the same girl in different stages of their life, almost like a before and after picture. These girls recognize themselves as one person even though they are triplets and since they were a child they had already planned to live together with one man. This thought strengthened as they grew up and it changed into a desire to have a harem with themselves being part of it.

And finally they met up with Taiyou and the girls were now living under the Natsuno household as his trustworthy housewives.

Azumaya Kohaku.

Her outward appearance was even more like a child even when compared to the childish looking Kazane, Kohaku’s height was at 130 centimetres. However, in reality she is a big senior in life that has lived for over eighty years. There are no lies when she calls herself a veteran beautiful girl, her cheeks were still plump and her hair was trimmed and shiny, her neck was still flawless and her physique had not changed for many years.

Her face always had a smile on it and she had a different kind of cheerfulness in comparison with Aoba…… It was the kind of smile that made you believe that she had lived her life and been to places.

She had a childish appearance yet her eyes had a depth and maturity to it. The reason behind all this is that she is one of the Eternally little, they are a group of girls who lives their whole life stuck in their 10-year-old body. Being unable to grow any further she lives the majority of her life in this form.

She was a young-old lady that had kept her body pure until she met with Taiyou, but since that one night she had given her purity over to Taiyou and began calling him “Husband” and would whisper this lovingly into his ears at every chance she got.


Both the age and real name of this beautiful swordswoman is unknown. The color of her skin was as white as the snow and her white long hair reached the back of her knees and it reminded you of a silk thread. As if to add contrast to her look, she always wore this black gothic dress that covered her arms in a sleeve that had a bell-like shape. The dress had a skirt and she also wore a black over-knee socks that covered her leg.

She has a unique way of breathing and speaking, the expressions she showed were quite limited almost like a doll, but to contrast this, her eyes held a deep boundlessness and a strong light within them, no matter how you see it she was a very unbalanced beauty.

She was known as the strongest expert in the world and every time Taiyou met with her, he would issue her a challenge.

They made a promise with each other and she told him that if he could defeat her in a duel, she would become his woman. Since then Taiyou has continued to challenge her whenever they met.

Each time, this monochrome colored girl would wield her wooden scabbard against him and would repel his attacks.

Right now, he couldn’t even reach her feet.

That’s why his desire to win against her became even stronger.

Seeking her love, making this feeling grow, the crazy emotions were always swirling within his own mind.

Taiyou was writing the names of the girls one after another. It was the kind of conduct that you did in class, sort of like drawing scribbles in a notebook to pass the time. Writing the names of the girls he liked was a normal conduct for a boy in his puberty.

Inside of this room, you could only hear the sound of Taiyou’s soft breathing and the scribbling of his pen.

The way he wrote the names side by side, almost made it seem like someone practicing to write kanji, but as he continued to write, none of the letters ever became messy nor written incorrectly.

Taiyou put his feelings at every stroke and dot, in order to write the names of the girls he so adored.

It was like he was given a treasure from the gods, no it was more like he was treating this as dealing with god. He wrote with reverence and respect.

Above all, he wrote their names with overflowing love.

He kept writing their names on the paper putting all his feelings into them.

One character at a name, he wrote the girls names, it felt like something was beginning to build up within his own mind.







There was no longer any misunderstandings. Each time her wrote their names down, he felt something accumulating within his heart.

Taiyou felt satisfied. He wanted to collect his feelings within his own mind and each time he wrote their names down like this, he reaffirmed the feelings he had for them.

It was like he was pouring liquid in a water jug. Or like the feeling of enriching a dry earth with water.

Therefore, Taiyou continued to write. Pouring more of his feelings into it and wanting to feel even more satisfied, he wanted to fill his heart with all their love and beauty. While thinking in this way.

Gradually, he started to mutter out their names as well.

――Aoba. Suzune, Kazane, Kotone. Kohaku. Shirokiyami.

――Aoba. Suzune, Kazane, Kotone. Kohaku. Shirokiyami.

Thinking about them dearly, he kept writing their names.

Suddenly another names floats within his mind. After filling out many pages of the memo-pad he didn’t write it down, but now that it came up in his mind, it was a name that didn’t seem to disappear.

Taiyou’s hand stopped writing. For a moment, he was about to write that name on paper.

Taiyou hesitated, did he have a right to write this name? Would it be alright to arrange her name amongst the women he so dearly loved?

He did not understand his own feelings, to begin with, he didn’t even know why her name came out in the first place.

Therefore, Taiyou turned over the page on the memo pad. At the very least it would be separated from his list of names, just a trial he tried to write the name once on a brand new page.


Murmuring out at the same time, he wrote the first letter of her name and then ended with a horizontal line.

「Tereretetete~♪ Taiyou-chan has levelled up!」

In front of him, a fairy about thirty centimeters in length appeared out of nowhere.



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