Chapter 99: Two Masters/ No Sound Level Up


Translator: Nefarian

Being Surprised, Taiyou looked towards the abandoned house. Hera flew in front of him and raises her hands in the form of a cross on top of her head.

Seeing this Kazane’s already small shoulder became even more tiny.

「I’m so sorry! Taiyou-san was depending on me and yet I…」

「What on earth happened?」

「Y-Yes, well. After Taiyou-san and Kohaku-san went out, we talked about a variety of things to that girl, I thought that we should get along. At first she was responding very amiably, but she became stranger as we continued to talk.」

「She became more strange?」

「In what kind of way jya?」

「Umm, she looked unsettled and began looking around left and right….. It was like she was searching for something.」

「Looking for something….. Don’t tell me she was looking for her mother?」

「I don’t think she would still be looking for her at this stage… What happened after that jya?」

「Yes, after that she suddenly brought her face really close to our neck and sniffed as if she was smelling our scent…… After that it seemed that it wasn’t what she was looking for, so she jumped out of the room and ran away.」

「Hearing up to this point, it’s almost like a dog has run away.」

「It’s true! Please believe me!」

「Ahh sorry, the way I worded that was quite bad. It’s not like I am doubting you Kazane. There is also her name… and she just gives that kind of an impression.」

「Ah…. I’m sorry.」

Kazane was feeling despondent.

「And so, only you were waiting here for our return?」

「Yes! Aoba-san, Koto-chan and Suzu-chan all ran after her…… It would seem that neither Koto-chan nor Suzu-chan have found her yet.」

「How are you able to tell….. Never mind, it must be your telepathy with each other.」

After asking her the question, Taiyou remembered that the three triplet sisters shared a special connection that gave rise to a special telepathic ability.

「Taiyou-chan! I will also try to find her desu. If I find her, I will immediately come back to inform you desu!」

「I’m counting on you!」

Saying that, he bid the flying Hera farewell, then he proceeded to look right at Kohaku and asked her opinion on the matter.

「What do you think about this, Kohaku-san.」


Kohaku nodded and then answers him with a serious look on her face.

「If it was just her running away then there wouldn’t be too many issues, but I feel that the prior actions she took just before running away is something we need to be concerned about.」

「Yeah. You said that she smelled you and then thought that you weren’t the right one, is this correct?」


Kazane nods in a big way.

「For one, that girl followed danna-sama but now she has run away.」

「Yes, but why….」

「Perhaps, she was drawn in by danna-sama’s smell?」

「No way.」

「Naturally, danna-sama’s scent would have been stuck to the three girls jya, that’s why at first she was happy to be with them, but after a while she realized that it wasn’t the same and so she ran away.」

「…….When it’s all brought together in such a way, I kind of feel like it may actually be the case.」

「U-Umm….. If that’s the case then there is one more thing I’m worried about.」

「What is it?」

「That girl, sniffed around our necks, but when she was sniffing my neck the number of times she did was a lot. Both Koto-chan and Suzu-chan only got one sniff each, but she sniffed my neck three times.」

「At that time, did she say anything in particular?」

「No, nothing. Ah, she only said something to Koto-chan, but it was something that was whispered directly into her ears, I couldn’t hear what she was saying.」

「It makes me wonder what she actually said.」


「Please wait a moment, let me go and ask Koto-chan!」

Saying this, Kazane ran into the building. Just as he was thinking about what she was going to do, moments later he saw her coming back towards him with a disappointed look on her face.

「I’m sorry…… Both Koto-chan and Suzu-chan left without their smartphones.」

「Oh, you tried to call them by phone.」

「I’m sorry…… Right now we are capable of sensing the rough situation and feelings of each other, but unlike in the past when we were kids, we are no longer able to communicate just via our hearts…..」

「No, it is not something you need to apologize for.」


「It’s alright.」

Saying this Taiyou kneels on one knee and hugged her gently. Her little delicate body was something that seemed like it would break if you put in too much power.

Normally she would press her body into him even more but perhaps because she felt tormented by her guilt she was just standing still, her body had become stiff standing upright.

Her face had looked like that since he had returned. Kazane felt guilty for the fact that Pochi escaped and it was clearly pointed out when looking at her face. After that she wanted to redeem the situation by getting into contact with Kotone but her sister didn’t bring her phone with her and the telepathic communication was only working partly, so it only made her feel even worse.

Naturally, Taiyou had no intention of blaming her at all. After listening to what Hanaeda told him, it was in fact rather natural for Pochi to escape, besides there was no merit in blaming the girls for trying to immediately chase after Pochi nor was it reasonable to blame them just because their telepathy wasn’t up to par.

However, she was blaming herself. Desperately wanting to console her feelings somehow, he was searching for the answer within his own head. After being stuck in his own mind restlessly thinking of something to say, a completely irrelevant topic came forth.

「The truth is, I actually levelled up a little while ago.」


The sound of wind flickers through them. She had a reaction of being startled at such a random comment. Even Kohaku who was standing on the side had a similar reaction.

「Is that true, danna-sama?」

「Ahh, if you check my ability you’ll understand it immediately.」


「It’s true jya. Since when……」

Taiyou gently releases his embrace and takes out a piece of paper from within his pocket.

Every single one of his women’s names were written there. This was one of the pieces of paper that Taiyou had written on moments ago. When they were leaving the reception room he somehow put it inside of his pocket.

When he showed it to Kazane, she became increasingly puzzled.

「I was told to wait for someone by Kohaku-san, so whilst I had some free time I somehow started writing your names on the paper that was left on the table. At first it was just based on a whim that I just felt like writing all the names of the girls that I liked on the paper, but after doing this for some time, Hera suddenly appeared in front of me and announced that I had levelled up. I’m not sure how to put it but, it was a very unexpected coincidence.」

「Fumu, I need to punish that little fairy later.」

「Ahh, I’ve already done that before so, please just let her off.」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

Kazane was unable to understand what Taiyou and Kohaku was talking about. It would seem that Kazane didn’t understand the implications and essence of what levelling up was or what Hera normally required him to do. [1. Nef: cause Hera’s levelling up system was based on chores, so Kohaku instantly noticed that this would mean that writing the names of the girls he loved was seen as a chore so she wanted to punish the little fairy xD for degrading such an action to a “chore”]

「Well don’t worry about it. What I wanted to say is that when I was writing your names down, I was constantly thinking about you girls. I thought about your names within my mind as I wrote them down.」

「It’s the thing you do when you write the names of the person you like down on to a note of paper isn’t it? Back when I was still a school girl I didn’t have anyone like that so I never did it, but what about you Kazane?」

「Eh? M-mme?」

「Oh? That cute manner of panicking, alright, I’ve decided jya, as soon as we get home, I will examine your textbooks and notes to confirm it!」

「Y-You cant!」

Seeing how flusterred she became, could it be possible that she wrote another boy’s name asides from Taiyou’s name….. But that wouldn’t be the case right? Although Kohaku did consider as a possibility for just a moment.

「Anyways, as I was writing it a thought crossed my mind. Aoba name’s was one person. Kotone, Suzune and Kazane was two persons. Kohaku was three persons. and Shirokiyami was four persons.」

After a while, Taiyou was smiling at Kazane….

「What’s amazing was that when I was writing these names down I didn’t realize it was anything to do with writing down the people I loved. But after I finished writing your names I finally realized that I had already fallen in love with all of you. Moreover, I felt that I lost my guilty conscience.」

「You don’t have to ever feel guilty about it!」

Kazane shouted out in a loud voice. This exchange has been done over and over again and at every occasion the three girls would clearly let out their opinions on the matter.

「Thank you, I also agree with you now. Therefore Kazane…」

Bending his knee so that he was able to be on the same eye level, Taiyou looked at Kazane straight in the eyes.

「I will be able to make your dreams come true soon. The dream of having a harem family together. Since the moment that my guilty conscience has gone away, I can now move forwards towards the goal without any hesitation in my heart.」

「Is that true?!」

「Yeah. Or more like, this really is your dream isn’t it? I didn’t think you would respond so positively to this extent, even to reveal such a brilliant smile.」

「Please don’t joke around about this!」

「You’re right. That’s my bad just now, sorry. In saying that, I really hope for your continued cooperation in the future. So that I can face this with my fullest capabilities, so that I can have peace of mind, I need your three girls who I consider as the first wives’ to provide me with their full support.」

「Yes! If it’s for Taiyou, we will do everything in our power. We will do everything we can do in order to create our dream family with Taiyou.」

「Ahh, I’m counting on you.」

Taiyou and Kazane, these two people were looking at each other face to face.

Looking into her resolute gaze, it was as if Taiyou was feeling her energy itself was flowing directly into him from her eyes.

It was the kind of emotion he felt when he was writing their names down on the piece of paper but even stronger multiple times.

“I would die for you.”

Somehow, those kind of strong words that Taiyou would normally never use popped into his mind.

Taiyou believed that these were definitely her feelings.

A little while later, the young old woman interrupted them from the side.

「What’s this jya, are you saying you don’t need the power of your second wife?」

「I did not expect for you to butt into the conversation at a time like this.」

「I’m a woman so, instead of using logic we like to speak using our emotions jya. Sometimes we also get jealous.」

「Yes, of course I also need you. If they are in charge of the domestic and foreign affairs, I want you to come and fight with me on the outside. To speak figuratively, I want to be able to rely on you to protect my back.」

「Isn’t this more of a role for Shirokiyami?」

「That girl is more like besides me…….. no, I would imagine her to be standing a little bit in front of me. She is someone I imagine that is capable of thrusting herself head first into battle and cleaning everything up.」

「I see. Umu, I completely understand the situation jya.」

Kohaku nods and a smile floats across her face as well.

The two girls were smiling and her drew their bodies closer to his at the same time.

For a while a sweet atmosphere persists.


「W-What is it?」

With Kazane suddenly shouting out, Taiyou was caught off guard and became startled.

「Just now I got a message from Koto-chan, Koto-chan has managed to find that girl.」

「Is that true? Alright, let’s all head towards the place Kotone is at—」

「Moreover, it seems that she has met up with Yami-chan. In accordance with Yami-chan’s plan, they were moving stealthily so as not to provoke the girl.」



Both Taiyou and Kohaku’s eyebrows jumped up at the same time.

「What’s wrong? Is it bad for them to trail her from the shadows?」

「No I think it should be fine, if an expert such as her were to tail that girl, there should be no problems.」

She was probably going to charge a part-timer fee the next time she met him but………. This was not the time to be concerned about that.

「Ummm, then…..?」

「Haven’t you noticed it yet?」

「What haven’t I noticed?」

「…….Kazane, would you mind if you were to ask Kotone’s present location?」

「Yes…… We passed this place during the day time, it’s near a soba noodle store where a heliport was close by.」

「I see, also can you ask if Shirokiyami has brought her katana with her? It would be fine to also ask if she brought any type of weapons.」

「Okay….. Umm, when she was asked about the katana, she said that it’s hidden behind her skirt next to her body. Also she was surprised because we asked such a thing suddenly.」


「Umm….. Is there something else you needed to ask her? She told us that because we are following the girl, it’s not good to keep making so much noise.」

「Ahh, there’s no more questions, well in truth I still have some but…」


Kazane tilts her neck in confusion.

「How about you, have you noticed it?」

Taiyou used the same words that Kohaku asked him moments ago.

「What do you mean by notice something?」

「Since a moment ago, both you and Kotone are not just communicating via your emotions, you have actually been communicating with words, isn’t that right?」




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