I Became a Living Cheat Chapter 168 – Intermission / Aoba


Translator: Ranzan

The two gazed at each other.

Their emotions surged out. Without thinking, Taiyou did what he felt like doing.



He leaned into her and pushed her with his kiss.

His heart raced.

He sucked at her lips.

Aoba’s back was pushed back. Taiyou reached around and held it.

Their lower half was bent together.


Her eyes were soft and she let out a sweet voice.

They kissed again.

「Do it…again…」

Aoba begged him, and they kissed for the third time.

Taiyou was getting more and more turned on, as he dropped Aoba to the bed.


He called her name over and over and kissed her.

It was a wild and restless kiss, so much that it seemed they might be separated by all the movement, but they stayed connected.

「Natusno-kun…I love you…love you…」

「I do too, Aoba! You are…」

Among this almost limitless expression of sensations, Aoba kept pleading for more.

They both woke up beside each other.

Taiyou had his arm under her as a pillow, and he could tell her face was buried in his chest.

They were still wearing clothes, as they hadn’t crossed “the line.”

Even so, they both had experienced sensations that matched having done so.

「It’s so…quiet.」

「Yeah, it’s quiet on the sea, you can’t even hear the waves.」

「This boat really is something. Even a huge family could all fit on a boat like this with space left over.」

「Kohaku’s camping car was awesome, even with its wheels.」

「Natsuno-kun, would you like to take your whole family on a trip in something like that sometime? Like, borrow one that you can only take your family on.」

「My whole family.」

「Yeah, Kotone, Suzune, Kazane, Kohaku, and me…」

Aoba counted them off on her fingers.

Taiyou felt so grateful for a girl like Aoba, his face naturally spread out into a large smile.

She had meant the seven women that were with Taiyou, and all their children.

Knowing that she had meant this made Taiyou feel superbly relaxed.

「Yeah, order something like a pull-along trailer the size of a tennis court.」

「You could make a small house on it, but it might be so heavy that you can’t pull it.」

「I would figure out someway to, with more.」

The words suddenly came to an end.

「Um, Natsuno-kun?」



The atmosphere between them suddenly changed.

He didn’t know why, but she suddenly crumbled into a sobbing voice.

「What…what happened?」

Taiyou was shaken.

「I…I’m scared. Scared.」

As if a switch was flipped, Aoba clung to Taiyou’s chest and began to cry loudly.

After she had finished, she sniffed loudly and tried to hide her eyes in Taiyou’s chest.

「Sorry, all the sudden…」

「No, I’m sorry, I really should have notice. Of course…since you came to this island you’ve only seen danger.」

「Yeah…I was attacked with my mother…they took me away, and got in trouble…and when you came to save me, you were hurt so bad you passed out…」


If he protested, it would be bad, so he just nodded.

He wondered for a second why Aoba had come along with him, but decided not to ponder it.

For now, he just wanted to know how she felt.

「Well, I’m going to get stronger.」

Taiyou said this, and tried his best to give a tough smile.

「If I don’t, I’ll never be able to pull that trailer.」

「Hey, I wonder if I can load the Taiyou Castle on it and pull it. I saw it on TV before, that there’s a country where you can just drop a building on a trailer and move it around.」

He tried to wipe away the stuffy air between them, and Aoba understood this.

Whenever he did, he tried to make jokes, and stupid conversation.

「I saw something else like that too. Because there are counties that don’t have to make foundations because there are no typhoons or earthquakes, you can just drop a house off anywhere you want.」

「They you should pull one wherever you want, Natsuno-kun. We could go all over Japan…no, the world together.」

「I see! It sounds nice to take your family everywhere in a house they’re used to.」

「Then, let’s do it. I…I’ll help you with your leveling up.」

「Okay, I’m ready to go then! I’ll do my best to take my whole family on a trip!」

「Yeah! You can do it!」

The tense feeling between them gone was replaced with a foolish, but fun feeling.

The feeling that they should stay in bed was lifted, and the both sat up, with Aoba leaving the bed first.

「Wait, where did Leticia go?」

「Hm? Yeah, she’s not around.」

The two looked around the room.

Leticia had left them and the room some time ago.

「Maybe she knew to leave us alone?」

「…Let’s look for her.」

Aoba got up first, with Taiyou quickly getting ready, and Aoba left the room looking for Leticia.

「Pant…huff…we found you.」

Aoba entered the room out of breath, and sunk to her knees.

The room she entered was so big, it didn’t seem it could fit the ship. There was a long table in the middle of the room, and there were gorgeous furnishings all around.

It was the place that banquets were served for guests, or parties were held.

Leticia was far in the back, as she opened a door in the wall.

She showed a surprised face when she turned and noticed them. After she saw Aoba was there, there was a small flash from the back of her hand.

Aoba noticed that something small she had was flashing.

In the time of less than a breath, they quickly approached Leticia.

「What are you doing here, I mean, why did you leave so suddenly?」

「Who cares, right? This is my ship. I can go wherever I wanna.」

「I’m asking why you left so suddenly, though.」

Aoba said this in a pouting voice.

Leticia pushed her lips together. Even though she had the outward appearance of a princess, she seemed to be losing her composure in a cute way, a cuteness that made her seem more accessible.

Aoba silently wished that Taiyou had accompanied her.

She took a deep breath, and spoke to Leticia,

「Let’s go back, Taiyou’s looking for you too.」

「No thanks.」

「No, it’s not right, because Natsuno-kun…」

「Whatever, I’m not thinkin’ much about him anyway.」

Leticia said this with a sullen look, attempting to hide her discomfort with dismissive words.

Aoba understood this already.

「You…shouldn’t lie about that.」

「It ain’t a lie. I’m the princess of Filly Kingdom, ain’t I? I’m really elite, right? Guys like Taiyou are a dime a dozen to me.」

「Well, Taiyou’s already decided on who his seventh wife is going to be.」

Leticia was clearly flustered.

Aoba took another deep breath, and Leticia said,

「Whaa? Why are you tellin’ me that all the sudden?」

「Shirokiyami…she’s wearing a mask now, but he’s decided to make her his seventh wife. And maybe now, he really likes her more than the rest of us, I think.」

「So what?」

「But, even though he likes her more than the rest of us, he won’t become the image correction. Do you know why?」

「I have no idea.」

Leticia frowned back at Aoba.

Aoba giggled with a smile.

「Because maybe, Natsuno-kun doesn’t count the girls he likes, but instead…」

Aoba left her words unfinished.

Instead? Leticia looked back with questioning eyes.

But Aoba said no more. You know already, her face said.

Leticia breathed out a sigh, and was about to object.

She said nothing, and just stuck out her lips like a goldfish.

The word, instead, ended without any explanation.

Taiyou didn’t count the girls he liked, instead, he counted the girls that liked him as a skill he had earned.
Leticia had proof of it that exceeded what all the others knew. She wanted to object, but couldn’t.

「Tha…that’s just gotta be a bug in the game.」

Leticia continued to be obstinate, as Aoba breathed deeply again.

「After all, you are the princess of Phili Kingdom.」

Aoba stopped talking politely to Leticia, and her words seemed to be a challenge to Leticia.

「Why ya talkin’ like that all the sudden?」

「The people of Phili Kingdom being good at kissing is a rumor, right? I looked it up. Knowing that, I wonder what ‘good at’ really means.」

Aoba put her hands to her lips after saying that.

「I guess it’s wrong, being a useless girl that just empties out without being kissed, right? I guess it really is something, though.」

「What the hell?!」

Leticia was furious.

「Well, I mean it does mean your kisses are something, right? That pattern of you passing out every time you don’t get a kiss. It seems a little strange that you have to use that excuse, being such a great princess and all.」

「What the?!」

Leticia was even more enraged.

「Don’t mock me, when I’m awake I can kiss him all I want!!」

「I see, then, show me it’s true, tomorrow.」

「What? Why tomorrow?」

「Because Natsuno-kun is satisfied with my kisses today, so he doesn’t want anyone else’s kisses anymore.」

「That’s a lie!」

「Don’t push yourself too much, you can prove it all tomorrow.」


Leticia stomped her foot on the floor, very much unlike a princess.

What a weird person, Aoba thought, enjoying the whole exchange so much she almost forgot what her future purpose in this was.

Finally, Taiyou arrived.

「You two are here…what are you doing, all the sudden?」

Leticia jumped on Taiyou.

He was completely unprepared for her to jump on him, and fell down on his butt after losing balance.

「Kiss me! Ya gotta kiss me now!」

「Ah…okay…I canmpph.」

Leticia slammed her lips onto his. She kissed him before he could say anything.
After making sure, Aoba left so that she wouldn’t be a nuisance.



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