Chapter 448: Selfish


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“Might I ask that you act a bit more your age?”

Night time, Kohaku was drinking to the sound of the waves when Sakura came up to her.

And that was the first thing she said.

“Well this came out of nowhere, ja.”

“Might I ask that you act your age?”

“Gramma, is food ready yet?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Not going along with Kohaku’s act, Sakura immediately rejected it.

“Why ye such a stick in the mud? When ye talk with Danna-sama ye love wordplay.”

“I came to discuss something serious.”


Emptying her glass, Kohaku poured some more in.

She handed it to Sakura.

“How about ye take a sip?”


“I don’t know what ye came to do, but I want to know yer true intentions.”

She said as she held out the glass even further.

Kohaku was referring to one’s true feelings drawn out after drinking.

“In that case, I will still tell you even without drinking. I want you to act more your age and be in a position to give him words of encouragement.”

“A mentor, eh?”


“But that’s basically what I’m doing right now, ja.”

Kohaku said as she snorted with laughter.

“Did I not tell ye? I’m here beside Danna-sama to enjoy the remainder of me life.”

“I recognize that.”

However, Sakura continued in a tough tone.

“You must also realize the position he wants you to fill.”

“…Sure I do.”

Kohaku put down the glass, finally troubled enough to furrow her eyebrows.

“He respects you. Not just because of your wealth of knowledge, but because of your wealth of experience. Whenever he is lost on the path, he seeks for you to guide him.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Answer his wishes, please. That’s what I came to say today.”

“…I understand.”

Kohaku thought a bit as she looked out.

The night sky was beautiful. The sky under the equator was more scarlet than it was black, and the stars were glimmering.

A free, unbridled sky. That was the impression she got from looking at it.

“What troubles you?”

“It’s quite simple, ja. Ye told me what Danna-sama wants from me, yes?”


“And much the same, I have something I want from Danna-sama. Eaves, ja.”


“Shade under a large tree. Eaves I can rest under without having to do anything.”


“Danna-sama’s love is vast. I want to be absorbed and fall under it. Is it bad to wish for such a thing in the remainder of life after eighty years?”

“I won’t call it bad. I just wish you would be more considerate in granting his wish as one of his brides. That is your role.”

“My role as a mentor, eh? Why don’t you do that, lassie?”


“Aye, that’s it. Ye just need to.”

Kohaku grinned, slapping her knee.

“Two of the seven brides are older than Danna-sama. You and me. We’re the only ones he uses “san” with. So why don’t you take the advisory role, lassie?”

“I’m not sufficient enough. He wants you the most. We should respect his wishes.”

Sakura said, her face red.

Kohaku stared at her after the extreme refusal, then continued.

“Don’t tell me…”

“W-What’s up with your face?”

“Are ye jealous of me?”

“That—-There’s no way I am!”

“Oh? I see. That’s how it is.”

“No, I’m telling you that’s not how it is.”

“Ye don’t have to be so bashful about it. It ain’t bad to beg for the position ye want the most. Youran and I hold the top positions in that regard.”


“Easy to understand, no? She calls him Master, I call him Danna-sama. Both of us are clearly calling him what we want based on the positions we desire. Anyone listening would understand that.”


“It’s a special privilege given only to the sages who discard their worries. And I am bragging right now, ja.”

“…Yes, I would figure it was bragging.”

“So why don’t ye do it too? Just refer to him as ‘You stupid pupiiiiiiiil’ and I assure you he’ll accept that.”

“No, that’s just…”

“Also, changing the topic.”


“I decided to call Pochi over next time.”


Sakura asked, surprised.

“Aye. When I first came to know Pochi, I thought to offer her along with myself to Danna-sama. Initially Danna-sama refused to accept that, but it’s different now. Danna-sama has been affectionate with both Youran and Juurokuya. I pleaded with him once I knew that, and he happily accepted, ja.”

“He actually…did?”

“Kukuku, I look forward to what happens, ja.”

Sakura completely shut up.

Kohaku began drinking again. She looked at Sakura and took another drink.

“So there ye have it, ja. Stop being weird and just slam yer feelings at Danna-sama. Be selfish as much as ye want.”

“There’s, no way…”

“Also, borrowing yer words a bit…”


“Danna-sama loves it the most when his brides are self-indulgent, ja.”

Sakura was at a loss for words. But she couldn’t come up with a counterargument.



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