I Became a Living Cheat Chapter 207

Chapters: 2/4

A couple of things that I should note, though you may have already realized it by now: “Shingetsu no Kami” is the same thing as “Director of the New Moon”, and Hera’s usual “desu” is something that I usually changed to “indeed” so that it would make more sense to an English speaking audience. Kohaku’s use of “ja” at the end of her sentences is a stereotypical way that old people speak in Japanese, and I thought it better to use more rugged, pirate-like speech mannerisms to make it more relatable. When translating, it is often difficult to accurately convey terms in English, which is why Ranzan will leave some things in Japanese. Meanwhile, I sometimes try to make things more accessible to an English audience. So that’s why there are inconsistencies. Do let me know if you have any preferences.


About Reflet

My name is Reflet, and I'm an upcoming Japanese major. Eventually I intend to move to Japan for work as an English teacher, but before that I need to finish university. My grandparents, mother, and aunt lived in Japan for a while, which is admittedly how I gained an interest in the country. I have a deep passion for the Japanese language, so being a translator is one of the best jobs for me. In my spare time I enjoy playing games, watching anime, and reading novels (all in Japanese usually).

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