I Became a Living Cheat Chapter 229

Chapters: 4/4

So happy to see waifu again…


About Reflet

My name is Reflet, and I'm an upcoming Japanese major. Eventually I intend to move to Japan for work as an English teacher, but before that I need to finish university. My grandparents, mother, and aunt lived in Japan for a while, which is admittedly how I gained an interest in the country. I have a deep passion for the Japanese language, so being a translator is one of the best jobs for me. In my spare time I enjoy playing games, watching anime, and reading novels (all in Japanese usually).


  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. I hope that you have a copy of the chapters, since the author has deleted it and, while Google finds the chapter, the cache gives an error (at least to me). Bing cache works for now, though.

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