I Became a Living Cheat Volume 1 Chapter 28

Long Announcement:

First I want to say thank you so much TalenX for contributing to the Forum, you are the first person to make a post and I really appreciate it!! As a special thanks I will listen to your request and translate all the images you put up xD ~ (TL: Here is his/her post!)

Secondly: Just a friendly reminder that the Event: Poll for Bonus Chapter will end on 18/02/2016 so if you still haven’t voted please do so soon~

Thirdly: A schedule for both Re:Master Magic and The Man Who Would Be King has been placed in the donation section, so that you guys know how much I was going to translate this week before the extra bonus chapter (so I can’t cheat you guys and or cheat myself  >.<). Additionally I have learnt how to place comments in Paypal (Via coding: note sure why the spacing is all messed up) so that you can leave your username instead of me assuming you would like to be referred to in your initials ~

Alright I hope you guys don’t mind me positing such long announcements occasionally ~ I have been trying so hard to improve the site experience so that, it is better for you guys and I will continue to learn about graphic design/coding etc. and listen to any suggestions or requests to improve further in my translations ! I really do listen to all suggestions or tips to improve and I must thank all the people who have given me valuable tips!! Okay I had to get that out, now then onwards~

New Chapter for I Became a Living Cheat is out! I Hope you Enjoy it!


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