I Became a Living Cheat Volume 1 Chapter 42

Announcement: First I would like to thank Tugene.L for sponsoring Himekishi Ga Classmate and Daniyal.K for sponsoring I Became a Living Cheat! really appreciate it!! I also thought about a variety of things, and decided to lower the sponsored chapter requirement for both I Became a Living cheat and Himekishi Ga Classmate to $40 (for Living cheat) and $60 (for Himekishi).

Furthermore I will add a Sponsor button for Maou No Hajimekata at half price for now which will be $30. I will also be trying to do around 2 chapters non-sponsored for this project a week~ Another thing I decided is that for the Project the Man who Would be King, I will be adding a sponsor button at $40 this used to be at $80 because of chapters going to 5000-6000 words, However because it was the least popular project there was just no people sponsoring ~ Normally I try to do 1 chapter a week of the Man who would be King However, starting now I will stop doing the chapters a week unless interest is shown, via sponsors or perhaps comments etc. Also if by the end of the month The Man who Would be King has no interest shown, I will most likely drop the project. Anyways I am sorry for the influx of information for those just interested in getting to the Chapter, but this is kind of like an update so please bear with it and read and comment 😀

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  1. The main reason I swing by here is for King. But sadly my silly government has actually banned Paypal 4 days ago I can’t donate anymore… <.< I just hope others can support it in my stead

  2. Thanks for doing this chapter! ^.^

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    Thank u always for ur great work…

  4. Wooop! Cheat! My favorite series on the site!
    Closely followed by himekishi 😛

    Thank you for taking my little comment so seriously Nerfarian. It makes me really happy to see a TLer willing to listen 🙂

  5. My last comment didn’t show up T.T

    Thanks again for taking my donation note so seriously. I really appreciate it when a TLer listens and considers his readers.
    This is my favorite series on the site, closely followed by himekishi 🙂

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