I Became a Living Cheat Volume 2 Chapter 48

Hello Everyone! As requested by Daniyal.K I have with a bonus Chapter for this week, this makes this the 3rd chap in a row! Thanks so much for the support thus far really appreciate it dude :D, Before I give you the chap I also want to say that I have three illustrations with you, I actually missed one on Chapter 47 this has been uploaded now and can be seen from forums or pinterest, also I have the Full Color Bathing Scene as well in the forums and pinterest ~ Please feel free to check them out! The chapter this time was really hilarious hahaha but hard to translate at the same time, these jokes are ridiculous, Huehue~ Oh and I will be doing Re:master magic closely followed by Himekishi soon, maybe I can get Re master of Magic out 2nite if I don’t sleep >.<. Enough Talk!



  1. Lmao, didn’t really expect you to take me seriously! 😛
    *bows down* hontoni ARIGATO!

    I can now sate my addiction for a LITTLE longer XD

  2. .
    Thank u always for ur great work…

    And thank for the donation…

  3. Thanks for doing this Chaper! ?

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