I Became a Living Cheat Volume 2 Chapter 55

Hello everyone! I have a lot of people that I want to thank today! first is Edward.T I have indeed got your sponsor, for Himekishi ga Classmate! Please note that it is a manual bar and at times I am asleep or not at my computer so it won’t update automatically until I reach my safe haven. Next I want to thank a large contributor, cheers Daniel.B for sponsoring The Man who Would be King (Otoko Aruji) I am honestly considering increasing the donation amount to $50~, it seems that the drop from $80 to $40 may have been too rash of me as people are spamming the d button hue hue~ I have not finished, there is another Daniel.W who has donated to Himekishi! appreciate it man!

Lastly, I wanted to give an Honorable Mention to Einon who has recently, been reading Living Cheat and providing really long and insightful comments about the novel. The reason I am able to keep improving in my translations is largely due to people like you, who have helped me in the past by providing suggestions and tips, so I would just like to say thanks! In any case guys, Please Enjoy the Chapter!



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  2. Thanks for doing this chapter?

  3. lmao this is recorded on mangaupdates as a new chapter of Himekishi

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