I Became a Living Cheat Volume 2 Chapter 63

Sponsored Chapter: This Chapter is Sponsored by Daniyal.K and Daniel.S. Furthermore Stanislaw.K donated to House Magic, Thank you guys! I haven’t forgotten about this series! I’ve had a chat with him and I think Weslykan may be able to come back soon during the weekend, I’ll see how he goes, at the worst case I will take the project whilst he is busy and try to give you guys some chapters! But for now I need to to Otoko Aruji hehe. Please Enjoy the Chapter Guys!



  1. Thanks for the chapter! I finally caught up to the latest chapter today from Ch.34. Quite an enjoyable series, though I wish there was a bit more focus on leveling up. I guess I’m just impatient about what his next “skill” would be. The idol skill seems so underpowered compared to his OP long distance immunity. Sure, the idol skill will become really strong later, but even at its full potential, it’s still weak compared to long distance immunity.

    Again, thanks for all your work on the series!

  2. Thanks for doing this chapter!

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    Thank u always for ur great work…

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