I Became a Living Cheat Volume 2 Chapter 70

Hello Everyone! I wanted to announce that I just created my Patreon Page and I was very excited to see my first few dollars a month hahaha.  What I’m trying to achieve by creating patreon is to hopefully be able to translate full-time one day. I have set various goals and rewards but I’m still very new to the whole patreon thing hopefully people will give me some pointers if they see something that can be improved or want to suggest anything~ I feel like patreon is a great way for people to show their support but I also feel like I don’t want limit myself, so even though my goal states that I will release 4 Chapters currently, I feel like I want to release more right now.

Another Important Announcement: after much deliberation and me trying to translate Otoko Aruji late last night, I have decided to place the project into the “teaser” category and this essentially  means that if some other translator were to message me or want to take on Otoko Aruji as their new translation project, I will give them my blessings. I really felt that Otoko Aruji just wasn’t the story for me, I didn’t particularly enjoy how the author wrote in a way that made the main character speak out to the audience almost in first person (this got really confusing to translate) it’s like a constant break of the fourth wall but without comedic effect.

The Good news is that I will finally be open to new novel suggestions, especially if that novel is really short on the word count and is an enjoyable read (for now I’ve had enough of translating novels that are as long as 7000-8000 words (14000-16000 characters). Therefore if people can give me a good novel of around 1000-2000 words much like the light hearted Living Cheat or House Magic, I will likely be able to do more than a couple chapters a week~

HERE IS MY PATREON! please take a look 😛




  1. That “almost like a break of the fourth wall” is a kind of narrator relatively common in Japan and very popular among WN authors, according to the explanation of one of said authors linked in a comment at sky’s. It’s a third person narrator of the omniscient kind (not just witness) where the narrator not only knows about the inner workings of at least one of the characters’ mind and/or past, present and future events, but also sometimes shows the story from the perspective of one of the characters.

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

  3. How about “Ex-Hero Candidate’s, Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Lv2, Laid-back Life In Another World”?

    The chapters are not long, it’s really laid back and the current translator has more-or-less dropped it + forces you to read w/out adblock on a site that spams ads with noise (no reading with music for you!) and popup pages.
    Honestly i stopped reading it due this and would be happy is it gets picked up again.

  4. If i may, i wanted to nominate Conquering Hero’s Heroines from dailydallying translation. They dropped it months ago, and you see i’ve asked them if it’s dropped. And yeah they’re officially dropped it. Weel, that novel is interesting IMO. with not OP MC and harem. and the chaps are short, i think.

  5. Hi XD

    I got this nice novel in japanese. A harem comedy action adventure. MC not supper powered. But a Ninja!
    Modern world no magic.
    Alternate world got magic.

    I read it and found out it is worth TL. Was waiting for someone to say (offer new novel) XD

    Site [http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9723cg/]

  6. I recommend Skill taker conquering the world. The chapters are short but entertaining and don’t have anyone working on them presently

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